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Venus Transit in Sagittarius (October 30, 2021): Know Its Impact On All The 12 Zodiac Signs!

The planet Venus is a feminine planet of sophistication, beauty and pleasure as per Vedic Astrology. It will transit in Sagittarius on October 30, 2021, and further impact various aspects of the lives of the natives of all zodiac signs. Read ahead to know and find out more about this planetary transit.

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The auspicious planet Venus represents the wife in a male’s chart. It is of vital importance and represents romantic relationships, love, comfort, luxuries and marital bliss. When placed well, it blesses a native will all the materialistic pleasures and comforts. When placed ill can lead a person to celibacy and solitude. This charming planet brings out the soft feelings and emotions in a person. It draws out the art and creativity of a person. It rules the glamour and fashion ethics therefore is of prior importance to those who are a part and parcel of this industry of art, designing and creativity. The mesmerizing planet brings the opposite attractions, charm and grace in an individual.

The energy of the planet is free-flowing therefore it is best in the watery sign of Pisces, which truly represents the depth and movement of the ocean. It is in a weak position when it enters the analytical sign of Mercury that is Virgo. This transit will take place on 30th October 2021 at 15.56 hours till Venus will move into the next sign, that is, in Capricorn on 8th December 2021 at 12.56 pm. Let us discover the effects of this transit on all twelve zodiac signs.

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The Predictions In This Article Are Based On Moon Signs. Call best astrologers on phone and know in detail about the impact of Venus Transit on your life.


The sign of Venus is opposite to the sign of Mars. It owns the lordship of the second and seventh house for Aries natives. Venus will enter your ninth house in this transit period. At this time, if you are working in an artistic job related to writing or music, then you will be successful. If you are into a business related to jewellery, you will get success at this time. Being in a business, you can get new business prospects and sign-up new deals. You will impress everyone with the gentleness in your speech. You can make some travel plans for leisure at this time where you may develop an interest in learning about different cultures and different people. Your focus may get inclined towards religious activities as well. Your expenditure may increase at this time as you may want to spend your money on your materialistic needs, doing so may impact your budget, so you have to be cautious in this regard. Overall, your family life will be good. There may be some debate with your beloved, in which case, you need to handle it calmly. Student natives will also progress in their studies and will achieve success. This transit period is a good time for the natives in giving competitive exams.


Chant ‘Om Shreem Shriye Namah’ 108 times every day.


Venus is the ruler of Taurus, also it upholds the lordship of the sixth house for Taureans. And it will be transiting in their eighth house. This transit period will bring mixed results for you. You may suffer from health problems at this time, also you will be prone to accidents. You may suffer from cough, cold and fever. You will have to struggle a lot at this time, due to which you will get restless, and will get unnecessarily tense. You will have to work very hard at your workplace, looking at that, your senior management will appreciate your efforts. You may clear out your old loan or debt during this time. You may get benefits from ancestral property or your in-laws. At this time, you may desire to look out for someone outside your relationship or your married life, because of which, you may face issues in your relationship. For the student natives, the subject that you choose for your higher education at this time will take you on the ladder of success. Those who are into occult sciences or mysticism will have a beneficial period since your intuitive powers will increase and your predictive abilities will enhance.


Worship Goddess Lakshmi and offer lotus flowers on Friday.

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Venus is a friendly planet to Mercury and presides over the fifth house and twelfth house of Gemini, it will be transiting from their seventh house during this period. The natives who are single will have good possibilities of getting into a commitment or relationship. Therefore, if you have an eye on anyone then time is favourable to express your feelings to them. The love will be in the air for those who are in a romantic relationship and you can take a step further in your relationship by getting engaged to your dear one. You may go on a long-distance journey or go on a pleasure trip with your partner during this period. Those who are into the partnership business may face some challenges during this time, as your thoughts will not match your associate and this will create discrepancies. Things might get resolved with the involvement of a female during this time. Those who are heading your own business may face some distance with their family members due to their work plans and travelling. Your family life otherwise will be good and you will enjoy some cherishing moments with your dear ones.


Plant a basil tree at your home on Friday and nurture it.


Venus holds the ownership of the fourth house and the eleventh house of Cancer. Venus will transit in your sixth house of debts, diseases and competition during this period. You may face some confrontations with your family members which will deteriorate the peace and happiness of the family. The students who are preparing for the competitive examinations will have a beneficial time, as you will conveniently adapt to the pressure of your studies. This will help you in improving your learning and performance in your exams. You may feel financial pressure or insecurity during this period and will look forward to borrowing money from your dear ones meeting your high expenditures. If planning to take a loan for buying a property or house, the time is favourable to get your loan sanctioned. The employed natives will enjoy a good ambience at their workplace and will find their subordinates to be helpful and cordial with them. Those who are into professional services will also have a favourable period, as you will be able to attract more clients and make better deals during this time. You may face some concerns due to the ill health of your mother.


Donate white ornaments to young girls on Friday.


Venus governs the third house of siblings and the tenth house of the profession for Leo natives. It will transit in the fifth house during this transit period. Those who are into the designing and creative industry will have a favourable period, you will be able to deliver the best of products and services, also you may get increments for your good work. Those who are planning to convert their hobbies and interests into their profession will get good opportunities, therefore this period will be auspicious for them. You will share a good bond with your younger ones and friends, also they will help you and support you during this time period. Those who are in a romantic relationship will have a favourable period, as your dear ones will express their love and concerns deeply with you. You may also go on a short distance trip with your loved ones. This will enhance your love life. The poets, authors and writers will also have a beneficial period, as you will get good and creative ideas to present your work and will also get an appreciation for the same. Your professional life will be comfortable and smooth during this period and you will make good profits from your past deals.


Using lots of perfumes and fragrances every day, especially the sandalwood aroma will bring auspicious results.

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Venus is the lord of the second and the ninth house for Virgo Natives and it will be transiting from their fourth house of domestic comforts, happiness and property. You will have a relaxing and happy time with your family during this period. You will be inclined towards your family and their comforts. Your relationship with the members, especially with your mother will be good during this period. You will also receive assistance and comfort in your personal life because of your loved ones. You may buy an asset during this time, also there are bright chances to purchase a vehicle. Those who are working from home will have a favourable period, you will get acknowledgement and appraisal for your hard work. Those who are into family business will also have an auspicious period, your business will flourish and you will spend a lot on buying luxuries products for your home. The students who are into higher studies will have a beneficial period, you will attain knowledge and some quick learning tips from your tutors. The designing studies will also have a favourable period, as your creative and innovative ideas and projects will get commending remarks and you will make a name for yourself in your respective group or batch


Chant ‘Om Shukraya Namah’ 108 times a day.


Venus owns the lordship of Libra, also it presides over the eighth house. It will be placed in the third house during this transit period. You will be full of love and compassion during this period and will make efforts to keep your surroundings happy. You will have a strong inclination towards your younger siblings, they will in return be very loving and caring towards you. You may also have some financial gain with their help. You may visit some art gallery or a place with good architecture during this period with your friends and acquaintances. You may also visit some romantic place with your loved ones. You will make your best possible efforts to make your partner happy with gifts and gestures. Time is not favourable to make any long term investments. The employed natives may get a transfer during this period, or you may change your job which will result in moving to a different location. Your religious and spiritual inclinations will increase and you will have a keen interest in knowing about mythology and learning scriptures. You will share a cordial relation with your father and maternal uncles, you may also plan a trip with them or visit them during this period.


Donate white coloured food items to needy people on Friday.


Venus governs the twelfth house and the seventh house of Scorpio. It will be in the second house of accumulated wealth and possessions for Scorpio natives. Your expenditure will be quite high and you will spend on luxuries products for your home. You will also spend on buying expensive gifts for your family. Those who are into business with overseas clients will have a beneficial period, you will witness a potent increase in your income. The married natives will share a healthy relationship with their spouse, also your partner will fulfil all the household responsibilities well during this period. This will make you more inclined towards your spouse. Also, if your partner is working then they will gain from their investments during this period. You will be sweet in your speech, which will be appreciated by people around you. Those who are into fine arts and music will have a favourable period, your ideas will be commending and you will earn a good reputation due to the same. You will receive gifts and possessions from your dear ones during this period. Your taste buds will be too refined and you will have an inclination towards relishing new dishes.


Light an oil burner with jasmine, rose or sandalwood aroma every evening.

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Venus rules the sixth house and eleventh house of Sagittarius and it will be transiting in the first house during this transit period. This is not a very favourable placement for Sagittarius natives. You may suffer from health concerns of and on during this period. You should look upto your friends and relatives for support and medical aid. You should follow a good exercise routine to keep yourself fit. Also, you are advised to take a healthy and balanced diet. The females may face some hormonal imbalance during this period. Your enemies will be overpowering therefore you need to be cautious during this period. On the professional front, the business owners may face tough competition and challenges from their competitors. Those who are employed will have a better time, as you will have a good ambience at your workplace and your teammates will coordinate with you on your projects. The freshers looking for a job will have a potent time, as you will get good job offers. You will make new friends, especially with the opposite sex and they will assist you in your professional life. The students who are preparing for competitive exams will have a favourable time and you will be confident for taking the exams.


Grow white flowers at your home on Friday and nurture them.


Venus governs the fifth house and the tenth house of Capricorn At this time, the planet Venus will be in the twelfth house for the natives of Capricorn. At this time, you may be spending a lot, which can impact your economic life, but you will do your best to manage your financial health. The students will have to work very hard, as you might not be able to concentrate on your studies. However, for those who wish to study abroad for their higher education, their wish may come true at this time. While making or negotiating over a new business deal, you need to be cautious; otherwise, you may have to bear losses. You may get lethargic at this time, and it is recommended that you incorporate some exercise into your daily routine. You may get inclined towards religious and spiritual activities at this time. You may get a chance to travel and work abroad at this time. You will desire to help people in need at this time, and you will try to put your positive efforts here. For the married natives, your partner may suffer from some health problems, for which you need to take care of their health.


Keep a piece of silver in your wallet every day.


Venus is a favourable planet for Aquarius natives and it rules over the fourth and the ninth house of Aquarius. At this time, Venus will be in the eleventh house for the Aquarius ascendants. Luck will be in your favour at this time. You will get support from your mother. This is a good time if you wish to invest in land or property. You will get inclined towards religious activities at this time. You will get a chance to enjoy delicious food at this time. You may spend on yourself and your partner on items that will help you in self-grooming. This transit period can also be considered as a good one for the student natives; you will get the results of your efforts. You will be focused and will be open to learning new things in your studies. For the married natives, this time can be considered as an auspicious one; there will be harmony and happiness in your married life. You will build up a good social circle, and people will love to be around you. You will do good at your workplace, for which your efforts will be appreciated, and you may even get a promotion at this time.


Worship Goddess Lakshmi and offer lotus flowers on Friday.


Venus governs the lordship of the third and eighth house of Pisces. At this time, Venus will be posited in the tenth house of Pisces natives. You will get full support from your brother during this time, and you will have good relations with your parents. Your daily routine will be good, or you feel motivated to improve it. At this time, you can also plan to invest in land or property. You will be full of might and courage and will get fame in your society at this time. At your workplace, you will have to work very hard to get some success. If you are a teacher, then this time will be auspicious for you career-wise. If you are searching for a job or looking out for a job change, then you can find one at this time. Those who are looking forward to transferring to their job will have a favourable time. If you are into a business, you can sign new deals or get new leads with your social circle's help. Also, there will be a travel plan for the promotion of your business during this period. In terms of your married life, you need to keep calm and not lose your temper.


Wear cream or pink coloured clothes on Fridays.

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