Tarot Reading 2023: Annual Tarot Card Predictions 2023

Tarot Reading 2023 will give you a complete insight of the year 2023. Tarot has always been a topic of interest for the believers of occult sciences. Tarot card reading is the science with the same purpose of prediction like astrology, numerology or psychic reading. In this informative AstroSage article on Tarot Reading 2023, we will provide you with zodiac-wise predictions for 2023.

Tarot Reading 2023

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Concept of Tarot card reading consists of the deck of 78 Tarot cards and these cards are divided into two sections- Major Arcana and Minor Arcana. Major Arcana consists of 22 cards and following are the 22 card names from Major Arcana:

  1. The Magician
  2. The High Priestess
  3. The Empress
  4. The Emperor
  5. The Hierophant
  6. The Lovers
  7. The Chariot
  8. Strength
  9. The Hermit
  10. Wheel of Fortune
  11. Justice
  12. The Hanged Man
  13. Death
  14. Temperance
  15. The Devil
  16. The Tower
  17. The Star
  18. The Moon
  19. The Sun
  20. Judgment
  21. The World
  22. The Fool

In Minor Arcana there are 56 cards that are further divided into 4 parts: Wands, swords, pentacles, cups decks. Each deck includes 4 court cards and 10 numbered cards. The four court cards are King, Queen, Knight and Page.

Tarot Reading 2023 will predict from your destiny card. Let's know what your zodiac sign has brought to you this year.


Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, is ruled by the planet Mars. Aries natives are fairly bursting with ideas and high energy levels. They are risk takers , bold and confident, always ahead of others, and sometimes ahead of themselves as well. The Aries natives are also impatient, always in a hurry; they are a natural rebel, and like to go against the social norms of the society. So let's see how 2023 is going to be according to Tarot Reading 2023.

Dear Aries natives this year 2023 is going to be really good for you in terms of finance. This year, you may have a chance to own properties or to pursue real-estate investments. Main key for Aries is to trust themselves and follow their instincts. The year seems to allow you to save, spend, earn and have a comfortable way of handling money. Although money will be spent on traveling, Aries native will be able to manage that well.

Romantic Relation- Tarot Reading 2023 reveals that there is good news for Aries this year in terms of romance and harmony with family. For single natives there is a possibility that you may find someone soon and this person could be the one that you want to settle down with and get married to. Marriage cards seem strong for singles this year; the partner that you will meet will be someone who hopes to get married and settle down fast. For those who are in a romantic relationship, this is a period where marriage can take place or can consider getting married this year. This is a good year for dating Rams to get married. For those who are already married will have a happy and blissful year.

Education- Year 2023 is going to be favorable and productive for Aries students. Especially those who are preparing for competitive exams like for the police force or defense force will have a very good year for their preparation. If you have been waiting for any sort of results then there are very high chances that you will be successful and be able to crack the exam.

Professional- This year Aries native will have a good time at their workplace. There may be new responsibilities and challenges in work that will make you enthusiastic and passionate. There may also be new career opportunities. It is like a new phase in your career, where you feel very motivated. This year, Aries will also be able to enjoy fruits from the project/business/work that he/she has started some time ago. If native want to change jobs, it is quite a promising year for changes. As long as you remain low profile when you join new places, everything will be well.

Health- Health-wise, Aries native you will be full of energy and enthusiasm during this period, However, due to the high energy level, you may end up making impulsive decisions. Hence, you are advised to control your fire and energy levels by doing meditation as this will give you mental peace.

Advice- Tarot Reading 2023 advises that these native may feel overwhelmed by this year’s sudden changes. The effective way to handle your whole year is to accept the changes, don’t resist and be positive. Always remember changes are for the better.

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Taurus is the second sign on the zodiac wheel and it is represented by the symbol of a Bull. The natives truly resemble the qualities of a bull where they are headstrong and determined. They are practical, grounded and humble people who once decided to move a rock will not sit back; such is your commitment levels. Stability is something you always demand the most. You like being around nature and indulging in creative things. This quality of yours makes you a good artist. You have an inclination towards eating good food.

Tarot Reading 2023 predicts that the progress for Taurus natives will be slow and steady in 2023. Everything is stable and at peace this year. Be it your professional life, business or family, it is a year to build and withhold your systems. It is a year to establish and protect your company or family system and work in a traditional way. It is also a period where you can teach or guide people. With the energy of 4 of swords environment card, it will be favorable for you to stay low profile to avoid unnecessary rumors spreading.

Romantic Relation- Romance for Taurus will be quite fun and progressive. Single Taurus natives, this is a year where you get chances of meeting fun and delightful people. These people could be someone who makes you feel that he/she is your true love. Enjoy this fun relationship if you want to get involved. But be mindful, not to let it become stagnant. If you are attached, you and your partner must thrive to progress in your relationship. You might discuss marriage or plan on staying together. Plan some trips to enhance/strengthen your relationship bond. And Married Taurus natives it seems that you and your spouse will enjoy your married life. Also, both of you will plan for travel this year. Go ahead, as it will strengthen your family and marriage bond.

Education- Dear Taurus native this year in 2023 you may want to study and learn more about religion and mythology. So if you were planning to learn occult science or astrology, it's a good time for that . And it is also a year for you to have mentors around to guide you. In general it's a progressive year for Taurus students.

Professional- Taurus women’s career seems to be better than the men’s in 2023. You may be busy traveling around most of the time due to business. If not, then you will be busy due to work. However, the Taurus native this year you will have more authority or power to handle your work especially for the ladies. Females will also have a higher chance to have a promotion or they might also have a female boss that gives them good support. But you have to watch out for your overconfident attitude as it may offend people. This year Taurus people will be aggressive, loud, confident and spontaneous in their work.

Health- Now if we talk about the health of the Taurus natives, it indicates that you must have good rest so that your health would not be affected due to overburden of responsibilities. Sleep and meditation is a very useful health remedy for Taurus this year.

Advice- Tarot Reading 2023 unveils that 2023 is a busy year for Taurus native in terms of career. It might make you feel sore headed and not wanting to communicate with others. You will also feel lonely and moody. The key factor to handle your whole year is to stay positive. Don’t be too defensive and believe that any obstacles can be overcome.


This sign of twins is of the air element, therefore people are playful, quick-witted, and make very good friends. Geminis are intelligent and quite passionate about their hobbies and career. Let's see how the year 2023 is going to be for them.

Tarot Reading 2023 foretells that for Gemini people, there are some changes secretly taking place this year in 2023, especially at your working place and if you are at the management level. Your higher management may be planning for some secret internal structure change, although nothing is announced yet. Once announced, such things will be executed in a surprising manner. For example, some directors or high management level managers may resign suddenly and their work could be taken over by others. So Gemini people who are at such a high level, be prepared for some changes. With 2 of the swords, as the environment cards, there seems to be also a lot of rumors and gossip going around in 2023. So beware and stay alert. Don’t be too involved in gossip and rumors with people around you.

Romantic Relation- It will be a good time for Gemini native in terms of romance and harmony with family. For single Gemini there is a possibility that you may find someone soon and this person could be the one that you want to settle down with and get married to. For those you are in a relationship this is a period where marriage thoughts will come up. 2023 can be considered a good year for dating to get married. For Gemini married natives, married life will be happy and fulfilling. Couples can look forward to having babies this year.

Education- Dear Gemini students, this year in 2023 if you are studying finance and numbers then it will be an average year for you in terms of studies, but if you are studying something creative like mass communication or in designing fields, you might face problems in delivering your ideas.

Professional- Gemini natives would have a higher chance to work overseas. There is also scope for changes in companies or positions. For those looking for a job, you can try your best to go seek for opportunities and job offers may appear in-front of you easily. However you must beware of the possibility that this new company will have internal structure change. Fresher Geminis involved in jobs related to traveling or in the travel industry will do better in 2023.

Health- Gemini native this year in 2023 you may face some sort of health issues due to skin and allergy problems. Women may also face some problems related to hormones or menopause and this is due to excess of stress and lack of selfcare. So advice for you is that for the difficult time to pass, you must take care of your health and well being.

Advice- Tarot Reading 2023 unravels that rumors and management changes may make you lose confidence. So don't be disheartened and be positive. This year, you have to show who is the boss. The key factors to handle your 2023 are confidence, loyalty, purpose, spontaneous and authoritative.


Cancer is a soft water sign ruled by the nurturing planet Moon. Cancers are highly intuitive and very sensitive to their surroundings. These emotional buddies are quite protective of themselves and make loving partners. They are generally shy in nature which makes them appear cold at first. However, they are generous, understanding, and compassionate. They are attached to their home and the family members. Let's see how the year 2023 is going to be for them.

Tarot Reading 2023 indicates that this year in 2023 Cancer fortune will have lots of ups and downs, just like a rollercoaster ride. Sometimes when you are at the low end, your luck may suddenly go up again. However, when you are at the top of your ride, your luck or fate may go downhill. With 4 of swords cards appearing in your environment, your judgment is impaired, increasing your uncertainties. You will have a lot of reality checks or discover that people are backbiting you. You must walk away from them for your peace.

Romantic Relation- In 2023, it seems that Cancer females will have better luck in love and will be emotionally happy. As for men, a lady who is elegant, mature and has a great taste in food and arts will appear in your life. For those who are already in a relationship or are married, the ladies will be the one incharge of the relationship. However, female Cancer natives should not be too sensitive and moody as it will greatly affect your relationship. You must beware of your spouse’s feelings and mood swings or else a third party may take the benefit of the situation.

Education- Dear Cancer students, this year in 2023 you will have to work really hard to stay focused as cards are not that supportive for you. Distractions and disturbance in emotional levels can divert you from your goals.

Professional- Dear Cancer natives, the year 2023 will be very busy for you professionally. There will be a lot of projects given to you to handle and you will be overloaded with work. Only problem that will arise is that there is a high tendency for communication breakdown. Your colleagues may not understand the information given to them, or vice versa. For the year of 2023, workload and communication problems are the major obstacles hindering your work progress.

Health- Now if we talk about the health of the Cancer people, this is not a very favorable year. You may suffer from health problems due to mental stress and anxiety. So you are advised to not over think and stress out your body.

Advice- Tarot Reading 2023 tells that this is a year of ups and downs. This would make you feel tired and somewhat depressed. As such, the key factors to handle your whole year is to walk away from negativity, give up things that no longer have a purpose and have a good rest so that new ideas can always turn up.


This royal sign belongs to the king of the celestial cabinet the Sun. They have a distinctive personality and are natural leaders; highly dynamic and straight forward in their verses. They make one of the most loyal partners and supportive friends. Driven by ambition, they are unstoppable and have a fearless approach towards every task.

Tarot Reading 2023 reveals that this year is going to be very auspicious and lucky for the Leo natives. This is the year of changes and fulfillment of desire for good. You can even plan to earn through the assets you have developed for ages, which would pay rich dividends. The gains that you would have planned are likely to make you progress and give you gains in all walks of your life.

Romantic Relation- Dear Leo natives talking about your love life a new affair might begin, or an existing one could end. Perhaps you need to change old patterns, perspectives and attitudes, becoming more flexible and cooperative. Try not to be too critical or harsh towards your partner. Avoid creating unnecessary arguments and discord at home to maintain peace and harmony. There may be a lack of commitment from someone you like. Someone you are interested in may not be looking at a serious long term relationship, or you may have to struggle to get the attention of your partner.

Education- Dear Leo students, this is a very promising and progressive year for students who are preparing for competitive exams for IAS and IPS or pursuing political science will be successful. They will clear their exams with distinction.

Professional- This year you will begin a new creative venture, project or a job that you are deeply passionate about and have held close to your heart for a long time. If you can maximize this opportunity and nurture it correctly, this creative idea will produce financial success and turn into a profitable undertaking. At work, there will be new opportunities, promotions & recognition. You will receive good news related to money and finances. Listen to your intuition in financial matters.

Health- Leo native this year in 2023 you may find yourself busy with your work schedule, resulting in poor health. Money is often spent on doctors and recovery. Older Leo natives have to be careful of their health due to the sudden and quick changes in their environment such as relocation or changes in their job scope.

Advice- Tarot Reading 2023 says that 2023 is a busy year for the Leos in terms of career. It could make you feel sore headed and not wanting to communicate with others. You will also feel lonely and moody. The key factors to handle your whole year are to stay positive, don’t be too defensive and believe that any obstacles can be overcome. Talk to people to share your woes and disappointment.

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The earth sign Virgo belongs to the planet of communication Mercury. These intellectual people aim at attaining perfection in everything they do. They are determined and will not only set high goals but also focus on achieving them. They make good critics and are reasonable in finding solutions to any problem. Let's see how the year 2023 is going to be for them.

Tarot Reading 2023 predicts that the Virgo natives may experience a lot of fear, boredom, dissatisfaction and insecurity. This year in 2023, Virgo might not feel good or find their environment doing any good to them. They might find themselves in constant fear, insecurity and trying to be controlling. The more they find themselves trying to control someone, the more they will not be able to. With the devil appearing, all Virgos must be warned not to be involved in immoral deeds. It can create more constant fear, insecurity and threats will appear. Moreover, with the devil appearing, there could be the possibility that Virgo natives may have a hard time this year. Having such an environment, you might want to walk away or avoid it; however that is not the solution to the problem.

Romantic Relation- In 2023, it seems that these natives have luck by their side in love. Single Virgo male natives seem to be having a better sense of fashion and charm. As a result, they may have lots of attention from the opposite sex. As for female Virgos, you are advised to express your love and feelings freely to your partner. Take initiatives; your feelings will be well received and reciprocated. However, you have to be careful of such guys, who love to tell white lies to get your heart. Married couples must beware of their spouse’s feelings and mood swings. You must also avoid being too sensitive and moody as such feelings can drive one to depression.

Education- Dear Virgo students, if you are studying finance and numbers then this week is fine for you, but if you are studying something creative like mass communication, you might face problems in delivering your ideas.

Professional- Linked with the above devil, it seems that the Virgo natives may feel bored with their career jobs and want to look for opportunities outside. The strong sense of fear and insecurity will always surround Virgo native this year, making them want to leave their current jobs. Those looking for a job will try their best to go seek for opportunities. Some may receive job offers; if so you can consider accepting it.

However, Virgo has to bear in mind such an environment of fear, boredom and insecurity would often appear in front of you, even if you are at your new workplace. In the new workplace, there is a possibility that many will also see office politics happening around them. You may find someone trying to control you so that you will not be a threat to them. So beware!

Health- This year is going to be moderate for you in terms of health. If you were troubled by any kind of illness or health-related issues last year, this year, you will overcome those problems. You will be energetic and happier. Socializing, meeting friends and spending time with loved ones will keep you in a good mood.

Advise- Tarot Reading 2023 tells that this is a year of handling a new workplace, and fear of some unpleasant changes. This will make you feel tired and depressed. As such, the key elements to handle your year of 2023 are to be positive, don’t be overburdened or over-thinking. Go for more morning walks to breathe in fresh air, and learn to relax yourself.


Libra is the sign of peace lovers and they look forward to harmonizing everything. They adore beautiful things and creativity around them. They are sophisticated and have fine taste in art and architecture. They are pleased by the love and comfortable gestures. Always seeking stability and companionship in relations, they make one of the most caring partners. Their happiness lies in the comforts of their dear ones. Let's see how the year 2023 is going to be for them.

Tarot Reading 2023 implies that 2023 is a year of hard work for the Libra natives. The more you work, the more earnings or accomplishments you will have (especially those doing business). It is not a year to be lazy but to work hard. A year to plan, organize and set up a structure/system in your company or when working for a company. However, librarians must be careful with their health, especially for the older people as heart problems may become an issue this year. This year, you may experience betrayal which gives you heart pains. You may feel that the environment is working against you, making you feel abandoned or betrayed.

Romantic Relation- A lot of frustration seems to be surrounding the Libra natives this year. For the single Libras, there will be a lot of options for you to choose from but none of them is what you prefer. Even if there is one person who appears to be sincere, you won’t completely fall for them. For those who are in a relationship, it will seem stagnant. Libra natives may feel a lack of spark in their relationship. A suggestion is to bring the relationship to the next level by settling down (by getting married) and if already married then having kids.

Education- Dear Libra natives cards shows that in the year 2023 serious hardwork and sincere efforts would be required if you want to be successful in your academics. With regular sittings and efforts you will be able to concentrate on your studies and plan your study planner for the future that will help you in managing your time.2023 would be all about self-learning.

Professional- This year, there will be many new opportunities appearing in front of you. It will most likely be a new position, job offers or a change in duties. It seems to be a good year to venture outside and it will be good to go on short trips. Overseas luck seems to be better. But as indicated above, there needs to be hard work so plan and organize well. It will be to work in an MNC or under an older man that is authoritative and strict.

Health- This year is going to be good in terms of your health. There will be recovery from an illness. To stay healthy and get rid of your health-related problems, you should take up some outdoor activities like walking, running or a sport. Also, take care of food and spend time with your family & your loved ones.

Advise- Tarot Reading 2023 suggests that don’t be too controlling and naggy. Don’t keep spending on extravagant food or clothing. If you meet any obstacles, seek advice from a woman like your mother, wife or someone you feel you can listen to. Look out for older (motherly) women.


The Scorpions are passionate people with loads of energy and power. They have enigmatic nature and are extremely good at keeping secrets, this makes them loyal friends. They believe in emotional intimacy and make one of the most intense partners. Let's see how the year 2023 is going to be for them.

Tarot Reading 2023 indicates that Scorpio natives will be busy with work in 2023. There will be a lot of opportunities appearing. Generally we can say it will be better than last year. Things are starting to look brighter and a lot more positive. It is also an indication that work is starting to get busy. There will also be more workload. Your work and social life might be getting more active and positive than the previous year. For work, it is improving and getting stable. Not only that, you will become popular among peers and also at your workplace. As such, it is good that Scorpio natives stay low profile to avoid spreading unnecessary rumors.

Romantic Relation- Scorpio people there will be a reunion with a lost love. However, you need to be careful as this kind of love may not always indicate that it is right. Single Scorpios there will be a lot of celebration events on your plate. Go mingle and get a chance to meet more people. Chances of getting into a relationship are higher. And for those who are already committed, your relationship could be overpowered and driven by desires and material bliss rather than actual emotional needs.

Education- Scorpio students are advised that you should avoid wasting your precious time on pointless things and devote all of your attention to your academics and professional development as your hard work will surely be rewarded.

Professional- With the sun card, there are chances for Scorpio native to have a lot of good opportunities at work. However, such opportunities also bring a lot of internal turmoil. There will be a lot of office politics which in turn create misunderstanding. You may have a lot of struggles when it comes to decision making and also at times get stuck in turmoil. However, with the sun’s support, Scorpio will get the support of their bosses and superiors and they will be able to break through such internal turmoil and unpleasant surroundings.

Health- Scorpio natives, you need to be alert about your health as you may face health issues related to digestion, stomach infection, cough and obesity. Take extra care of your health and try physical activities of your choice to maintain good physical and mental health and avoid stress.

Advise- Tarot Reading 2023 says that in 2023, Scorpio natives will be burnt out easily and be busy with work. You cannot really depend on people to help you. Thus, you have to work hard and be independent. Do more research and study.


Sagittarius, the symbol of the archer, is governed by the planet of grace Jupiter. It is the last fire sign of the zodiac represented with the blazing arrows. The people are high in spirit and energy. They are liberal in their thinking and have good adaptability. Let's see how the year 2023 is going to be for them.

Tarot Reading 2023 says that this year, Sagittarius natives may face a lot of sudden changes in life. Such changes are too sudden for them, resulting in initial stress but as the year passes they will realize that changes are for their betterment and growth. There will be sudden breakdown in certain friendships, career or finance. However, such changes should not be seen as a bad thing, but rather as a change that allows you to re-build certain issues in life and reinforce them to be better.

Romantic Relation- Seems like younger Sagittarius natives will have a good time for romance this year as there will be many admirers present for them. However, they may be just for a short fling or crush. For single natives, you may meet someone with the same interest and likes and that similarity will help you in coming close and understanding each other. Those who are committed in a relationship, be careful of a third person as there are chances that a person younger than you will interrupt your existing love life.

As for married natives, there may be news of the pregnancy. The focus will be on the child itself, and you may end up neglecting your spouse which is not good for your married life. So avoid doing that and try to take out time for your partner as well.

Education- Dear Sagittarius students this year in 2023 if you are willing to enroll for your masters and higher studies in foreign universities, this year will be fruitful for you. This year will also be favorable for those students who are into higher studies like their research field and pursuing PhD as they will get support from their teachers and mentors. However, the Sagittarius students are advised to be more focused in the first half of the year as distraction can divert you from achieving your goal.

Professional- It seems like the Sagittarius natives are not very satisfied with their professional life this year. You feel like you want to move out of the field/company that you have been working for a long time and start something of your own or to be your own boss. So the year 2023 is the year for this kind of change. This year cards point to the start of a new business venture, new job, project, and investment. A money generating opportunity will come your way, but you must acknowledge and grab it with both your hands. You are also likely to receive financial backing or support for your venture. Sow the seed for a new endeavor, tend to it carefully, work hard to get it off the ground and be confident that it will bear fruit.

Health- Tarot Reading 2023 foretells that in terms of health, you will be in a good state and will be feeling fit. If you have been ill for a long time, you will begin to get your strength and energy back. Your body and mind will be in balance. You are just advised to make positive changes like exercising and self-control for a healthier lifestyle.

Advise- Dear Sagittarius natives this is a year you have to work independently on your own. So you are advised to have some personal time yourself. Breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the surroundings. Learn to relax!

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Capricorn is the hardworking and responsible sign belonging to the planet of Karma Saturn. They are goal-oriented and promising people. They generally face challenges and struggles in the initial years of their life, which makes them innovative and playful during the later stages of life. They are workaholics and try to maintain a healthy balance between their professional and personal life. Let's see how the year 2023 is going to be for them.

Tarot Reading 2023 reveals that there are major movements/shifts happening in 2023 for Capricorn natives in almost all aspects of life. There will be changes in your main career or job scope. You may also migrate or move overseas to work or be transferred internally to another department, resulting in a change in job scope. Capricorn natives have to be careful of issues like bad-stabbing and people stealing your ideas. There are a lot of jealous people around you this year. Be careful when traveling as there might be a loss of belongings due to theft.

Romantic Relation- In 2023, Capricorn romance is not so good. Single natives you may have several romantic encounters but you are advised not to rush into any relationships. You must have a clear mind of what you want and the people you want in life. If you rush into a relationship, this relationship will not last long. For Capricorn ladies, beware in relation as there are high chances of being cheated. Those attached or married need to be conscious of your partner's feelings; your ignorance can make them feel very lonely and betrayed, and that can have a negative impact on your relationship.

Education- In the second half of the year, Capricorn students need to be extra focused on their studies as distractions and a carefree attitude can lead to careless mistakes, which will affect your grades and your hard work. Students pursuing medicine will have a good year for studies.

Professional- Dear Capricorn natives 2023 is a do or die year for you. It's time for a new job, career change or starting a new business. If you have been thinking of embarking on a new venture, enterprise, or educational course, you must go ahead, provided proper planning is in place. Follow your heart's calling, and once you decide to move forward; do not look back.

Health- In 2023 you need to take care of your health and not take it for granted. Don’t be careless about your eating habits and be moderate with junk food. Be disciplined and follow a healthy daily routine. From time to time, minor problems might bother you. Plan your travel well and avoid serious adventure sports.

Advise- Tarot Reading 2023 says that as it is a busy year for you, it is good to go for a short trip and have some great fun. Trips can provide a change in your luck or better your mental situation. The key words to handle your whole year is travel, fun, propose new ideas, look beyond your comfort zone and accept new ideas or new things.


This highly independent sign belongs to the planet of discipline Saturn. They are innovative and think big. They have a good taste in the interior and will keep their surroundings clean and tidy. They have an urge for improving society, due to which they often ignore their family and dear ones.

This year you will be highly ambitious and unstoppable to achieve your professional goals. You will set high endeavors for yourself and will work aggressively to achieve them. This year will be favorable if you are planning to move your money around and make some small investments as you will get good results.

Romantic Relations- 2023 can be one of the most romantic and emotional years for you. Single Aquarius natives, romantic yet temperamental people will appear in-front of you. This person can be wishy-washy in decision making. During dates he/she will give you all the attention that you want; however this person can be clingy. Aquarious who are in relationships are highly emotional. This year it seems to me that men want to be more romantic and lovely to their partners. However, this can lead to arguments between couples when young Aquarious cannot manage their emotions well. Married Aquarious native you can enjoy their nice and sweet moments with family. However, emotions must be managed well as you are the one who can make the family happy.

Education- Dear Aquarius students this year in 2023, your efforts are likely to bring desired results that would motivate you to even work harder for the future to achieve your goals. Students in the field of accounting, mass communication, theater acting, data science, or any language course will be benefited this year. Aquarius students who are preparing for competitive exams of banking or NEET, CAT, MAT will do really well.

Professional- Due to the sudden changes in management, Aquarius native may be looking for other opportunities in life or they may start to like their jobs. There seems to be a new sign or light in your working environment, where you may be assigned new jobs or assignments. It also indicates that if Aquarius are looking for something new, they will most likely get what they want. 2023 seems like a new beginning in a workplace for Aquarius professionals.

Health- This year, you will find yourself burdened with a lot of work; as a result, you will not be able to pay attention to your health. Along with working hard, keep a watch on your health. You need rest, take care of your food, and exercise, which will keep you healthy.

Advise- Tarot Reading 2023 predicts that sudden management or love changes may happen, making you feel overwhelmed or lost. Key elements to handle 2023 is to stand up and fight for yourself, and don’t let people influence or dominate you. Don’t trust people easily and be extremely giving. Strengthen your self-worth, and don’t let the world tell you otherwise.


This last sign of the Zodiac is a water sign and governed by the planet of wisdom Jupiter. The Pisces are intuitive and have artistic abilities, they are empaths and have a good understanding of life and death.They make faithful and loyal partners, once in a relationship. Let's see how the year 2023 is going to be for them.

Tarot Reading 2023 unravels that this year in 2023, Pisces natives will be required to put in a lot more effort than before to have your work done. A lot of things seem to be stuck and there will be times you feel trapped. It seems that you will face a lot of cross roads during decision making. You can’t have the best of both worlds and have to make sacrifices. This year, you will seem to be unable to achieve your goals, if not, you will have to make a lot of sacrifices. With queen of swords cards appearing in the environment, it also indicates that females have to make quick decisions when dealing with choices. For men, you might have a female figure support you to make fast decisions when facing problems.

Romantic Relation- Relationship matters will be good and refreshing for Pisces native. New flow of water will keep filling the cups with love. For the single Pisces natives there is a possibility that a new love would appear in your life. Those who are committed to your current love relationship is going to turn better and maybe even move on to the next stage. For married couples love is rekindled and sparkling in your relationship. Both of you may consider going for a cruise or short trip related to water sport to enhance your marriage life.

Education- It's going to be a very good year for the Pisces students who are preparing for competitive exams or are in the research field or pursuing their PhD in ancient literature and history. Natives who have interest in astrology, occult science, or mythological studies will dig deep in their learning.

Professional- This year 2023, Pisces career seems to be better than last year. You may be busy with the work load or from frequent business trips. Pisces natives if the promotion was due for you from a long time then this year you will have more authority there are higher chances of promotion or you will also get the support of your bosses. But you have to watch out for your overconfident attitude as it can offend people easily and generate problems for yourself.

Health- Tarot Reading 2023 says that this year you need to be conscious of your health. In general you are advised to get all your routine checkups done on a regular basis. Else you may even have to undergo a difficult and unpleasant treatment if you are not careful and diligent during this period. One wrong move can affect you badly. So don't indulge in consumption of unhealthy food and drink, do regular exercise and meditation.

Advise- Dear Pisces natives, 2023 is a year of crossroads. Advice for this year is to trust your own instinct. Keep cool and calm when making decisions. Use your power of wisdom and knowledge to overcome the obstacles.

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