Venus Transit in Taurus (29 June, 2017)

Being close to the Sun, Venus is a shining and luminous planet, which governs Taurus and Libra zodiac. The planet Venus exemplifies two aspects of life i.e. love and money. It rules our sentiments & emotions, the things which we value, and the pleasure which we derive in life. In the natal chart of a person, position of Venus illustrates the things which makes a person happy and the person’s approach towards the relationships. Astrologers look for the position of Venus to know how a person spends his money, the types of gifts the person buys, and the expenses on the person’s leisure activities. Venus governs the attachments and the feelings which a person possesses for others. Moreover, Venus administers art, beauty, love, romance, comfort, money and entertainment in one’s life.

Venus Transit in TaurusOn 29th of June 2017 at 19:47 PM, Venus will enter the Taurus zodiac and will remain posited in the same till 17:20 PM on 26th of July, 2017. This transit of Venus in Taurus would have a considerable impact on all the 12 zodiac signs. So, let us peek over the thrust of this transit on all the zodiac signs.

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Know about Venus, Goddess of Love: Planet Venus.

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The planet Venus would move into the 2nd house from your moon sign. This transit would bring about the qualities of good and impressive speech in you. You would enjoy delicious food during this transit period. Moreover, a sacred ceremony might take place at your home. An addition in the family is highly probable. Occasions like marriage or a get together is presaged. In this transit period, you would be able to accumulate wealth and prosperity. This transit would bring about gains in business partnerships. You might also enjoy gains through your spouse.

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Contemplating the Taurus sign, Venus will be moving into its own sign. During this transit period, your personality would enhance and charm would increase. People around you would be impressed with your presence. You health would improve and you would enjoy your life with glee. Your marital life would be blessed with love, but occasional tiffs might occur that needs to be curtailed. You would enjoy a well off lifestyle, with perfect mental stability.

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Considering the Gemini sign, it can be said that Venus will move into the 12th house from your moon sign. During this transit period, your expenditure would skyrocket. In this period, your main expenditure would be over luxuries, comforts, and enjoyment. The only thing that you would find pleasant in this period would be shelling out on material assets, luxuries, and comforts of your family. Shopping would be your go to mantra for passing time. The period of the transit might lure you to go for an overseas trip or a trip just to quench your wanderlust. You might indulge in sensual activities. The time advises you to take care of both your partner’s health and yours.

REMEDY: Worship Shri Lakshmi Narayan.

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During this transit, the planet Venus would be moving towards the 11th house from your moon sign. This predicts an increase in your earnings. Women would play an important role in your life; their support would make you fare well in this period. Some gains are probable in this period. You’ll be quite social in this duration, befriending people of influence and rank. Love will thrive; you’ll be pleasantly happy due to your love relationship. You’ll enjoy spending and cherishing your moments with your lover. This would enhance the bond you have with them. Long awaited wishes will strive towards fulfillment. Your life would be harmonious, with your familial and work life in perfect sync with it. Senior would be kind enough to extend favours in this duration.

REMEDY: Offer Kheer to little girls on Fridays.

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This month, Venus would transit in the 10th house from your moon sign. This would bring good news in your personal, as well as your professional life. You’ll remain in full swing at work. This would increase your efficiency and productivity. You’ll work hard to achieve the things in life, that you’ve always wished for. You’ll receive full support from females. At home, domestic harmony would prevail. You’ll find the perfect solace from chaotic world at your home. In this period you might start earning from your hobby; the thought of making it your vocation might also occur to you. This period indicates chances of separation from your spouse.

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Venus would move into the 9th house from your moon sign in this duration. The period presages rise in your glory and grandeur. You’ll get fame from your philanthropic nature. Long journeys undertaken in this duration would prove fruitful for you in the long run. Your social status would increase. You’ll get yourself attached to charitable and virtuous cause. This would get you praises from the society. Father would enjoy material comforts in this period. Monetary gains are highly probable in this duration. Venus Transit predicts improvement in your health; despite of this, avoid indulging in binge eating. Love life will be great, although minor tiffs might sour your mood. Try to abstain from taking anything in the wrong sense. Communication and conversations play a pivotal role in any relationship.

REMEDY: Worship Lord Shani, religiously.

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Venus would transit in the 8th house from your moon sign, which would harbinger unexpected gains in your life. Your immunity and vitality would increase. Albeit this, you might fall prey to minor health ailments. In this period, you’ll be inclined towards mysterious and secretive topics to study. Occult studies, and spiritualism would lure you, and chances are that you’ll eager to research over them. Your expenses will be high; will shell out on comforts and lavish life. Your spouse will be tender towards you. You’ll be blissfully in love with them. Their love would help you take the path of growth and prosperity. Any sacred ceremony at your in-laws place is possible.

REMEDY: Worship little girls and offer them kheer.

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Venus would transit in the 7th house from your moon sign. This would affect your marital life in a positive manner. You’ll see changes in your partner, that would make it easier for you to communicate. This transit period is best for marital bonds. Going out and enjoying time with partner, would come easily in this duration. The bond of togetherness, between you and your partner would make you believe in all things magical. A steep rise in career is predicted. Your professional status would increase, as your work would get its due appreciation. You might consider your options of settling in a foreign country. Those already pondering over it, might be able to get it this time. Unmarried native might hear the wedding bells ringing for them soon. An expense over a nuptial bond is probable.

REMEDY:Feed wheat grain chapati to cows, daily.

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Venus would transit in the 6th house from your moon sign. This transition would enhance your coping capabilities. You’ll be open to challenges and will face them head on. This period would see you outshine your opponents and enemies. Students will taste success in competitive exams. You might consider taking a loan in this duration, to tackle your expenses. Spouse would be the major cause of your expenditure skyrocketing. You are advised to maintain a cordial relationship with females, to stay at the top of your game. You will put your best foot forward at work, which would play a major role in getting you a salary hike. Chances are that you’ll meet your maternal relatives in this period and spend quality time with them. This would help you overcome any bitterness of the past.

REMEDY: On Fridays, distribute mishri to little girls.

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Venus would transit in the 5th house from your moon sign, which would bring sweet moments in your love life. You’ll be in a gleeful mood, as things in your love life would be peachy! If you love someone, the time presages you to take benefit of this situation and ask them! There are high chances that the answer will be affirmative. However, you are advised to maintain some distance as well; too much of everything is always harmful. Let your partner miss you sometime too! If this isn’t taken into consideration, chances are high of misunderstandings. Children will enjoy comforts in this period. Some might consider changing their job, as well. Your socialising skills would get better. Spouse is likely to receive gains in this period.

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Venus would transit in the 4th house from your moon sign. This might prove beneficial for you as domestic harmony would prevail. Chances are that you might consider buying a property or a vehicle.On the other hand, you might spend a large chunk of your income on beautification of your home. Chances are that you might have to stay away from your home. Things might take a turn for the weird, as you’ll be in a dilemma. Health of father might dwindle in this duration. Its advised that a proper diet, at proper timing must be fed to him, in order to keep him the pink of his health. At work, you’d be able to put your best foot forward and be successful. This transit would prove to be a progressive period for you.

REMEDY: Offer red flowers to Goddess Laxmi on Friday.

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Planet Venus would move to the 3rd house from your moon sign. Your communicative skills would be great in this period. This duration would prove to be fabulous for art, media, glamour, and acting. Any field related to these fields would flourish in this time. You would start paying more attention towards your hobby, which would make you stronger in it. You’ll be able to earn through your own efforts or through your interests. Minor health issues to parents are likely, so pay attention to their well being. Some might think about changing their vocation. Siblings would enjoy a comfortable life. Short journeys would give you fruitful results. This period would give rise to your name, fame and glory.

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