Annaprashan Muhurat 2023

Annaprashan Muhurat 2023 by AstroSage will provide you with the favorable times and dates to conduct the Annaprashan Ceremony in 2023. In addition, we'll cover the proper vidhi to use, the reason for the first rice-eating ceremony and some safety advice in this post to help you and your child have a wonderful and unforgettable experience.

Annaprashan Muhurat 2023

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हिंदी में पढ़ें: अन्नप्राशन मुहूर्त 2023

Annaprashan Muhurat in January 2023
Date Day Muhurat Time
January 4 2023 Wednesday 08.00 -10:00, 12.00 - 16:00
January 12 2023 Thursday 16:15-18:00
January 23 2023 Monday 08.00 -08:40, 10.30 -17:00
January 26 2023 Thursday 08.00-11:30
January 27 2023 Friday 10:20-11:30, 13:30-21:50
Annaprashan Muhurat in February 2023
Date Day Muhurat Time
February 3 2023 Friday 07:50-09:40, 11:30-16:30
February 10 2023 Friday 09:30-14:00, 17.00 -23:00
February 22 2023 Wednesday 07:30-09:40, 11:30-17:30
February 24 2023 Friday 07:30-11:00, 13:30-20:00
Annaprashan Muhurat in March 2023
Date Day Muhurat Time
March 9 2023 Thursday 07:30-12:20, 15.10 -21:00
March 10 2023 Friday 07:35-10:15
March 23 2023 Thursday 07.00 -07:40, 09:50 -17.50
March 24 2023 Friday 07.00 -09:15, 12.00 -15.00
March 27 2023 Monday 18:25-20:10
March 31 2023 Friday 09:15-15:20, 18.00 -22:00
Annaprashan Muhurat in April 2023
Date Day Muhurat Time
April 6 2023 Thursday 07:15-10:30
April 7 2023 Friday 15:15-21:40
April 10 2023 Monday 10:25-14:40
April 24 2023 Monday 11:50-20:40
April 26 2023 Wednesday 13:50-20:43
April 27 2023 Thursday 07:45-13:40
Annaprashan Muhurat in May 2023
Date Day Muhurat Time
May 3 2023 Wednesday 07.00 -08:40, 11:15 -17:50
May 12 2023 Friday 06:25-08:10
May 17 2023 Wednesday 06:15-14:30, 17:10-22:50
May 22 2023 Monday 07:45-09:25
May 24 2023 Wednesday 07:30-11.40, 14:30-21:00
May 29 2023 Monday 14.00 -16:10, 18:50-22:40
Annaprashan Muhurat in June 2023
Date Day Muhurat Time
June 1 2023 Thursday 16:15-18:20, 21.00 -22:30
June 8 2023 Thursday 08:50-15:30 ,8.00-20:00
June 19 2023 Monday 21:40-23:10
June 21 2023 Wednesday 06.00 -10:00, 12:30-17:00
June 28 2023 Wednesday 09:50-16:30 ,9.00 -22:30
Annaprashan Muhurat in July 2023
Date Day Muhurat Time
July 5 2023 Wednesday 07.00 -13:40, 16:15-22:00
July 7 2023 Friday 09:15-15.40, 18:30-22:00
July 14 2023 Friday 20.00 -21:30
Annaprashan Muhurat in August 2023
Date Day Muhurat Time
August 21 2023 Monday 06:30-10:40, 13:15-20:15
August 23 2023 Wednesday 06:30-10:30
August 28 2023 Friday 20:15-23:00
Annaprashan Muhurat in September 2023
Date Day Muhurat Time
September 1 2023 Friday 16:50-21:00
September 4 2023 Monday 09:55-12:00
September 6 2023 Wednesday 12:25-16:00
September 18 2023 Monday 06:45-11:00
September 21 2023 Thursday 15:30-17:00
September 25 2023 Monday 07.00-08:00
September 27 2023 Wednesday 08.00 -10:00, 13.00 -18:00
Annaprashan Muhurat in October 2023
Date Day Muhurat Time
October 16 2023 Monday 07:15-09:00, 12.00 -16:30
October 23 2023 Monday 19:40-21:10
October 26 2023 Thursday 13:25-17:00, 19:30-23:10
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Annaprashan Muhurat in November 2023
Date Day Muhurat Time
November 10 2023 Friday 15:30-20:00
November 22 2023 Wednesday 19:30-23:20
November 24 2023 Friday 21:45-23:30
November 27 2023 Monday 14:25-15:25
November 29 2023 Wednesday 09.00-14:00
Annaprashan Muhurat in December 2023
Date Day Muhurat Time
December 1 2023 Friday 17.00 -23:00
December 7 2023 Thursday 08.00 -12:00, 14.00 -18:00
December 15 2023 Friday 11:55-17:40, 20:30-22:20
December 18 2023 Monday 15:55-19:50
December 21 2023 Thursday 11:15-14:00, 15:50-22:00
December 22 2023 Friday 08.00 -09:15
December 28 2023 Thursday 08.00 -12:00, 13:45-21:35
December 29 2023 Friday 09.00 -13:20, 15:15-21:20

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Annaprashan Muhurat 2023

The Sanskrit word "Annaprashan" directly means "grain initiation." The Hindu tradition of Annaprashan as per the Annaprashan Muhurat 2023 marks the start of a baby's first meal. In other terms, an Annaprasana Sanskar ritual is held when a baby begins to consume foods other than mother's milk. It is celebrated by feeding Kheer (Rice Pudding) to the child. Therefore, the English name for this ceremony is First Rice-Eating Ceremony.

As we know that the mother is always advised to breastfeed exclusively until her baby is six months old. So when the infant hits this milestone, it's appropriate to start solid foods. This happens during the Hindu practice known as Annaprashan/Annaprasana 2023, or the First Rice-Eating ceremony.

A parent's most precious experience is watching their child reach developmental milestones. To commemorate these pivotal moments in the child's life, numerous rituals are performed in various cultures and religions. Annaprashan Muhurat 2023 is one of the rituals that bestows blessings and wishes on the child as he embarks on a new stage of life.

Astrological Value

The basic component of life is food. Without nutrition, we are nothing, regardless of who or what we are. To grow physically and mentally, we require food. Our scriptures state that eating a pure diet results in the purification of the body and the inner mind. The Goddess of food, Annapoorna, is worshiped during the Annaprashan ceremony as per the Annaprashan Muhurat 2023, and the parents offer wishes for their child's health and prosperity. The child grows strong and sturdy. A baby's teeth are expected to start to grow during the sixth or seventh month, a sign that the digestive system is functioning well. After this, the child's body and intellect will develop to their full potential if they are fed food in addition to milk.

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It has long been common practice to determine an auspicious period, or "Muhurat," before carrying out any auspicious task. It is important to have the most accurate knowledge of time, date, planetary position and nakshatras in order to determine the correct muhurta. Knowing the correct muhurta before beginning any essential task or task ensures your great success. The muhurta is calculated either by using the Annaprashan Muhurat 2023 date calculator or by getting in touch with Vedic astrologers who are skilled at reading the Vedic Panchang. Most people commonly use the customs of their clan to decide when to conduct the ceremony.

You can perform Annaprashan Ceremony 2023 in a temple or at home. The ceremony is usually performed at home. These days, a banquet hall or a community center is usually reserved for the event due to space restrictions.


As mentioned above, for the Annaprashan ceremony 2023 as per the Annaprashan Muhurat 2023, a priest will choose a certain day and hour based on Vedic astrology. For the special day, friends, family and acquaintances are invited. Every family has a different idea of what the ceremony should be like. Some prefer a small gathering while others could have it at a temple. The newborn is cleansed and dressed in brand-new traditional garb like a dhoti, dhoti kurta or lehenga choli.

During the Annaprashan Muhurat 2023, the infant is then seated on the lap of an elder, such as the mother's or father's or maternal uncle's or grandfather's (differs from place to place). A Puja is performed before the ceremony. The air is purified by lighting incense and oil lamps. To make sure the youngster develops into a strong and intelligent adult, prayers are made to a number of gods. There are also prayers for the child's reputation, wisdom, and a long and happy life. The ceremony's goal is to ask the gods to grant the child virtuous thinking, promising abilities, and strong digestive systems. The first meal is offered to the gods and goddesses. After then, an elder gives a child its first ceremonial bite of solid food, known as prasad.

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Food To Be Served During Annaprashan Ceremony 2023

During the ceremony, in addition to the kheer, food is offered such as fried veggies, dals, curries, and flavor-infused rice. In Kerala, the infant is given rice, curd, salt, jaggery, bananas and payasam on a banana leaf.

Despite the fact that this ceremony has been performed since the beginning of time, some safety measures must be taken. Here are some tips for making this event memorable and stress-free.

  • Make sure your child has gotten enough sleep before the ceremony.
  • Invite just a few close family and friends.
  • Dress your baby in cozy clothes, preferably made of natural fabric.
  • Make sure the child's meal is prepared freshly and hygienically.
  • Limit the menu to only a few necessary items.
  • An excellent first food is rice. If kheer doesn't turn out as expected, keep boiled rice or rice with dal as an offering.
  • Before feeding, properly wash your hands.
  • Make sure your baby just consumes two spoons of the offering to prevent an upset tummy.

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