Jupiter Combust In Taurus (3 May)

Jupiter Combust In Taurus: Jupiter, known as the planet of wisdom, governs blessings, divinity, and auspiciousness in astrology. It symbolizes peace and influences areas such as finances and expansion. Its placement in one's horoscope indicates the timing of auspicious events like marriage. A strong placement promises positive outcomes with minimal delays, while a debilitated Jupiter may lead to less auspiciousness and delays in marriage.

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Meaning of Combustion In Astrology

Combustion is a phenomenon that occurs when any planet combines with the Sun within ten degrees in a specific zodiac sign. Jupiter's combustion in Taurus is taking place on May 3, 2024, and this combustion is occurring in the zodiac sign Taurus ruled by Venus. So the natural tendency of the planet as aresult of combustion is powerlessness.

Jupiter Combust in Taurus: Date Time

On May 3rd, 2024 at 22:08 hrs, Jupiter will combust as it approaches the Sun in Taurus, ruled by Venus, which is adverse to Jupiter. Engaging in love affairs or marriage during this period may lead to significant setbacks. Be cautious in your actions and nurture a positive relationship with your partner as conflicts may arise, particularly within the family.

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Jupiter Combust in Taurus: Zodiac Wise Predictions


Aries, a dynamic zodiac sign, has Jupiter as its ninth and twelfth house lord, which becomes combust in the second house.

Regarding career, moderate satisfaction and potential job opportunities may arise. For business ventures, increased profits and new prospects may be experienced. Financially, gains from foreign sources and improved saving opportunities are indicated.

On a personal level, fostering harmony with your partner and maintaining positivity can contribute to a healthy relationship duringJupiter Combust In Taurus. In terms of health, maintaining positivity may bolster immunity and overall well-being.

Aries Horoscope 2024

Remedy: Perform Homa for planet Jupiter on Thursday.


For Taurus natives, Jupiter governs the eighth and eleventh houses while being combust in the first house. As a result of this planetary alignment, you might experience throat-related issues and sudden financial challenges.

Concerning your career, you could encounter unwelcome changes in your job situation and a sense of dissatisfaction. Additionally, obstacles from colleagues might arise.

If you are involved in business activities, there is a possibility of incurring losses. Financially, you may experience fluctuations with both gains and expenses, offering only a moderate opportunity for savings.

In your relationships, there may be disturbances leading to more arguments with your life partner. Healthwise, you may encounter throat and lung infections, necessitating careful attention.

Remedy: Do Jupiter Pooja on Thursday.

Taurus Horoscope 2024


For Gemini natives, Jupiter governs the seventh and tenth houses and becomes combust in the twelfth house. This planetary positioning suggests potential sudden shifts in both relationships and career paths.

his period may bring opportunities for new jobs or job-related relocations, though not all changes may benefit you. If involved in business, there's a risk of sudden losses, along with increased spending reducing saving opportunities.

Health-wise, discomfort like leg pain or joint stiffness may indicate weakened immune function.

Remedy: Chant Lingashtakam on Thursday.

Gemini Horoscope 2024

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Jupiter, governing the sixth and ninth houses for Cancer natives, becomes combust in the eleventh house, indicating potential for gradual but sudden financial gains through diligent efforts.

Career-wise, significant advancements and satisfaction are likely as efforts yield success. Business pursuits may bring fulfillment and substantial profits.

Relationships may see greater harmony with the life partner, fostering peace and contentment. Overall well-being may improve due to inner happiness, reducing the risk of major health issues.

Remedy: Donate food to handicapped persons.

Cancer Horoscope 2024


Leo natives experience Jupiter as the lord of both the fifth and eighth houses, with its influence becoming combust in the tenth house. As a result, concerns may arise regarding the development of their children and their professional endeavors.

Job stability might be compromised, leading to frequent changes due to dissatisfaction duringJupiter Combust In Taurus. Those engaged in business could encounter setbacks, affecting the flow of finances with noticeable fluctuations.

Additionally, personal relationships may be strained by ego-related issues with life partners. Furthermore, health issues may arise due to compromised immune levels.

Remedy: Chant ‘Om Brihaspataye Namah' daily 21 times

Leo Horoscope 2024

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For Virgo natives, Jupiter governs both the seventh and fourth houses, becoming combust in the ninth house. This positioning suggests a mix of positive and negative outcomes regarding fortune and career progression.

Career changes could bring favorable opportunities, particularly in international ventures. Those engaged in business may find profit through foreign dealings and travel-related enterprises, albeit at a steady rather than rapid pace.

Financially, there's potential for gradual but moderate savings. However, satisfaction in relationships may be lacking, while overall health appears to be stable with no significant issues.

Remedy: Observe fast on Thursdays.

Virgo Horoscope 2024


For Libra natives, Jupiter rules both the third and sixth houses, but it becomes combust in the eighth house.

As a result, they can expect favorable outcomes in their careers, including potential job opportunities. Those engaged in business may experience profitability and opportunities for expansion, including the possibility of initiating new ventures.

Financial gains are likely, with opportunities to bolster savings. In terms of relationships, there's potential for deepening feelings of love, possibly leading to marriage. Health-wise, these natives can anticipate a period of good well-being.

Remedy: Donate rice to women on Fridays.

Libra Horoscope 2024


For Scorpio natives, Jupiter lords over the second and fifth houses and is combust in the seventh, implying potential professional challenges.

Nevertheless, they have the capability and determination to triumph. Adaptation in business strategies is crucial for competitiveness.

Family discrepancies might surface, requiring adjustments for harmony. Health-wise, Scorpios are likely to experience good well-being with minimal concerns.

Remedy: Worship Lord Shiva in the temple on Thursday and light an oil lamp.

Scorpio Horoscope 2024

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Sagittarius natives may experience fluctuations in their standard of living due to Jupiter governing their first and fourth houses and becoming combust in the sixth house, potentially leading to detrimental effects.

Career-wise, they might face challenges, and anticipate job changes, and entrepreneurs could suffer increasing losses with limited profit opportunities amidst heightened competition.

DuringJupiter Combust In Taurus,relationships may see growing tension and disagreements with partners, while health-wise, weakened immunity levels may result in severe throat infections.

Remedy: Donate food to Old Brahman on Thursday.

Sagittarius Horoscope 2024


For Capricorn individuals, Jupiter governs both the third and twelfth houses, becoming combust in the fifth house.

As a result, they could experience favorable career advancements and may find new job opportunities, bringing them considerable satisfaction. In business endeavors, they have the potential to generate substantial profits and effectively manage their ventures, possibly leveraging outsourcing strategies for increased gains.

Relationships are characterized by harmony and mutual understanding with their life partners. However, they might incur expenses related to their children's health care.

Remedy: Chant ‘Om Namah Shivaya’ on Thursdays.

Capricorn Horoscope 2024


Jupiter rules the second and eleventh houses for these individuals and becomes combust in the fourth house.

Consequently, smooth outcomes in financial matters and spiritual advancement may be hindered. Career changes or relocations are likely, and profitability in business may require careful fund management.

Relationship challenges, stemming from misunderstandings, could lead to ego clashes with partners. Additionally, they may experience joint stiffness health issues.

Remedy: Chant “Om Hanumate Namaha” on Saturdays.

Aquarius Horoscope 2024


These natives have Jupiter as the lord of both the first and tenth houses, and it becomes combust in the third house.

Career-wise, they may experience job pressure and dissatisfaction due to challenging workplace conditions. In business, they might encounter low profits attributed to insufficient development.

DuringJupiter Combust In Taurus,relationships may suffer from a lack of understanding with a life partner due to ego issues. Additionally, they may experience increased stress and digestive problems during this period.

Remedy: Chant ‘Om Shiva Om Shiva Om” on Thursdays.

Pisces Horoscope 2024

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