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Saturn Retrograde In Aquarius (17 June 2023)

Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius is going to take place on 17 June. This means there are going to be a few significant events and changes in our lives due to the retrograde motion of the planet. Saturn, also known as "Shani" in Vedic astrology, is one of the most important planets in the solar system. It is considered a malefic planet, but its influence can be both positive and negative, depending on its placement in a person's horoscope.

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Saturn is known as the justice provider and the karma fruit giver since it bestows auspicious and inauspicious outcomes on a person based on his actions. Saturn can be quite tough while teaching someone a lesson, but it will never try to harm them. This planet is now transiting into its own sign Aquarius and it will enter a retrograde motion on June 17th, 2023, at 10:48 pm, affecting the lives of every zodiac native.

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According to Vedic astrology, Saturn is associated with discipline, hard work, and perseverance. It is the planet that governs the limitations and boundaries of life. It represents the principles of Karma and justice, as well as the challenges and obstacles that we face in life. Saturn stays in a zodiac sign for about two and a half years and forms a Dhaiyya, and that is why Saturn's effect is maximum on any person.

Saturn is a slow-moving planet, and it takes around 29.5 years to complete one revolution around the Sun. In astrology, the position of Saturn in a person's birth chart or horoscope is believed to reveal important information about their personality, temperament, and life path. Saturn is associated with the zodiac sign Capricorn, which is ruled by the planet. It is also the ruling planet of the zodiac sign Aquarius and looks at the third, seventh, and tenth houses in addition to the house in which it resides. Along with this, Saturn is debilitated in Aries and exalted in Libra.

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The retrograde aspect of Saturn usually is not regarded as auspicious, however, natives with Saturn in retrograde in their horoscope have highly good results and progress in their lives. Saturn will stay in a retrograde state in Aquarius until 8:26 am on November 4th, 2023, after which the natives will be free of Saturn's bad influence. In this article based on Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius, we will talk about everything related to planetary transit along with a zodiac-wise explanation of how the slow-moving Saturn's Retrograde motion will affect the lives of each zodiac sign.

Influence of Saturn Retrograde In Aquarius on a Person As per Vedic Astrology, Saturn's influence can be felt in various areas of life, including career, relationships, health, and spirituality. In terms of career, Saturn is associated with professions that require hard work, discipline, and attention to detail, such as engineering, science, and law. In relationships, Saturn can represent a sense of responsibility and duty. It can also signify delays or obstacles in finding love or starting a family. However, a positive Saturn influence can lead to long-lasting and stable relationships.

In terms of health, Saturn is associated with issues related to bones, joints, and teeth. People with a strong Saturn influence in their horoscope may be prone to arthritis, osteoporosis, and other bone-related conditions. In spirituality, Saturn represents the concept of "sadhana," which refers to the discipline and effort required to achieve spiritual enlightenment. It is said that a strong Saturn influence can lead to spiritual growth and self-realization

Saturn is the primary planet of Karma, therefore it has a huge impact on determining the pace of Karma in your life and determining whether or not you are completing your Karma correctly. Saturn, the planet that influences a person's karma, is now turning retrograde in Aquarius, affecting your life in a variety of ways. So, here's how retrograde Saturn in Aquarius will affect your zodiac with this special article by AstroSage!

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Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius is going to affect the careers of the natives of Aries. You will have to put extra effort into your work and you could be surprised and angered if you have to work harder than usual. You may develop health issues if you become a workaholic as a result of your excessive workload. As a result, physical tiredness and mental tension may overpower you. However, keep in mind that Saturn is only trying to test you. Continue to work hard, and Saturn will reward you with favorable results in the future.

Aquarius business owners may be able to continue some previously halted work, which will contribute to the expansion of their business. This Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius will have a positive financial impact, as problems will be reduced and opportunities for financial gain will arise. However, there is a chance of increased strain in romantic relationships. You should speak carefully and act in such a way as not to break your beloved's heart. Students will only be able to achieve better if they work harder and focus more on their academics.

Remedy: The natives of Aries should donate black sesame seeds on Saturday.


The Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius will take place in the tenth house for the natives of Taurus. There may be a lot of rush and load f work and some tensions might arise in the foreign trips. You need to stop thinking about changing jobs and stay where you are working currently. Due to the impact of Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius, changing your job in the current state may cause you to change jobs often, and therefore, bring a lack of stability. Hence, if you wish to change your job, you should try doing so once Saturn comes out of its retrograde motion and becomes Direct.

However, if Saturn is not retrograde in your horoscope, then it can cause some delay in your work, as well as favorable outcomes. There may also be some sort of tension in your family lives and you are advised to take special care of your parents. Throughout your marital life, there may be some slight tension. You will profit from living a disciplined life since it will make it easier for you to focus on the basics. This period will push you to move forward financially.

Remedy: The natives of Taurus should light a mustard oil lamp under the Peepal tree on Saturday evening.


The Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius will bring a bit of delay in getting the blessings and fortune for the natives of Gemini. Those of you who have come out after facing mental tension for a long period may be heard for some time. But do not worry. Instead, confront this moment boldly. Everything Saturn wanted to offer you in its last transit will be delivered to you now, so if the pace of your actions is good, you will gain from extended journeys in this situation.

There will be possibilities of going abroad during the Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius. Your financial situation will improve, and there may be a job transfer as well. Financially, this transit will benefit you and may inspire you to enter into long-term contracts that will bring you prosperity for a long time. However, your father's health will become more complicated. The decline in his health will be a matter of concern for you. There may be ups and downs in your relationships with siblings, but you might find delight by surprisingly inheriting some family property. Be cautious of the dispute since matters in the court might go on for a long period. Those pursuing higher education will have to put forth more effort.

Remedy: The natives of Gemini should recite the Shani Chalisa every Saturday.

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The Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius will occur in the eighth house of Cancer natives and cannot be claimed to be very beneficial to you because you are already in danger. In such a case, you should proceed with caution. First and foremost, you should avoid all forms of investing since investing in this period might be risky. Make it a priority to take complete care of your health because ignoring your health during the retrograde motion of Saturn might lead to a serious disease. Be cautious when driving and avoid allowing emotional tension to take over.

If you are not achieving the required outcomes at work, maintain working hard on your end. If Saturn is in a retrograde motion in your horoscope, you will have the power to produce. Whatever challenging difficulties you are in, Shani will lift you out of them and lead you to the summit of success. Simply be certain of your job. Businesses will make improvements as well. Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius reveals that the problems will be under control after a period of light stress in married life. The ambition to travel abroad can be fulfilled.

Remedy: The natives of Cancer should feed four to ants regularly.


The impact of the Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius will be seen in the seventh house of the natives of Leo. Profits will be evident in business transactions as a result of this transit. Your halted plans will resume their momentum. The task that you wanted to accomplish but couldn't because of some reason will begin to get completed, and profit will begin to build in the business.

On the other hand, some stress in your marriage may rise. You will need to better understand your partner, as well as soothe their curiosity and explain important topics because conflicts can increase mutual disputes and the possibility of discomfort in the relationship. Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius advises you to try to overcome family issues as well. Long trips may cause discomfort, so take care of yourself when traveling. Be wary of your opponent's tactics, since they might cause you problems. Students of Leo may succeed in competitive examinations, but only if they have studied hard in the past. During this time, avoid lending or borrowing money.

Remedy: The natives of Leo should donate black Urad on Saturdays.

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For the natives of Virgo, the Saturn retrograde in Aquarius will take place in the sixth house of your horoscope. During this period, you must pay close attention to your health since any of your previous health issues may re-emerge. Therefore you must continuously work to improve your health because a minor mistake might land you in serious trouble. During the Saturn Retro in Aquarius, your expenditures will rise, but opportunities to go overseas in relation to your employment may emerge as well.

Try to stay out of the speculative market. If you already invested in the stock market, you can reap significant advantages now. If a matter is pending in court, it may be possible to proceed a bit further. By putting in more effort, you will be successful at work. Take care of them and show them affection and be mindful of your behavior towards them. Stay cautious while driving a vehicle. Issues connected to stomach illness or chest pain might be more uncomfortable, as can problems like acidity in the digestive system. You are advised to be prepared and seek a professional diagnosis. Consume only easily digestible foods and avoid drinking alcohol. You will be successful in repaying previous loans. You can acquire some ancient property. Victory will come gradually in arguments as well.

Remedy: The natives of Virgo should feed the fish regularly.


Due to its retrograde position in Aquarius, Saturn, which is a favorable planet for the natives born in Libra, might enhance the tension in your love connection. You will have difficulty understanding your partner. You will not be able to handle the maturity of the relationship due to increasing mutual misunderstandings. In such a situation, there may be a situation of disharmony in the relationship. Hence, you will have to make special efforts in this direction. However, unmarried people will experience love in their married life. The proximity between them will grow.

This position of Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius can help you overcome financial issues, but before that, you may encounter a setback, such as losing your job. However, later, you will suddenly find excellent work opportunities. If you want to change jobs, take a break for a while and be patient. Financially, time will be on your side. Instead of staying in the same employment, change will be helpful in the future years. You have a good possibility of getting married during this time frame. Students may encounter challenges when trying to get an education.

Remedy: The natives of Libra should perform Rudrabhishek on Saturdays.


The effects of the Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius will be seen in the fourth house of the natives of Scorpio. There may be some disruption in family life as a result of this transit. At this time, the health of the family members will also be in jeopardy. You should be very cautious regarding your mother's health. Take complete care of her and, if necessary, consult a doctor immediately. There is a risk of a disagreement about the family's property, therefore it is preferable if the argument does not escalate during this period, for which you will need to work patiently, but in the meantime, you may try to acquire a new property.

At work, the circumstances will be in your favor and you will work tirelessly to complete your tasks, which will boost your position on the job. There will be opportunities for profit in business, and your company will grow. Married couples may experience some relationship problems as a result of the detrimental influence of family activities on their relationship. However, it is also advantageous that both of you will be able to meet any difficulty by demonstrating mutual understanding.

Remedy: The natives of Scorpio should recite the Bajrang Baan on Saturdays.

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The Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius will bring a lot of auspicious and beneficial news for the natives of Sagittarius. You will receive surprising outcomes in several areas that you did not expect. Your colleagues will fully back you in the domain, and as a result, your position will begin to prevail. You will like spending time with your friends and will be concerned about their pleasure and suffering. Your relationships with them will improve, and you will achieve success in your business and sector of work thanks to their efforts.

Despite some conflict with siblings, love will grow and you will be seen supporting them. They may, however, be dealing with some personal issues. Your family members' health, particularly your parents, may suffer as a result. Conditions will be created for your brief excursions during this Saturn Retro in Aquarius, but you must ensure that the journeys are auspicious. Your luck will be in your favor and will be returned from time to time, allowing the halted task to be finished. Students will get high academic performance and will be able to study attentively. Your hard effort will pay off in terms of academic performance.

Remedy: The natives of Sagittarius should chant Shani Mantra during this period to avoid the malefic effects of Saturn.


For the natives Capricorn, the Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius will take place in the second house of their horoscope. During this period, you must exercise caution in your words so that you don't offend others or talk so harshly that it will not harm your relationships. You must take care of this not just in your personal life, but also in your professional life. However, on the economic front, this transit will be beneficial. At this time, you will start to save some money, which will lead to an increase in your bank balance.

If you intended to sell a property and it was getting delayed, it will happen during this Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius and you will receive favorable returns, allowing you to complete other work or acquire another property. There might be a lack of cooperation among family members. You should keep attempting to get rid of it. Pay attention to your partner's health because they may suffer from health issues. The level of family comfort will rise and you will also notice a reduction in health issues. This period is favorable for love affairs, and if you are waiting for the perfect one or someone has left you, they may return to your life.

Remedy: The natives of Capricorn should recite the Shree Gajendra Moksha Strota regularly.


The natives of Aquarius will receive the main impact of the Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius 2023 since it will take place in the first house of Saturn’s own zodiac. Time will be mentally exhausting and it will take some time for you to understand the issues. It will be beyond your ability to make a timely judgment, and in such a case, certain critical decisions may be beyond your control. You should help the youngest members of the family and cooperate fully with your siblings. This will strengthen their love and trust in you, and your connection will be stronger as a result.

There may be some friends who may need your support. In such a case, stick with them and be their support. There will be opportunities for corporate growth as well, and foreign interactions will be beneficial to you. Concentrate on your career. You will have to work harder during this period since you will need you to give your task the highest priority and work as hard as possible. You will suffer the loss of your health due to this commitment to your job. Hence, you need to take care of your health. There may be some friction in your marriage, but you and your partner may prevent difficulties by displaying maturity.

Remedy: The natives of Aquarius should recite the Shree Ram Stotra.


For the natives of Pisces, the Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius will take place in the twelfth house, resulting in an increase in foreign trips. Your expenses will increase, but they will be beneficial for you. If you want to travel overseas, it would be wise to spend money on it, and you can be successful traveling abroad. Due to this, your expenses will increase, but they will be beneficial for you. You must take care of your health since there is a possibility of getting admitted to the hospital.

You will not have to worry about your opponents since Saturn will keep them agitated and they will lack the guts to confront you. You will profit from relationships with other countries which will help you gain more money. If you own a business that is tied to foreign nations or countries, your business will progress. However, average folks in business may lack funds and will require capital investment. You can receive a loan from somewhere, but it will be quite tough to get one during the Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius 2023 since it will be very easy to receive the loan but very difficult to return it. Hence, you are advised to stay cautious about it. It would be beneficial for you to prevent excess, which will also help you save money.

Remedy: The natives of Pisces should offer water to the Peepal tree on Saturday and circumambulate it seven times.

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We hope you have liked our article. Thank you for being an important part of AstroSage. Stay tuned for more interesting articles!

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