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How Will This Mercury Transit in Aquarius Influence You?

Mercury transit in Aquarius is a significant event, as Astrology places special importance on the planet. The Prince amongst the nine planets (navagraha), Mercury, when it influences a native, fills them with a desire to learn new things. It helps them attain knowledge by offering them natural intellect. Those under the influence of Buddha are considered sharp, and they are capable of solving even the most difficult challenges quite efficiently and innately.

Mercury Transit

Mercury is the Lord of the two zodiac signs Gemini and Virgo. It remains exalted in the latter, which is also its Mooltrikona sign, whereas Pisces is where it remains debilitated. As per the Kalpurush Kundli, Gemini and Virgo signify the third and sixth houses; and Mercury is particularly regarded as the significator of communication and conversation.

Mercury Transit in Aquarius Timings

The significator of speech, Mercury is changing positions on Friday, 31 January 2020 at 2:44 am (after midnight on 30 January). It will exit the zodiac sign of its friend Saturn, Capricorn, to enter Aquarius, which also falls under the Lordship of Shani Deva. As per Kalpurush Kundali, Aquarius signifies the eleventh house in a birth chart, i.e., the House of Profits. Also, this is an Air Sign, and thus, the Mercury Transit will be very significant.

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Why Is This Mercury Transit Special?

This Mercury Transit in Aquarius is different because this time, Buddha Deva will remain posited in one sign for a much longer time than it usually does. Thus, after it enters Aquarius on 31 January, Mercury will stay in the sign until 7 April. Throughout this time, the planet will become retrograde for the duration of 17 February till 10 March. This will be a major event in itself because the effects of the Mercury Retrograde will be extensive and visible on several aspects of one’s life.

Results Offered By Mercury

According to Vedic Astrology, the planet Mercury offers its consequences in the entire duration of its major period (Mahadasha) and sub-period (Antar Dasha). Thus, the favourable position of Mercury in one’s birth chart is essential. If the planet is weakly placed, then you may face mental problems, stress, and frustration in intellectual tasks. It is also possible that you are unable to accurately present your point of view to another person, due to which you may even fall prey to an inferiority complex.

Planet Mercury: Significance

As per Vedic Astrology, the nakshatras of Mercury are Ashlesha, Jyeshtha, and Revati, which are known as the Ganda Mool Sangyaka Nakshatra. Any person born under these needs to perform certain remedies to pacify the Ganda Mool; otherwise, they and their family face many problems and challenges in life. However, these nakshatras are also vital in helping one achieve astounding heights of success. Thus, you need to keep Mercury strongly posited in your birth chart, and should follow the remedies to strengthen Mercury in your kundali for the same. These ways will also help you receive the grace of Buddha.

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Mercury Transit in Aquarius Predictions

Now that Mercury is making its transit through the zodiac sign Aquarius let us quickly take a look at how it will influence all other zodiac signs. Here are the detailed predictions, foretelling the good and bad that is about to befall the natives:

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These predictions are given according to Moon Signs. Click here to know yours: Moon Sign Calculator


Mercury is the Lord of third and sixth houses for Aries natives, and during its transit into Aquarius, the planet will remain posited in their eleventh house, which is the house of profits. This house signifies your benefits, fulfilment of ambitions, and different achievements in life.

This Mercury transit in Aquarius will bring an increase in your abilities as well as proficiency. With your efforts, you will be successful in bringing an increase in your salary, and on the whole, this transit will be quite favourable for you in terms of your income. Certain debates will also bring you profits. The love affairs of Arians will prosper, and you will be able to express yourself in front of your beloved adeptly. Your partner will be impressed by your words and will shower you with love.

Coming to the student natives of the sign, favourable outcomes are indicated in the field of education, and you will learn many new things. Although you will have to intensify your efforts during the Mercury retrograde, because your financial status may be weakened at this time, however, this will only be for a short duration.

Things will once again turn in your favour from 10 March. If you had applied for a loan anywhere, then your application will be accepted now, and your pending tasks will be accomplished. The fulfilment of your ambitions in this duration will fill your heart with happiness.

Remedy: As a special remedy, gift green bangles to little girls on a Wednesday.


Mercury, the dear friend of the Lord of your sign Venus, is making its transit through the tenth house of your sign, which signifies your Karma and business. For Taurus natives, the former is the Lord of their second and fifth houses; therefore, this Mercury transit in Aquarius will prove to be the harbinger of progress in your professional life.

You will give your best performance at work, based on your knowledge, intellect, and wisdom, and will reap the adequate benefits of the same. Make full utilization of your education, and you will be able to complete your tasks more proficiently. Not only will this gain you the praise of the bosses but will also improve your image. Business personnel of this sign can use their family money to expand their trade. Your family life will also remain pleasant throughout this time, and the members of the household will be seen sharing their heartfelt emotions.

However, you will need to remain careful during the Mercury Retrograde, because you will be disinterested in your tasks, which will increase the chances of you making a mistake. It can also lead to you looking for a change in the job. You need not worry much though, because after 10 March things will improve. You will once again be an expert in your work, correcting past mistakes to rise as a shining star in the workplace.

Remedy: To receive the favour of the planet Mercury, wear green coloured clothes, as much as you can. Also, offer Durvankur (Durva grass) to Lord Ganesha.


Mercury is the Lord of the zodiac sign Gemini, which makes it very significant for these natives. Additionally, it is also the Lord of your fourth house, and with this transit in Aquarius, it will be posited in your ninth house, which is the house of fortune. As a result, this Mercury transit in Aquarius will be very favourable for you.

Fate will favour Gemini natives at this time, and you will attain benefits in matters of property as well. Some of you will successfully change homes now, and there will be a rise in your name, fame, and respect in society. Your father will be helpful to you at this time in gaining profits, and your relations with him will also improve. The duration of February to mid-March requires you to remain cautious while travelling. The Mercury retrograde may also cause you to do certain tasks repeatedly, which will bring a rise in your efforts. As long as you are walking the right path, your progress will be manifolds. However, it is worth noting that the above problems will only persist for a short time, and things will improve after mid-March. You will attain tremendous success in fields related to travelling or writing, and lady luck will remain in your favour. An increase in your income will also be witnessed. A pleasant trip is also on the cards for many, which will be beneficial for you and will make you mentally strong. You will befriend some new people at this time and will receive the complete support of your friends as well.

Remedy: Wear the best quality Emerald (Panna) in your pinky finger on a Wednesday to increase the favourable effects of Mercury.


Mercury is the Lord of third and twelfth houses for Cancer natives, and during its transit into Aquarius, the planet will remain posited in their eighth house, which indicates ups and downs in life. Mercury is the only planet amongst the navagraha, which usually offers positive results while in the eighth house.

However, you will face some difficult times in this duration due to an increase in your hard work. Moreover, the success you receive after all that effort will be small. This time will bring an increase in your expenses, and some undesirable trips are also on the cards. Apart from this, your siblings can also face some problems. A meeting with your in-laws is on the cards, and a conversation with them can bring forth a solution to an issue of yours. They will also offer their help concerning the same.

During the Mercury retrograde between 17 February and 10 March, you will need to remain careful about your health, because a decline in the same is indicated. Some health issues can trouble you, as well as cause a notable expenditure. However, once this duration has passed, you will once again feel relief, and a partial monetary gain is also possible. Despite that, you should keep an eye on your activities at the time.

Remedy: Donate whole moong pulses on a Wednesday to attain the grace of the planet Mercury.


Mercury is the Lord of the second and eleventh houses for Leo natives. Both these houses signify wealth, which is why this Mercury transit is going to hold a special significance in the lives of Leos. The planet will remain posited in their seventh house during its transit into Aquarius, which is the house of long-term partnerships and business.

This Mercury transit in Aquarius will improve your marital life and bring you and your spouse closer. You both will share your heartfelt emotions freely, which will remove the distance between you two, and make you attracted towards one another once again. You may even spend significantly on your life partner at this time, which will please them, and thus, you too. Moreover, this transit period will bring you tremendous profits in business, and your new plans will help expand your enterprise. Therefore, your trade will pick up the pace at this time.

During the Mercury retrograde, from February to mid-March, you will need to avoid getting into unnecessary arguments in your marital life, because the situation can escalate. An increase in your expenses at this time will make you mentally and financially weak. However, things will surely improve after 10 March, and you will successfully expand your business as well.

Remedy: Worship Lord Ganesha with the proper rituals regularly, in the Mercury transit period.


Mercury is the Lord of the zodiac sign Virgo, and also has Lordship over their tenth house. Therefore, your body as well as your Karma, both are influenced by Lord Buddha. This means that the transit will have a special significance in your life. This Mercury transit in Aquarius will cause the planet to get posited in your sixth house, which is the significator of your diseases, enemies, and debts.

The transit will cause an increase in your expenses, as well as negatively influence your health. You will need to pay special attention to the latter as a result, because any carelessness can put you in trouble. On the flip side, you will receive some favourable outcomes in your workplace, and your hard work will finally bear fruit. You will now reap the fruits of your labour. Success in fields associated with debates (like law) is also indicated, however, your opponents may remain slightly stronger than you and can even make attempts to ruin your image.

The Mercury retrograde will put the planet in your sixth house, from 17 February to 10 March, which can cause a decline in your health. Thus, consult a doctor immediately, as required, and try to keep a tab on your expenses as well. Once this duration has passed, you can finally take a breath of relief, and things at your workplace will also turn pleasant.

Remedy: Wear the Vidhara Mool to receive the special blessings of Lord Mercury.


The Lord of zodiac sign Libra, Venus, maintains friendly relations with Mercury which is the Lord of your ninth and twelfth houses. It is also your Bhagyesh or Lord of Fortune since it is the Lord of your ninth house, and during this transit, it will become posited in your fifth house.

This Mercury transit in Aquarius will especially influence your education and natives will receive favourable results in terms of their higher studies. Those who are connected with fields like writing, acting, journalism, etc. or those who are studying finance or commerce will receive special benefits from this transit. Working professionals of this sign can receive news concerning their transfer; however, it will also bring along an increase in your income, which will further boost your morale. You will not hesitate to make even the biggest of decisions now, and if you are married, then you may be blessed with a baby.

Librans in love will spend many romantic moments with their beloved and will effortlessly charm them with their words. This will further strengthen your relationship. Long-distance trips will prove to be advantageous for you. The Mercury retrograde between February to mid-March will bring profits for Libra native as well as an increase in their income. Student natives who wish to go abroad for further education will receive excellent results in their higher studies. From 10 March, once the Mercury retrograde comes to an end, you can come across a new project, which will become a stable source of income. Librans will also be successful in changing their jobs in this duration.

Remedy: Chant the Beej Mantra of Mercury regularly: ॐ ब्रां ब्रीं ब्रौं सः बुधाय नमः/oṃ brāṃ brīṃ brauṃ saḥ budhāya namaḥ


Mercury is the Lord of eighth and eleventh houses for Scorpio natives, and during its transit into Aquarius, the planet will remain posited in their fourth house. This house signifies your overall happiness.

As a result of this Mercury transit in Aquarius, Scorpio will witness an increase in their comfort and materialistic amenities. You will better utilize your resources and gain pleasure from the same. At this time, your social circle will grow stronger, and you will observe many surprising positive changes in your family life as well. Not only this, but you will attain benefits at your workplace too, and will be able to perform well with the help of your natural intellect.

However, once Mercury retrogrades during February to mid-March, you will need to pay better attention to your household needs, as the expenses for the same are likely to grow. At this time, the atmosphere at home will influence your work as well. Therefore, you will have to ensure a balance between your domestic and professional lives. You can suffer from chest pain or stiffness at this time, and your mother’s health may also remain on the decline. Things will turn favourable once again after 10 March, and you will start receiving better results. At this time, you can come across such means, which will not only bring you pleasure but also cause an increase in your current salary.

Remedy: Gift green coloured clothes to your aunt (maternal or paternal) or female cousin (on your paternal uncle’s side), on Wednesday, to receive the blessings of Lord Mercury.


Mercury is the Lord of the seventh house for Sagittarius natives, and also has Lordship over their tenth house of Karma. With this transit, it will get posited in your third house, which belongs to Gemini as per Kalpurush kundali, and it is Mercury’s sign. Therefore, Buddha’s presence in this house will bring favourable outcomes for Sagittarians.

A lot of trips are on the cards for natives, and these journeys will bring you pleasure, comforts, and money. Your relations with your younger siblings will improve, and your friends will also lend you a helping hand in your tasks. With the significator of speech transiting in your house of ambitions, you will work on brushing up your communication skills. As a result, you will perform better and will be successful in lodging your presence on social media.

However, you need to get cautious once Mercury retrogrades. At this time, your way of communicating can be misinterpreted, or you may not be able to express yourself adequately, which will cause obstacles in your tasks as well as create situations of arguments or debates. Your siblings may also struggle with some health problems; however, you need to remain calm because, after 10 March, things will begin improving. Soon you will be able to rake in great benefits with less effort.

Remedy: To enjoy the benefits of this Mercury transit, you should establish the Buddha Yantra and worship it properly.


This Mercury transit in Aquarius will prove to be quite significant for Capricorn natives because not only is this planet, Lord of your sixth house but your house of fortune as well. During this transit period, it will be posited in your second house, which is your house of wealth.

As a result of this planetary movement, you will attain many profits economically, and consequently, your financial front will improve. Fate will be in your favour, and all your pending tasks will start getting accomplished now. Trips and monetary profits due to them are also on the cards for Capricorns. Any ongoing legal battle can be decided in your favour, which in turn will bring you fiscal benefits. This will also be vital in strengthening your economic front. Student natives who are planning on sitting for a competitive exam can go ahead without any worries because this time is favourable for them. Success is on the cards and your chances of getting good marks are quite high.

During the Mercury retrograde, between 17 February to 10 March, you will need to pay special attention to your health, because some physical pains can trouble you. Skin diseases, difficulty in speech, sore throat, etc. are some issues that you may have to struggle with. However, things will start improving soon, and you will successfully accumulate enough wealth in your bank account. Any previous loans or debts will also be repaid now.

Remedy: Wearing Emerald (Panna), the gemstone of Mercury, will bring you the favour of fate and abundant monetary benefits as well.


This Mercury transit in Aquarius is a major event for you because it is taking place in your own sign. Mercury is the Lord of your fifth and eighth houses, and during the transit period, it will be posited in your first or ascendant house. This is forming a Raj Yoga kind of situation.

However, because the Lord of your eighth house is posited in your ascendant house, therefore your mind will be more inclined towards spiritual subjects. You will receive excellent results in research work, and there will be a depth to your thoughts. This planetary movement is bringing specific changes to your nature, as a result of which, you will prefer giving your opinion on any topic, only after learning about the truth of the situation. Your mind will develop further, and your thought process will also improve. Your decisions at this time will become the basis of your progress in the future. However, you need to pay attention to your health too. A decline in the same, as well as some mental stress, is indicated for Aquarians. Despite that, you will make many significant decisions, based on your intellect, which will prove to be tremendous for you and will help you progress in life. You will receive the support of the children while those in a relationship will also find their beloved standing by their side.

During the Mercury retrograde, you will need to pay more attention to your health and avoid making any decisions as the possibilities of monetary loss becomes higher. However, things will improve after 10 March, and you may receive unprecedented accomplishments in your studies. As for business personnel of this sign, things will continue to be in your favour as well.

Remedy: Wrap the Vidhara Mool in a green cloth and wear it around your neck, on a Wednesday.


For Pisces natives, Mercury is the Lord of your fourth house, that is the house of happiness, and the seventh house of partnerships. With this transit in Aquarius, it will be getting posited in your twelfth house of losses and expenditure. Thus, Pisceans will be seen struggling with an increase in their expenses, which will disrupt their budget, and therefore, their economic status.

Some members of your household will be successful in going abroad and may even establish a property apart from their home. Apart from that, this time will also be favourable in terms of foreign trades and import-export, as there are yogas of tremendous profits forming. Your relationship with your spouse will remain stressful at this time; therefore, you will need to pay more attention to them. Once Mercury retrogrades, you will need to work harder and put in more effort in all your tasks. This duration will be slightly more challenging for you. An increase in your expenses will affect your budget, and in addition to that, your health may also decline.

Nevertheless, things will once again start turning in your favour from 10 March, and you will be able to control your expenses soon. As a result, your economic front will improve. On the whole, you will need to pay more attention to yourself during this transit period.

Remedy: To receive the special blessings of Lord Mercury, feed whole moong beans to a cow (Gau Mata) on Wednesday. Soak these pulses in water, a day before, and then feed the cow with your own hands, the next day.

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