Hindu Holidays 2023

This article by AstroSage provides a detailed list of Hindu Holidays 2023. People from the Hindu religion living across the globe, celebrate a variety of holidays with passion and zeal. There are festivals and celebrations for every auspicious day in Hindu religion. Let’s talk about these festivities, celebrations and rituals.

Hindu Holidays 2023

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Some festivals are celebrated in the honor of some historical incidents or figures, while others are celebrated for various seasons, harvests, or in devotion to the deities. Most celebrations in the Hindu religion include rituals that include offering prayers to the almighty and seeking blessings, along with wearing new clothes, decorating of homes, fasting, singing and dancing along with enjoyable moments with friends and families. Let’s trace out the Hindu festivals that have made it to the list of Hindu Holidays 2023 in India.

यहाँ हिंदी में पढ़ें: हिन्दू त्यौहार 2023

List Of Hindu Holidays 2023 In India

Hindu Holidays 2023 in January
Date and Day Hindu Festival/Holiday
2 January, Monday Pausha Putrada Ekadashi
4 January, Wednesday Pradosh Vrat (S)
6 January, Friday Paush Purnima Vrat
10 January, Tuesday Sankashti Chaturthi
15 January, Sunday Pongal, Uttarayan, Makar Sankranti
18 January, Wednesday Shattila Ekadashi
19 January, Thursday Pradosh Vrat (K)
20 January, Friday Masik Shivaratri
21 January, Saturday Magha Amavasya
26 January, Thursday Basant Panchmi, Saraswati Puja
Hindu Holidays 2023 in February
Date and Day Hindu Festival/Holiday
1 February, Wednesday Jaya / Bhami Ekadashi
2 February, Thursday Pradosh Vrat (S)
5 February, Sunday Magha Purnima Vrat
9 February, Thursday Sankashti Chaturthi
13 February, Monday Kumbha Sankranti
16 February, Thursday Vijaya Ekadashi
18 January, Saturday Mahashivratri, Pradosh Vrat (K), Masik Shivaratri
20 January, Monday Phalguna Amavasya
Hindu Holidays 2023 in March
Date and Day Hindu Festival/Holiday
3 March, Friday Amalaki Ekadashi
4 March, Saturday Pradosh Vrat (S)
7 March, Tuesday Holika Dahan, Phalguna Purnima Vrat
8 March, Wednesday Holi
11 March, Saturday Sankashti Chaturthi
15 March, Wednesday Meena Sankranti
18 March, Saturday Papmochani Ekadashi
19 March, Sunday Pradosh Vrat (K)
20 March, Monday Masik Shivaratri
21 March, Tuesday Chaitra Amavasya
22 March, Wednesday Chaitra Navratri, Ugadi, Ghatasthapana, Gudi Padwa
23 March, Thursday Cheti Chand
30 March, Thursday Ram Navami
31 March, Friday Chaitra Navratri Parana
Hindu Holidays 2023 in April
Date and Day Hindu Festival/Holiday
1 April, Saturday Kamada Ekadashi
3 April, Monday Pradosh Vrat (S)
6 April, Thursday Hanuman jayanti, Chaitra Purnima Vrat
9 April, Sunday Sankashti Chaturthi
14 April, Friday Mesha Sankranti
16 April, Sunday Varuthini Ekadashi
17 April, Monday Pradosh Vrat (K)
18 April, Tuesday Masik Shivaratri
20 April, Thursday Vaishakha Amavasya
22 April, Saturday Akshaya Tritiya
Hindu Holidays 2023 in May
Date and Day Hindu Festival/Holiday
1 May, Monday Mohini Ekadashi
3 May, Wednesday Pradosh Vrat (S)
5 May, Friday Vaishakha Purnima Vrat
8 May, Monday Sankashti Chaturthi
15 May, Monday Apara Ekadashi, Vrishabha Sankranti
17 May, Wednesday Masik Shivaratri, Pradosh Vrat (K)
19 May, Friday Jyeshtha Amavasya
31 May, Wednesday Nirjala Ekadashi
Hindu Holidays 2023 in June
Date and Day Hindu Festival/Holiday
1 June, Thursday Pradosh Vrat (S)
4 June, Sunday Jyeshtha Purnima Vrat
7 June, Wednesday Sankashti Chaturthi
14 June, Wednesday Yogini Ekadashi
15 June, Thursday Pradosh Vrat (K), Mithuna Sankranti
16 June, Friday Masik Shivaratri
18 June, Sunday Ashadha Amavasya
20 June, Tuesday Jagannath Rath Yatra
29 June, Thursday Deva Shayani Ekadashi, Ashadhi Ekadashi
Hindu Holidays 2023 in July
Date and Day Hindu Festival/Holiday
1 July, Saturday Pradosh Vrat (S)
3 July, Monday Guru Purnima, Ashadha Purnima Vrat
6 July, Thursday Sankashti Chaturthi
13 July, Thursday Kamika Ekadashi
14 July, Friday Pradosh Vrat (K)
15 July, Saturday Masik Shivaratri
16 July, Sunday Karka Sankranti
17 July, ,Monday Shravana Amavasya
29 July, Saturday Padmini Ekadashi
30 July, Sunday Pradosh Vrat (S)
Hindu Holidays 2023 in August
Date and Day Hindu Festival/Holiday
1 August, Tuesday Pradosh Vrat (S)
4 August, Friday Guru Purnima, Ashadha Purnima Vrat
12 August, Saturday Sankashti Chaturthi
13 August, Sunday Kamika Ekadashi
14 August, Monday Pradosh Vrat (K)
16 August, Wednesday Masik Shivaratri
16 July, Sunday Karka Sankranti
17 July, ,Monday Shravana Amavasya
29 July, Saturday Padmini Ekadashi
30 July, Sunday Pradosh Vrat (S)
Hindu Holidays 2023 in September
Date and Day Hindu Festival/Holiday
2 September, Saturday Kajari Teej
3 September, Sunday Sankashti Chaturthi
7 September, Thursday Janmashtami
10 September, Sunday Aja Ekadashi
12 September, Tuesday Pradosh Vrat (K)
13 September, Wednesday Masik Shivaratri
14 September, Thursday Bhadrapada Amavasya
Kanya Sankranti
18 September, Monday Hartalika Teej
19 September, Tuesday Ganesh Chaturthi
25 September, Monday Parivartini Ekadashi
27 September, Wednesday Pradosh Vrat (S)
28 September, Thursday Anant Chaturdashi
29 September, Friday Bhadrapada Purnima Vrat
Hindu Holidays 2023 in October
Date and Day Hindu Festival/Holiday
2 October, Monday Sankashti Chaturthi
10 October, Tuesday Indira Ekadashi
11 October, Wednesday Pradosh Vrat (K)
12 October, Thursday Masik Shivaratri
14 October, Saturday Ashwin Amavasya
15 October, Sunday Sharad Navratri, Ghatasthapana
18 October, Wednesday Tula Sankranti
20 October, Friday Kalparambha
21 October, Saturday Navpatrika Puja
23 October, Monday Durga Maha Navami Puja
24 October, Tuesday Durga Visarjan, Dussehra, Sharad Navratri Parana
25 October, Wednesday Papankusha Ekadashi
26 October, Thursday Pradosh Vrat (S)
28 October, Saturday Ashwin Purnima Vrat
Hindu Holidays 2023 in November
Date and Day Hindu Festival/Holiday
1 November, Wednesday Sankashti Chaturthi, Karva Chauth
9 November, Thursday Rama Ekadashi
10 November, Friday Dhanteras, Pradosh Vrat (K)
11 November,Saturday Masik Shivaratri
12 November, Sunday Diwali, Narak Chaturdashi
13 November, Monday Kartik Amavasya
14 November, Tuesday Govardhan Puja
15 November, Wednesday Bhai Dooj
17 November, Friday Vrischika Sankranti
19 November, Sunday Chhath Puja
23 November, Thursday Devutthana Ekadashi
24 November, Friday Pradosh Vrat (S)
27 November, Monday Kartik Purnima Vrat
30 November, Thursday Sankashti Chaturthi
Hindu Holidays 2023 in December
Date and Day Hindu Festival/Holiday
8 December, Friday Utpanna Ekadashi
10 December, Sunday Pradosh Vrat (K)
11 December, Monday Masik Shivaratri
12 December, Tuesday Margashirsha Amavasya
16 December, Saturday Dhanu Sankranti
23 December, Saturday Mokshada Ekadashi
24 December, Sunday Pradosh Vrat (S)
26 December, Tuesday Margashirsha Purnima Vrat
30 December, Saturday Sankashti Chaturthi

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2023 Hindu Holidays & Festivals As Per Hindu Calendar 2023

Hindu Holidays 2023 & Festivals As Per Hindu Calendar

Among the festivals and holidays mentioned in the list above, few of them are prominent Hindu festivals and holidays in 2023, and are celebrated throughout the country in different forms, here are some of them:-

Makar Sankranti

Many of you might know that Makar Sankranti is dedicated to the Sun. From an astrological point of view this day is celebrated as the day when the Sun transits in Capricorn. In the year 2023, this day will fall on the 15th January. The festival also marks the end of winters and the beginning of the new harvest season. From the day of Makar Sankranti, the Sun begins its northward journey or the Uttarayan journey and hence this festival is also known as Uttarayan, on this day the farmers across the country wish for a good harvest and worship the Sun. According to the scriptures, Dakshinayan depicts the sign of negativity and Uttarayan depicts the positive sign. So, on this day people take a holy dip in a holy river and worship the Sun. It is also believed that the Sun transit in Capricorn or Cancer is considered to be very fruitful.


Shivratri is the day dedicated to Lord Shiva, this day is celebrated on the 14th day of the dark fortnight, also known as Krushnapaksha Chaturdashis. Lord Shiva is the owner of Chaturdashi Tithi. This day has a high significance in astrology. According to astrology, the moon is the benefactor of mind and the effect of the moon is weaker on the auspicious day of Maha Shivratri. Therefore, worshiping Lord Shiva strengthens the moon in the birth chart. Doing this strengthens the mental strength, will power, courage and patience to the worshiper. Amavas is denoted as the day before Maha Shivratri, Amavas symbolizes the Kaliyuga when there is removal of evil from earth. On this day there is a ritual to bathe Lord Shiva in milk, water and honey and then adorned with flowers and Bel Patti, along with other rituals for the day.


The auspicious day of Holi will be celebrated on 8th March 2023. March 7th is the full moon night and that time is of the Holika Dahan. The Holika Dahan muhurat starts from 06:24 pm to 08:51 pm. On the pious day of Holi, many expert astrologers believe that the Sun and the Moon are on the opposite sides of each other, If we talk from the astrological perspective then this position is considered to be the favorable as the Moon present in the house of Leo and Virgo while the Sun is present in the Aquarius and the Pisces.

Know About Various Hindu Holidays and Festivals In 2023: Hindu Calendar 2023!


As informed already, the celebrations of Onam is going to take place on 29th August 2023. You might not be aware of the fact that the celebration of Onam occurs with the celebrations of Thiruvathira and Vishnu. This festival takes place in the different provinces of Kerala in honor of the great King Mahabali. The natives of this state worship the deities with a belief that Mahabali’s spirit will visit Kerala. Meanwhile the festivities of Onam are celebrated to attain the blessings of Mahabali. This is an annual festival and it takes place in the month of Chingam ( August-September), it is also denoted as the 1st month of the Malayalam Calendar. This is primarily a Hindu festival but rooted in Malayali-Hindu Stories.

Ganesh Chaturthi

The auspicious festival of Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated as the birth anniversary of the benefactor of good luck, Lord Ganesha. On the event of Ganesh Chaturthi, Lord Ganesha is worshiped as you will be blessed with wisdom, prosperity and good fortune. It is believed that Lord Ganesha was born during the Shukla Paksha of the Bhadrapada month. The auspicious day of Ganesh Chaturthi falls in the month of August or September. The celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi ends after 10 days of Anant Chaturdashi, also known as Ganesh Visarjan. On this day the devotees of Lord Ganesha immerse the Lord’s idol in the water after the street procession. It is believed that one should not look at the moon on this day because this will create Mithya Dosha that means false accusation of stealing something.


Vijayadashami or Dussehra is celebrated as the victory of Lord Rama over Ravana and this day is also celebrated to honor the triumph of Goddess Durga over the demon Mahishasura. In some regions of India, the rituals like Shami Puja, Aparajita and Simolanghan are also followed on this day. As per the Hindu beliefs these rituals should be performed during the Aparahna time


Have someone thought about why there is Lakshmi and Ganesh Puja performed on Diwali. Well, here’s the story: Ganesh Puja is done for the positive and good energy in the house. And Lakshmi Puja is performed to attain the blessings of the goddess for great health and wealth. The Lakshmi puja on this day should be performed during the Pradosh Kaal that starts from sunset and lasts for 2 hours and 24 minutes. On this day, most Hindu families decorate their homes and offices with ashoka leaves and marigold flowers along with mango and banana leaves. Remember it is considered auspicious to keep the manglik kalash (vessel) covered with unpeeled coconut on both sides of your house’s entrance.

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