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August Horoscope

August Horoscope: August is the eighth month of the year in the Gregorian calendar and is 31 days long. It is typically considered the last month of summer or the beginning of the Monsoon season in the Northern Hemisphere, and the start of the warmer months in the Southern Hemisphere. The month of August is named after Augustus Caesar, the first Roman Emperor. As per the Hindu Calendar, August, or Shravan, is an important month, particularly for devotees of Lord Shiva. This month is considered highly auspicious for performing puja, offering prayers, and performing acts of devotion to Lord Shiva.

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As we wait for the monsoon season to arrive and provide us relief from the crucial summers, there are endless possibilities of success, prosperity, and new opportunities waiting for us! August 2023 will have six planetary transits, where each of these movements will determine the upcoming month for each of us. Aren’t you curious to know what the future holds for you? Hence, AstroSage has brought its August Horoscope, with the zodiac-wise analysis done by our learned astrologers for each of the zodiac signs! So what are we waiting for?


August Horoscope reveals that this month will be moderate for the natives of Aries. Rahu and Ketu are placed in the first and seventh houses respectively, which is not considered favorable. Jupiter will be accompanying Rahu in the first house, which might add to the inauspicious results. This, along with Venus combusting in Cancer in retrograde, may cause locals to become emotional and sensitive, leading to health issues like hypertension and digestive issues.

Due to Saturn's retrograde motion, there may be minimal professional growth in the career during this month. Mars is in the sixth house, which may bode well for individuals in the government sector, such as the navy or police. Additionally, people who operate a business may see gradual improvement as a result of Mars and Venus's placements. Jupiter and Rahu's combined presence may make this month financially difficult due to increased spending. The combustion of Venus and Mercury's retrograde motion may result in situations of loss. Business owners may experience several losses as well as a lack of support from their business partners. Profits may be challenging to achieve in August 2023.

The love life of the natives of Aries this month will be full of ups and downs. There may be a lack of understanding between the couple due to a weak Venus. It won't be a very favorable time for those who wish to get married either. Married natives may find this month to be a little tough due to Jupiter and Rahu. There may also be some misunderstandings and arguments among the family members due to Mercury's retrograde motion. Aries students can breathe a sigh of relief since this month will be a bit better for them. Students may find success this month due to Mercury's placement in the fifth house. However, after the 23rd of this month, Mercury becomes retrograde, which may cause them to experience difficulties in their studies. Those taking competitive tests may find this month discouraging.

Remedy: Chant “Om Durgaya Namaha” 108 times and “Om Bhargavya Namah” 24 times, daily.


The month of August 2023 will be ordinary for them according to the August horoscope. Taurus natives may experience difficulty in work and obtaining more money due to Saturn's retrograde position in the tenth house and Ketu's position in the sixth house. With Rahu and Jupiter both in the twelfth house, their spending may increase. Saturn's position suggests that they may need to put in more effort in their job to achieve great results in the end. O n August 15th, there may be chances for job transfers or changes. Businesses may also incur losses and struggle to turn a profit.

In their family life this month, Mercury's retrograde position at the end of the month may cause some family problems and disagreements. Taurus people should prioritize their tasks in order to bring out the best in their family members. On the other hand, Venus weakens during this month, and as a result, love may not be successful. Those who wish to get married may not find this month flexible, which may lead to lesser happiness.

The placements of planets such as Mercury, Jupiter, and Rahu may provide some difficulties for students. There may be opportunities to study abroad. In addition, Venus's retrograde combusting may cause individuals to become emotional and sensitive, resulting in health difficulties such as hypertension and digestive issues.

Remedy: Perform Havan-Yagna for Rahu on Saturday and chant “Om Bhargavya Namah” daily 24 times.

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With Jupiter and Rahu placed together in the eleventh house of Gemini, the August horoscope reveals a satisfying month ahead. These planets will bring an unexpected gain in money, along with new job opportunities, possibilities of promotion in the existing job, and opportunities to work overseas. Those who own a business may make a lot of profit and form a new partnership. They may also find business opportunities abroad or through outsourcing.

Jupiter's transit in the eleventh house from the moon sign may encourage family harmony and understanding. Since Jupiter is in the eleventh house with Rahu, Geminis may discover love with their partner. Those who have not yet gotten married may be able to do so this month.

Students may achieve notoriety in their academics as a result of Jupiter and Rahu's positions in the eleventh house. Students who intend to study abroad may find this month's results helpful. The presence of Ketu in the fifth house may increase Geminis' anxiety and insecurity. Apart from that, they will be in good health this month!

Remedy: Chant “Om Budhaya Namaha” 41 times daily and donate food to handicapped people on Wednesday.


The August Horoscope for Cancer shows that the month of August will be mild in all aspects of their lives. Because of Jupiter's placement in the tenth house, they may face work pressure and hurdles this month, while Saturn's placement in the eighth house may provide prospects for a career shift. Mars is more likely to signal a job change. Natives wishing for a promotion may receive one. Jupiter in the tenth house may result in unforeseen expenses as demand among locals grows. Those who operate a business may not make a lot of money due to Saturn's placement in the ninth house.

The students of this zodiac may be facing hindrances in their studies due to Saturn’s placement in the eighth house. Ketu's position in the fourth house may provide some difficulties for those pursuing higher education, as well as a lack of concentration. Natives studying courses such as software engineering, business accountancy, and financial management may need to put in more effort and concentration.

Jupiter in the tenth house can cause insecurity, family disputes, and misunderstanding. However, because Mars is in the third house, they may be able to show their sincerity to their spouse. Cancerians may need to spend money on their mother's health because Ketu is in the fourth house. Saturn in the ninth house and its aspect over the second house may induce tooth and leg problems, as well as eye discomfort.

Remedy: Chant “Om Chandraya Namaha” daily 20 times and observe a fast on Mondays.


August Horoscope predicts a highly favorable month for the natives of Leo. The presence of Mercury in retrograde motion may produce interruptions in family life and a loss of enjoyment in the form of fights. Those who are in love may find love and marry because Jupiter, who is in the ninth house, will aspect the fifth house. With Venus in the twelfth house retrograde, natives of this sign may experience less fulfillment and happiness. Natives who want to marry will get married this month, and love may win.

With Jupiter's favorable placement, the Leo natives will enjoy good health. From an educational perspective, due to Jupiter's favorable effect, students may achieve academic success. Mercury's retrograde motion may cause problems and hurdles in learning and a lack of concentration.

The month of August will be fruitful for Leo natives in terms of career. Working people may receive promotions and other rewards as a result of Jupiter's aspect over the moon sign. Along with improved work, there are chances to save money this month. However, because Saturn is in the seventh house, they may experience difficulties and challenges from coworkers and superiors, which might be troublesome. Those that operate a business will see incredible development in their company. Profits will be substantial, and they may even extend their company line. However, it is not advisable to enter into a partnership this month since it may not be beneficial.

Remedy: Worship the Sun daily in the morning and chant Aditya Hridayam.

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According to the August horoscope, the natives of Virgo are going to have a moderate month of August 2023. This month, Mercury in the eleventh house may favor academic success. However, Jupiter in the eighth house may provide a setback this month for facing a lack of concentration in studies. Rahu in the eighth house and Ketu in the second house may put pressure on natives to do well in school. Owing to Rahu and Ketu’s positions, the Virgo folks may be prone to eye-related issues. However, because Saturn is in the sixth house, they may not be experiencing serious health issues and have a higher probability of being immune.

Virgos may face increased expenditures in August 2023, since Jupiter and Rahu will be in the eighth house. Saturn in the sixth house may provide these natives with more passion, determination, and enthusiasm to perform in their careers. However, Jupiter in the eighth house may cause them to experience work pressure and obstacles. Venus will move retrograde and combust in the eleventh house, indicating that these natives may also suffer financial losses. This month may not be very beneficial for business owners. It would be best if they did not form a partnership this month.

Jupiter, Rahu, and Saturn's positions may cause disturbances and misunderstandings in the family. While Venus combusting this month may cause couples to get into arguments over sensitive issues. the Virgos may lose their patience with their partners as well.

Remedy: Chant “Om Kethave Namaha” daily 41 times and chant Durga Chalisa daily.


This year, as the August Horoscope suggests, the month of August may be full of ups and downs for the natives of Libra. The natives may experience a loss of happiness in family life as a result of Rahu's location in the seventh house and Ketu's placement in the first house. They can also cause numerous ups and downs in their marital life. Mars in the twelfth house after the 15th of this month may cause difficulty in family connections. Venus is in the tenth house, which may cause emotional discussions and marriages to lose their shine.

During this month, Rahu and Ketu may present extra problems to these locals, causing them to get overworked and make mistakes at work. During the latter half of this month, Venus is retrograde in the eleventh house, which may be a good position and may result in some rewards for them in their careers. Since Mars is in the twelfth house, Libras may have financial ups and downs. Due to Jupiter's favorable position, they may be able to save money. They may be obtaining more new successful company initiatives. It would not be a bad idea for these natives to form a new partnership.

The natives of Libra may have digestion and skin problems, along with headaches and eye infections this August. they may have to take special care of their partner's health. Students taking competitive exams towards the end of the month may perform well.

Remedy: Chant “Om Rahave Namaha” daily 41 times and perform Yagya-Havan for Rahu-Ketu on Tuesday.


August Horoscope predicts a moderate month of August for the natives of Scorpio. Saturn will be situated in the fourth house, causing residents to take longer to finish a task at work. Jupiter in the sixth house during this month may cause difficulties, since there may be opportunities for a work change. This might also signal that these locals will suffer significant fees. They can be obliged to borrow in the form of loans. People who manage a business may not obtain very encouraging results because Jupiter is in the sixth house, which may result in limited profits.

Jupiter in the sixth house from this month may cause pupils to lose interest in their academics at times. Mutual understanding may be lacking in the couples' affection, and the presence of Ketu in the twelfth house may potentially cause a rift. The placement of Saturn in the fourth house concerning the moon sign may cause some problems in the family and undesired disputes. Mars in the eleventh house may provide relief and happiness to the family and assist these residents to overcome difficulties.

From a health perspective, Scorpios will maintain better health due to the presence of Rahu in the sixth house. However, they may have to take special care of their mother’s health.

Remedy: Chant “Om Hanumate Namaha'' 27 times and “Om Kethave Namah” daily 108 times.

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August Horoscope says that this month has got a lot of success for the natives of Sagittarius. The presence of Saturn in the third house may provide financial help to the inhabitants. In terms of their career, they have a decent opportunity of making money by traveling abroad. Ketu in the eleventh house may encourage residents to be smart and demonstrate their abilities in the workplace. There may also be opportunities for advancement and other rewards. Those who own a business may be able to make good profits during this month.

Sagittarius natives will be in good health owing to Saturn's placement in the third house. Students born under this sign may be given opportunities to study abroad at a high or advanced level. Jupiter's placement in the fifth house will create harmony and a peaceful atmosphere among family members. Mercury, as the seventh house lord in retrogression, may cause family members to have disagreements. Due to Jupiter's above positioning, people in love may decide to marry which may be favorable this month.

Remedy: Donate food to handicapped people on Thursday and chant “Om Gurave Namaha'' daily 108 times.


This year, as the August Horoscope suggests, the natives of Capricorn will be facing many ups and downs in August 2023. Saturn will be in the second house, indicating the last two and a half years of Sade Sati, while Ketu will be in the tenth house, indicating professional chances overseas. There may be a gap or shortage in sustaining solid money gains, and as a result, conserving money may be difficult. Jupiter in the fourth house for these folks may cause unexpected costs and such. Saving money may be difficult for these natives to achieve with the money that they acquire. Owners of businesses may get minimal profits this month due to tough competition from competitors. They may encounter losses and disagreements with their business partners.

In terms of family life, Jupiter in the fourth house may cause huge disturbances and a lack of mutual understanding. There is a possibility of separation in joint families. Rahu in the fourth house may be causing unwelcome conflicts within the family. Those who are in love may find this month difficult and may have disagreements with their relationships. This month may bring up concerns about the ego. Rahu in the fourth house may cause headaches for the inhabitants, while Jupiter's position may cause eye issues and toothache. Since Rahu is in the fourth house, natives of this sign may be distracted in their studies and will need to put more effort into the future. Mars in the ninth house could cause some difficulties with studies.

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According to the August Horoscope, the natives of Aquarius will face mixed results in the month of August. Students looking to travel abroad for higher education may not find favorable outcomes during this month. Mercury is in the seventh house and may function as a restraint in terms of academic performance. Due to Saturn's position in the first house, Aquarius natives may experience tension, back problems, anxiety, and uneasiness this month. There might also be digestive problems, as well as a cold and cough. Due to a lack of communication and misunderstanding, Jupiter in the third house may produce less harmony in the household. Since Jupiter is conjunct with Rahu, folks who are married may experience a lack of harmony in their marriage during this month. August may not be a good month for couples to tie the knot.

Venus in retrograde motion may result in greater expenses. Jupiter will be in the third house, making life more difficult for these residents and making excellent money unlikely. With Saturn in this position, these people may have difficult obstacles at work, and as a result, job pressure may be prevalent. Those who run a business may not achieve significant profits, and their expectations in this regard may be unrealistic.

Remedy: Chant “Om Namo Narayana” daily 108 times and offer Lord Hanuman red flowers on Tuesdays.


August Horoscope says the Piscians may face some tough obstacles from coworkers and superiors owing to Saturn's position. This month, promotions may be postponed. This month, businesses may see both profits and losses. Saturn is in the twelfth house, Rahu in the second, and Ketu in the eighth, which may result in increased costs that are difficult to avoid. However, with Jupiter in the second house, there may be opportunities to save money.

Stress, digestive issues, and joint pains will remain. There may be arguments between the couples, and married lives may not be satisfied. Weddings may get postponed as well. Rahu and Ketu will create hurdles in academics for the students of this zodiac.

Remedy: Worship Lord Hanuman and chant “Om Gurave Namaha” daily 108 times.

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