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Om Mantra - An Existence Beyond Life

Om Mantra and its benefits

Every word has meaning and a corresponding image when it flashes in your mind. Be it the word “Flower” or “Mountain” or “Spirit”. While reading these terms, you definitely would have made an image of each of them. But when it comes to the word “OM” (ॐ) what do you imagine? Is there some kind of image that gets painted on your mind or is it a blank picture, but with a deeper spiritual sense!

Let’s take you on a spiritual voyage with “OM” Mantra and explore what you haven’t till now!

OM (ॐ) - The Origin

With an explosion cosmic enough, it is believed that OM had emanated at the time when all the Universe was coming into existence. In other words, it is the mighty sound of the universe or the Supreme Lord himself. Unlike other sounds that require two objects to strike to produce them, Om Sound is cosmic enough to vibrate and radiate on its own. When a person chant this mantra deeply, the Om vibration emanating from their body gets tuned with the soul, and unifies with the One, who is beyond this Universe.

OM (ॐ) - Essence of ‘A’ ‘U’ ‘M’ Vibrations

Existence of this Vedic Mantra has been comprehensively described in ancient religious scriptures and in modern texts as well. According to them, Om is both a sound and a symbol “ॐ” which is deep-rooted and eternal, and leads to profound wisdom. When one pronounces Om Mantra correctly, a hum spreads throughout their body and soul in the form of vibration “AUM”.

‘A’, ‘U’, ‘M’ are basically three individual yet unified phonetic elements of “OM” that are connected to the Cosmic Energy produced at the time of Creation, and represents three basic fundamentals of life, which are Creation, Preservation and Destruction. When one pronounces Om mantra, the AUM emanating from their body corresponds -

  • ‘A’ corresponds to the waking or conscious state of mind called Jagrata,
  • ‘U’ corresponds to the dream or unconscious state of mind called Svapna, and
  • ‘M’ corresponds to the deep or profound sleep called Sushupti.
  • There is one other element existing in the silence followed after the Uchcharan of ‘A’, ‘U’, ‘M’, which is the Chaturth or pure consciousness, also called as Turiya. It transcends the three states of consciousness and is believed to be the state of liberation, or beyond deep sleep.

So, Om chanting takes a person in a spiritual voyage through the three states of consciousness to the ultimate realization, which is the state of Liberation.

OM (ॐ) - Astrological & Spiritual Significance

In Hinduism, this single syllable mantra is the essence of all the Vedas, mantras, rituals and everything that exists. In fact, most of the mantras start with pronouncing OM in the beginning. This holy mantra, sometimes also called Lord Shiv Mantra, is chanted before and during the recitation of spiritual texts, while worshipping the deities, in ceremonies of rites of passages (sanskara) such as weddings, during auspicious Samskara like Mundan Sanskar, Karnavedha Sanskar, etc and during meditative and spiritual activities such as Yoga.

According to Hindu religious texts, Om Mantra is believed to have spiritual power that brings a sense of enlightenment and awareness in a person, and is self - rejuvenating and reviving. It can be recited by anyone, and is a medium to seek one’s soul as well as understand the deeper meaning of life. With its enchantment, a person feels serene and peaceful.

OM (ॐ) - Yoga and the Chanting of Om Mantra

OM is known as Pranava or Omkara in Vedic texts and Upanishads, where Pranava means the Sustainer of life that breathes through one’s Prana (soul) and Omkara means the beginning. It is a Science in itself which is acknowledged and accepted by the people in Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism. It is also adopted as a significant part of Meditation or Yoga.

Several astrologers as well as Yoga practitioners in the world have stated that Om meditation is a very powerful medium to improve concentration, achieve mental calm and peace, reduce stress and for seeking spiritual tranquility. Millions of people across the world perform OM Mantra chanting with enthusiasm on daily basis to gain its various benefits.

Chanting Om Mantra: To gain benefits from the power of OM -

  • Close your eyes and sit cross-legged in a straight posture.
  • Then, take a long, deep breath and exhale it.
  • With the next breath, start making an “Ooo” sound and stretch it halfway.
  • From there, slowly bring your lips together to make the sound of “Mmmmm” and stretch it for as long as possible.

Chanting this mantra produces different vibrations in your body that reaches from head to toe and resonates with certain part of your body.

  • With the utterance of ‘A’, the vibrations “AAA” so produced could be felt in the stomach and chest areas as well as in Spinal region. The lower part also gets affected with the sound of this syllable.
  • Chanting of ‘U’ produces “OOO” vibrations that resonates in your chest, throat and middle part of the body.
  • When chanting reaches to ‘M’, the humming sound of “MMM” produces in the nasal and brain region, and traverses to the upper region of the body.

This way, the cosmic energy of Om Mantra resonates through a person’s whole body and makes it calm, rejuvenated, refreshed and soothed as well as brings positivity in their life.

OM (ॐ) - Benefits of OM Mantra

As OM is connected to Atman (Soul), Self-Knowledge, the Universe, the life essence, and to the ultimate reality of existence. Therefore, its entirety has motivated many to chant this mantra to seek refuge in one’s solace and attain fulfillment, spirituality and health. The various Om meditation benefits are as follows:

  • It is good for the heart, mind and body and helps to improve concentration.
  • A person feels deep relaxation with the chanting of this mantra, which in turn results in decreasing blood pressure and regulated heartbeat.
  • It helps in controlling one’s emotions and feelings, thus, resulting in rational and logical thinking.
  • It is good for stomach as well and helps in digestion, removing body-toxins and strengthening of the spinal cord.
  • The vibrations produced during Om chanting resonates through vocal cords and sinuses, thus opening the sinuses to help you breathe more clearly. Furthermore, Om Mantra strengthens your vocal cords and its muscles.

In addition to the above benefits, the chanting of Om Mantra leads a person on a spiritual voyage to get connected with the universal energy. It also brings a sense of positivity in a person and around them as well as make them happy and peaceful.

OM (ॐ) - The Conclusion

“OM” is the basis of all that exists and is a greater truth in itself. Chanting of this mantra can be performed by anyone, anytime and anywhere, and according to their heart’s desire. It is a means for cleansing one’s soul and making their conscience pure and wholesome. It not only benefits the person chanting it, but the people, the atmosphere and everything around him/her gets affected with its positive vibrations. So, get absorbed in this eternal mantra and find out what you haven’t till now!

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