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Sun Transit In Taurus (15 May 2023)

Sun Transit In Taurus will take place on 15th May 2023 at 11:32 am. The father planet Sun will stay in the zodiac sign of Taurus for about one month and then will transit in Mercury’s friendly zodiac sign, Gemini on 15th June 2023 at 6:07 pm. So, in this way, the transit of Sun in the zodiac sign of Taurus will continue for over a month and while continuing its planetary movement the father planet Sun will exert its impacts on all living beings in different ways. The father of our solar system, Sun, is regarded as the soul of the world. He gives us the light and radiance by which all the living beings are able to live their lives on the great planet Earth. The Sun acts as an essential planet through which each living organism takes energy and is able to sustain itself naturally. The planet Sun is the sole source of energy and light for all of us and is our sustaining and nurturing source.

Sun Transit in Taurus

Every month the Sun travels through different zodiac signs and in one year it completes its zodiac cycle as it stays in each zodiac sign for about a month. So, the Sun will move out from the friendly zodiac sign of Mars and will transit in the zodiac sign of Taurus whose lordship is owned by Venus. However, the effect of this transit will be definitely seen on each zodiac sign of the zodiac cycle. Let your curiosity take you further and read this article till the end to know whether the effects will be in your favor or not!

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The zodiac sign of Taurus is ruled by Venus. Taurus is a fixed sign and its element is Earth, and the Sun is the planet whose element is fire. Sun transit in Taurus brings about significant events in a variety of ways by assisting a person in achieving their goals. The said person becomes combative, leadership potential and passion gets developed in them. As a result they are able to do their work with determination and their dedication gets strengthened as well. The self confidence increases and hence the person is able to make decisions resolutely and achieves a lot in life.

The Predictions In This Article Are Based On Moon Signs. Call the best astrologers on the phone and know in detail about the impact of Sun transit in Taurus on your life.

हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहां क्लिक करें: सूर्य का वृषभ राशि में गोचर (15 मई 2023)


For the natives of Aries, the Sun transit in Taurus will happen in their second house. The Sun is the ruling lord of your fifth house, and due to the influence of this transit your ability of speech will increase. You might become outspoken and bitter, so you must be careful in your communication. You should choose your words carefully so they do not hurt the other person emotionally. Due to this, your loved one might also go astray and you might also lack the support of your family members.

You might try to follow the rules instead of having a practical approach but remember that practicality is more important. With this transit you might have to suffer from headache, and fever. For Aries students this transit will prove to be fruitful as these students will get great results in accordance with their hard work. Success will be there in your career and love relationships as well. Good times and progress will be seen in the lives of children. You will work hard to achieve your goals in your career and might get into arguments with your higher ups. Move forward with politeness in your workplace, and keep your focus on your work.

Remedy: Fill water in a copper vessel and mix Kumkum in it and then offer it to the Sun, everyday.


The Sun is the ruling lord of your fourth house. This Sun transit will happen in your first house i.e., in your own zodiac sign. Your family will become oriented with Sun transit in Taurus. Your attention will be more on your family members and while considering everything as significant you will support them. However, some sense of ego might also develop inside you which might give you some kind of problem. This time might not be harmonious for marital lives and your relations might also face arguments and tension.

Clash of egos must be avoided. People surrounding you might have issues in understanding you however some kind of benefits will be received from your mother. You will buy a luxurious item as well. Take care of your health as you might suffer from migraine, high blood pressure, and headache. Taurus students who are preparing for competitive examinations will get favorable outcomes from this transit. You will work hard in your career with much fervor and monetary benefit will be there for you from the governmental sector.

Remedy: Everyday you must recite Shri Aditya Hriday Stotra.


Sun transit in Taurus will be in the twelfth house from the Moon sign for the Gemini natives. The Sun is the ruling lord of your third house. This Sun transit will come as an inspiration for you to move ahead and try. You might feel uncomfortable. You might face obstacles and difficulties in whatever work which is commenced by you. During this period of transit, you might develop some misunderstanding with your siblings and you should try and make sure that they are cleared in time. Preparation of trips will take much of your time, and you might exercise caution while making new friends as they might give you financial trouble.

This transit will increase spirituality within you and you will try to follow the path of spirituality as well. One of your family members will get the chance to go overseas. Health-wise you might suffer from eye pain, headache, bodyache, and sleep deprivation. Your opponents might have the upper hand so you should avoid engaging in work that could make you look bad in front of others. Friendly relations with your colleagues will provide you benefits, otherwise you might face issues. Some work-related plans will be made and you will have to travel due to them. In order to get positive results you will have to work very hard. Gemini natives working in multinational corporations will get good benefits and they can attain a big position as well. Transfer might also be there.

Remedy: Keep a copper vessel filled with water next to your pillow the entire night. Take the copper vessel the following morning and give the water to a plant with red flowers.

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The Sun is the ruling lord of your second house and Sun transit in Taurus will take place in your eleventh house. This transit will fulfill all your wishes and desires. Whatever you will think, you will achieve during this transit period. You will meet good friends and you will come in contact with influential people of society, who will become your adamant friends. Being in close relationships with these people will help you a lot in your work. For married Cancer natives this Sun transit will prove to be favorable, and children will also get good outcomes. In whatever fields they are they will get wonderful results. If you are thinking about something for a long time then during this period, your wish will be fulfilled.

You will also buy a vehicle, and financial gains will be good as well. In love life there might come some problems and ego-related issues might come up as well. Your partner might feel bad as you might do something in arrogance. In the workplace you will get support from your seniors. Your health will improve, but you will have to take care of your stomach-related problems. Financial benefits will be earned by you during this period. Benefits will come from the governmental sector as well. Salary increment and promotion will be there for the working Cancer natives.

Remedy: You should recite this Mantra: oṃ ghṛṇi sūryāya namaḥ


For Leo natives the Sun is the ruling lord of their first house, and Sun transit in Taurus will take place in your tenth house. This transit of Sun will be effective for you especially because Sun is the ruling lord of your zodiac sign. With Sun transiting in your tenth house, your workplace will be strengthened. If you are searching for a government job then during this period, this will come true and you will be selected for the government service job.

Leo natives who are working in private sectors will get good positions in their job. In your familial lives tensions might erupt. You might neglect your family as your attention will be on your work more. You will get honor and some kind of facility from the government. For your opposers this time will be inferior. Your fame will increase, and the place in your society will get elevated. Your immunity will get stronger and you will also get good financial benefits. Some issues might come up as family member’s wishes might not get fulfilled.

Remedy: Natives of Leo should recite this Mantra: oṃ brahmaṇe jagadādhārāya namaḥ

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For Virgo natives, the Sun is the ruling lord of their twelfth house and this present transit will take place in your ninth house. With Sun transit in Taurus your spirituality will increase. Your interest will be more towards religion and spirituality and you will be participating in those works related to them actively and as a result you will get respect. During this period, you will organize havan or any kind of religious program in your home.

You will donate as well. Your relations with your father might get a little troublesome. His health might deteriorate so you must take good care of him. During this transit period you will get a chance to do pilgrimage. Virgo natives overseas will get respect and you will get a chance to travel abroad. Job transfer might be there as well. This period is favorable to get higher education and Sun will provide you with good success in that. You will get honor and fame and you will move forward in your work with satisfaction.

Remedy: Virgo natives must recite Gayatri Mantra daily 108 times.


The Sun holds the lordship of the twelfth house for Libra natives and the present Sun transit in Taurus will occur in your eighth house. With this present transit you will get lost in your thoughts and you will assess and analyze everything thoroughly. During this period, your relations with your friends will be good but some hesitation might increase inside you. In presenting yourself to others you might feel a little bit uncomfortable. During this period health issues might disturb you. Disease related to pitta nature, skin-related problems, fever and venereal problems might come to the front.

During this time you must be careful towards stomach-related problems as well. For financial gains you will have to work very hard. If you are facing some kind of allegation then make sure that you are careful during this time as you might come across a departmental inquiry against you. You may face delayment of your desired tasks, and work related to philosophy and research will give you success. It will be beneficial for Libra natives to not invest in the share market during this period. Business natives doing business in partnership should be careful this time and should make their work more solid.

Remedy: Worship Lord Harinarayan everyday and recite this Mantra: oṃ namo bhagavate vāsudevāya


For the natives of Scorpio, the Sun holds the lordship of the tenth house. The Sun transit in Taurus will happen in your seventh house. During this transit period, your married life might be affected unpleasantly. Anger might increase in your life partner’s behavior. Due to their furious way of communicating with you, tensions between you two might rise. Business natives who are doing business in partnership might see deteriorating relations with their partners. Difficulties might come to the fore in your professional life as well. However, this transit will be favorable for working Scorpio natives.

They will come across promotions as well. You will attain a good position in your workplace due to your hard work and determination. Your work will get acknowledgement as well. Popularity will be there for you and your social status will get strong. You might get a government notice related to your business. For single Scorpio natives, marriage proposals will come during this time from a reputed family. You must be careful regarding your health. Issues like sunstroke, sunburn, cholesterol, and nervousness might disturb you. From a financial viewpoint this period will treat you well. You will come in contact with some influential people which will lead to progress in your business.

Remedy: Add a little bit of red Sandalwood to your bathing water and then take your bath with that.

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The Sun is the ruling lord of your ninth house. This Sun transit in Taurus will happen in your sixth house. The transit of the Sun in your sixth house will give your opponents great distress. Your opponents during this time will suffer defeat, it doesn't matter how strong they are. You will become victorious, however your combative streak might increase during this time. You will feel like you want to go to the gym, and to battle physical weakness you will indulge in Yoga, meditation, and exercises. Sagittarius natives are going to get good success in their careers. Matters related to court will come in your favor and you will follow the right path and will be organized in your approach.

You will also encourage others to do the same as well. Benefit will come from the governmental sector, and during this transit period your stuck money will come back to you. Another beneficial point for you in this period will be that if you have taken any loan from the bank that will also be repaid by you. Your children will attain benefits in this period as well. Students preparing for competitive examinations will have favorable outcomes as well. Health-wise no issues will disturb you during this period. Government employees will also get good benefits from this transit.

Remedy: Feed wheat to a red cow on a Sunday.


The father planet, Sun, is the ruling lord of your eighth house and the Sun transit in Taurus will occur in your fifth house. The transit of the Sun in the fifth house will make your mind interested in knowing unknown things. Your interests will be more towards spirituality. Your curiosity will be more towards research. On the other hand, love relationships will be normal during this transit. You will be deeply loving toward your life partner but your sense of ego might come in between you and your partner and as a result situations of quarrels and arguments might take place. You must be vigilant towards mending your relationship or else separation might take place.

If you are someone who is carrying a child then you must be vigilant during this period. Capricorn students will get favorable results but to maintain focus they must work on different methods continuously. Changes in jobs could be there as well. Financially this period will be beneficial and natives looking for jobs will get employment. Investments done in this period will give you great benefits. Health-wise problems related to stomach, acid reflux, and indigestion might disturb you. You need to look out for your diet as it will be beneficial to you. Your interest in your favorite work will give you benefits. You will come in contact with influential people of society, working natives can do a part-time job while working as well.

Remedy: Respect your father and wake up early in the morning to see the Sun.


For Aquarius natives, the Sun is the ruling lord of your seventh house and Sun transit in Taurus will happen in your fourth house. With this transit your reputation in the family will get elevated. But your arrogance will come to the fore and you will belittle your family members. As a result of this people will be disappointed with you and will keep their distance from you. With the help of your family members single natives will come across marriage proposals. The health of your mother might suffer, so take good care of her health during this period. During this period, your attention will be on the needs of your family members. You will spend on household items in order to increase your domestic comforts. Feeling of mental dissatisfaction might be there, and you will have to work to maintain balance between your personal and professional life.

However, hard work done in your job will provide you with success. Marital lives will be devoid of stress. With cooperation of your partner happiness and harmony will be there in your familial lives. Special benefits will be there for government employees during this transit period. You will get a building or a vehicle from the government. Aquarius natives who are working in private sectors in a good position will also get a vehicle or a building from their employer. During this period, you might suffer from cough and fever, so take good care of your health. The energy of the Aquarius students will be at their highest peak, they will perform well in their studies as they will understand their syllabus thoroughly. Business natives will get great benefits during this transit and learning a new language will get you success.

Remedy: Wake up everyday at sunrise and do Surya Namaskar.


Sun transit in Taurus will occur in your third house, and the Sun is the ruling lord of your sixth house. By being present in your sixth house, Sun will provide you with great courage and vigor. Your coworkers will support you and with that you will reach great heights in your career. In creative work you will participate actively and your skills of practical work will expand as well. During this period your relationship with your siblings might decline. If a court matter is going against you then that will come in your favor. You will develop a hobby of writing during this time.

You will complete all your work with complete dedication and honesty. Your concentration will increase and you might travel during this period as well. Pisces students will get favorable results as well. You will devotedly focus on your studies as your concentration will be increased. This time will be of upliftment in your career. Business trips will make your business all the more prosperous. This transit will be favorable for your life partner. Art workplace there may be a change in your department and during this period you will do pilgrimage as well.

Remedy: It will be beneficial for you to recite Surya Ashtakam daily.

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