Jupiter Transit In Aries (22 April 2023)

Jupiter Transit In Aries: Time

Jupiter Transit 2023: The planet Jupiter, that is known as the Guru of all the Gods and whose aspect is considered the most auspicious in the Vedic astrology, will transit in Aries on 22 April 2023 at 3:33 am. Jupiter will enter Aries in a combust state because on 28 March 2023, it will have transited in Pisces in its combust state, and then it will rise again on 27 April, at 02:07 am. When the transit of Jupiter will occur in Aries, the planet Rahu will already be situated there and with the conjunction of Rahu and Jupiter, the effects of Guru Chandal Dosh will be seen.

Jupiter Transit In Aries

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On 4 September at 04:58 pm, Jupiter will come into retrograde motion, and on the last day of the year 31 December 2023 at 07:08 am will move out of this state. According to Vedic astrology, the changing of zodiac signs by Jupiter is known to have a significant impact because the vision of Jupiter is considered as auspicious as holy water. The houses upon which Jupiter put its aspect, get showered with progress. The planet Jupiter is the factor and harbinger of success and prosperity. Accordingly, the transit of Jupiter will have different kinds of impact on all the zodiac signs. So, let's take a leap and know all the effects Jupiter Transit 2023 will have on your zodiac sign!

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Jupiter Transit: Aries Horoscope

Jupiter is the ruling lord of your ninth and twelfth house. During the time of the Jupiter transit 2023, significant things are about to come your way. The zodiac sign of Aries is a friendly sign of Jupiter, and that is why this transit in your horoscope will be significant and special. On one hand, Jupiter is the lord of your twelfth house, while on the other, it is also your lord of fate, and now its presence in your first house will provide you with many fruitful outcomes. However, due to the conjunction of Rahu and Jupiter, you will see the effects of Guru Chandal Dosh. The effects of Guru Chandal Dosh will be seen especially in the months between May and August and you might face some degradation in your health.

The progress of your work may face some disturbance and due to that you might come across mental stress and your morale may break down. When Jupiter will transit in your horoscope on 22 April, apart from Rahu, the planet Sun will also be present there. So, due to the effects of these planetary movements, you might have to face defamation and health-related issues. It will be beneficial for you if you stay vigilant and careful during this time.

When the planet Sun will leave, your problems will start to decline, but the effects of Guru Chandal Dosh will still be present. In between, on 30 October, Rahu will come out from your horoscope and will transit into your twelfth house; and then only Jupiter will be there in your horoscope. This is the time when you will receive good and auspicious effects. The natives will get positive news related to children; they will get successful in their studies. This time would be favorable to engage in matters related to love. Pious Yogas for marriage will be made; the problems in marital life will decline, and by the radiant favor of luck, all your work will progress. You will be a victor and will live your life with prosperity and happiness.

Remedy: Make Ladoos using jaggery and black sesame seeds and feed them to a cow.

Jupiter Transit: Taurus Horoscope

For the zodiac sign of Taurus, Jupiter is the ruling lord of your eighth house and eleventh house. For the natives of Taurus, this time could bring potential problems, because Jupiter is not that friendly for your sign. When Jupiter will leave its own zodiac sign and will enter your twelfth house; due to this movement, your expenses will increase. In April, Rahu, Jupiter, and the Sun will together stand in your twelfth house and with their effects, your health-related issues will increase. You might have to visit a hospital if you don’t take good care of your health during those times. During this time, make sure that you are progressing toward your life in a lawful and efficient manner. The natives who are working against the law or are engaged in unlawful activities might come to face jail time. However, during this time, there might be a positive happening, that those natives who are engaged in a job or business might get a chance to travel abroad. This transit of Jupiter will increase the rate of your domestic expenses. You will be worried about your family and your problems will increase because of your opposers. However, due to the effects given by other planets, you will overcome them, and you’ll have the will to get out from any health-related issues. During this time more religious thoughts will pervade your mind, and you will spend your finances on religious works. The Yogas of pilgrimage will also be made.

Remedy: Prepare flour by mixing jaggery and black sesame seeds in it. Make a chapati out of it and apply a Tilak of turmeric on it, then feed those to a brown-colored cow on a Thursday.

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Jupiter Transit: Gemini Horoscope

For the natives of Gemini, Jupiter is the ruling lord of the seventh house and tenth house. From your zodiac sign, Jupiter will transit into our eleventh house. This Jupiter Transit 2023 will provide you with favorable outcomes in some matters and for your financial conditions, it will provide mixed results. You will have to work a little extra hard to earn money and only then will your financial wishes be completed. In the field of career, the transit of Jupiter will provide you with immense success. You might face a situation of quarreling with a senior officer at the beginning of this transit. So, the situation might create trouble for you and it will be beneficial if you stay alert. After that, your worries will gradually decline, and the natives will face intensity in their love relationships. There will be a good time between you and your partner and you may also be eager to move towards a love marriage. The natives will face fewer issues in their marital life and an increased level of attraction will be between the partners. They will understand the importance of their relationship and will move forward and fulfill their roles by understanding their responsibilities. You will be seen aiding your brothers and sisters, and you might also make short-distance trips related to both religious and professional work. You will face progress in business, and you will come in contact with some special people, and they will prove beneficial to you. Students in their studies will face barriers but nevertheless will progress.

Remedy: On Thursday donate study materials to a student or a Brahmin.

Jupiter Transit: Cancer Horoscope

Jupiter is the ruling lord of your ninth house and sixth house. The Jupiter Transit 2023 in the tenth house from the zodiac sign of Cancer will bring big changes in the workfield. During this the change that you were seeking for a long time will come your way. But you should have patience as well. Don’t make the changes immediately and after August 2023, you can make changes in your workfield. If you are doing a business then you will face a big change in that, and a change in business will give you huge success. If you have a job then during this time you will get a good opportunity. Through this opportunity, you might change your job and make good progress in your career. In the familial life peace will prevail. However, at the start of the transit from April till August, your father might face health-related problems, but after that gradually everything will be alright. Your financial conditions will strengthen. You won’t even know the sources from where you will receive financial gains. This time will be full of prosperity for you. Peace and prosperity will prevail in your family, and you will also challenge your opposers. You will face success in matters related to court and you will become a leader in your respective field.

Remedy: On Thursday offer water to Banyan Tree and touch Peepal Tree without offering any water.

Jupiter Transit: Leo Horoscope

The ruling lord of your fifth house and eighth house is Jupiter. From the zodiac sign of Leo on 22 April, Jupiter will transit into the ninth house. For your horoscope, Jupiter will transit into your ninth house in the form of Panchmesh (fifth house lord) and Ashtamesh (eighth house lord), and with that, it will provide you with success in religious and non-religious works. In other fields you might have to face little problems and issues. However, you will achieve everything with your innate fighting spirit. Your luck will change immediately and you will receive good progress. You might also gain financially.

During this time, Yogas might also be made for you to travel long distances and for pilgrimage as well. It will be beneficial for you to not travel long-distance between the months of April and August. After that time, your travel will be prosperous. You will meet some significant people and you will get the chance of getting acquainted with them. Due to this, your financial position will strengthen, and your newly established contracts will support you. With this Jupiter transit, your personality will radiate and you will strengthen in all your directions. You will receive the support of siblings in your work, due to which your love will blossom and you will also receive good news related to children. If you want to engage in higher studies, then this Jupiter transit 2023 will give you the optimum opportunity. In the months of November and December, you might also receive a big award or a higher position.

Remedy: On Thursday one must recite the beej mantra of Jupiter, and on Wednesday one must donate black sesame seeds to a temple in the evening.

Jupiter Transit: Virgo Horoscope

For the natives of Virgo, this Jupiter transit 2023 will happen in their eighth house. Jupiter is the ruling lord of your fourth and seventh house. This transit for you will not be that prosperous, and it might give you both positive and negative outcomes. If you are engaged with leading a religious life and put your mind onto religious work and worship, then whatever desires and wishes you had will come true with this Jupiter transit. It will provide you with immense success as well. You will also receive high and prosperous levels of spirituality. You will face some situations and they might change your outlook and direction of your life. It can be said that this transit won’t be favorable for your physical life. Between you and your partner, things will not be stable. If a situation of crisis and quarrel arises between you and your partner, then this situation might escalate and involve the in-laws and a quarrel-like situation may take place there as well. During this Jupiter transit investing large amounts of finances might be harmful and you also might face financial loss. You have to take good care of your health and your partner’s as well because you both might face health degradation and could come under a big health issue. Between April and August any kind of work against law or government or defamation; could create a situation for you in which you might face punishment, so be vigilant. This Jupiter transit might give you the chance to travel abroad, and your expenses might get increased for this. After October the situation will get stable regarding the in-laws, and you might get a huge profit. You might surprise everybody by taking huge steps regarding your house and property.

Remedy: You should worship Lord Vishnu and perform Aarti by using camphor (Kapur).

Jupiter Transit: Libra Horoscope

The planet Jupiter is the ruling lord of your third and sixth house. From the zodiac sign of Libra, Jupiter will transit in the seventh house. This transit is going to be very significant for you because it will bring important changes in your life. If you are engaged in a business then your business will face progress, but before that, you might face a loss or some kind of situation related to it. It simply means that between the months of April and August, GuruChandal Dosh and other planetary movements will take effect. With their combined effects, you might face a huge problem in your business and you might become emotional and troubled because of your business. After August things will change, and your business will expand and move forward with progress. After September, your marital life will see good times and you will feel closer to your partner. Your decision-making skills will gradually improve, but before that, the time will be challenging so, you should approach that with patience. You will see a financial improvement in your condition between the months of September and December. Between such times, short travel journeys will increase your positivity and morale. In the workfield you will get support from your co-workers and it will help you in moving forward.

Remedy: Make yellow rice in Desi Ghee and then offer that to Lord Vishnu as Bhog. Then eat it yourself in the form of Prasad.

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Jupiter Transit: Scorpio Horoscope

For the natives of Scorpio, Jupiter from your sign will transit into your sixth house. Jupiter is the ruling lord of your second house and fifth house. This transit of Jupiter in your sixth house, won’t be that much prosperous for you. But you will come across some positive outcomes. However, you must stay vigilant and careful regarding your health. When Jupiter will transit in your sixth house, during that time, the Sun, Mercury, and Rahu will be there. In your sixth house, there will be Chaturgrahi Yog of these four planets, and due to their effects, you might come across issues related to your liver. If you do not do due diligence in this matter, this might escalate and become a big health hazard and you might have to be hospitalized as well. This Jupiter transit 2023 will be full of fluctuations for your financial condition. There will be an increase in our expenses. Your financial conditions will face variations and your expenses will be spent on your health as well. With struggle, you will get success in your work field. After September your situation will improve and between November and December, you will face good times in your career. Your expenses will also increase regarding your business. You might have to travel abroad or to other remote areas. During this time, you might get good news related to children.

Remedy: You Should Daily Recite The Hymns Of Shri Vishnu Sahasranama Stotra.

Jupiter Transit: Sagittarius Horoscope

From your zodiac sign, the transit of Jupiter will happen in your fifth house. Jupiter is the ruling lord of Sagittarius. The transit of Jupiter which is happening in your fifth house will bring mixed outcomes for you because due to this transit, Pitra Dosh will also be created. If your horoscope already has Pitra Dosh situated in it, then this transit might bring problems for you. So, it is important for you to get peace regarding your Pitra Dosh during this time, or else you will face problems and challenges. You might get worried about your children. Financial conditions will gradually improve and your sources of finance will become prosperous. The natives might face a decrease in their familial life. This Jupiter transit 2023 will not be favorable for love life. There will be quarrels and situations of separation between you and your partner. If you are a student, then you might face a disturbance in your concentration and won’t be able to keep your mind on studies. You might also face problems related to studies and its related field. There is one positive outcome though, that you will get the support of luck, and you will see progress in your work. Your confidence will also rise and by doing the worship of family deities, auspicious Yoga for immense prosperity will be created for you. If you walk on a religious path it will be very beneficial for you, and all your problems will vanish. A change of job can also be seen at the start of this transit.

Remedy: You must recite the Beej Mantra of DevGuru Jupiter, for 108 times, daily.

Jupiter Transit: Capricorn Horoscope

For the zodiac sign of Capricorn, Jupiter is the ruling lord of the third house and twelfth house. During the time of transit, Jupiter will transit in your fourth house. The going of Jupiter in the fourth house is not considered that auspicious; but it will be somewhat beneficial, as it's being done in its own sign. The alliance formed with the Sun and Rahu will cause some problems during the transit of Jupiter. You must take good care of your health; you mustn't ignore health issues like chest pain, and chest constriction. The natives who are suffering from any major problem must take special care of their health during this time, as the chances of health degradation will increase. You might face problems if you ignore your health, and there might be variations in your family life. Your whole concentration will come on your family, but you should also keep your mind on your career as well. The natives who have a job will get a chance to showcase their talents. Your relations with your mother will get better, but at the start of Jupiter transit 2023, health-related issues might disturb her. Taking good care of her health will be very important. After October, peace and prosperity will prevail in your family life, and you will be seen engaging in some good work for your family. You might also receive a good property as well.

Remedy: Apply a Tilak of Kesar (Saffron) on your forehead daily.

Jupiter Transit: Aquarius Horoscope

For the natives of Aquarius, Jupiter planet is the ruling lord of the second house and eleventh house. The transit of Jupiter will be in your third house, from your zodiac sign. This Jupiter transit will provide you with mixed outcomes. At the time this transit will take place, at that time Rahu, the Sun, and Mercury will come in a conjunction with Jupiter. During this time, your attention will be diverted toward your friends. You will spend your time having fun and your health might suffer due to that. You also might suffer a degradation in your finances. Problems might come your way if you don't stay away from idleness, and your important work might get delayed. Health-related issues with your siblings might worry you. You should not travel for leisure at least till October, because you might come across financial loss and health issues on such trips. During this time, you might have to face health issues like joint pain or shoulder pain. If you have a problem related to your ear, then it might escalate during that time. This Jupiter transit 2023 will provide you with prosperity in your marital life, and your situation with your partner will improve. To change your luck, you have to work hard and there might be chances of a financial increase. In business, the chances of success might come across.

Remedy: During this whole transit, do keep a yellow-colored handkerchief in your pocket.

Jupiter Transit: Pisces Horoscope

Jupiter is the ruling lord of Pisces; it is the ruling lord of your tenth house. This transit of Jupiter will happen in your second house. You have to stay vigilant regarding your diet as having an unbalanced and malnutrition diet will cause you health-related issues. You have to keep your speech in check because you might come in a lot of trouble because of that. Financially, this time will be challenging at the beginning. You might come across quarrels happening in your family on matters related to property. Prosperity in your financial conditions will come in the months of November and December. You will be successful in saving your finances and your financial condition will strengthen. Your opposers and your enemies will challenge you in every way, but even after that, you will stay a step ahead of them. You will receive benefits from your in-laws if you maintain cordial relations, otherwise, problems might arise. You will have to put more effort and hard work towards your work field and you will only receive success if you concentrate solely on your work, without diverting your attention. Jupiter transit 2023 will make you financially strong. A new member might come into your family, or there will be good news related to marriage, due to which happiness will pervade in your family.

Remedy: On Thursday you must wear Yellow Topaz which is your zodiac stone in a gold ring on your index finger.

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