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Venus Transit in Pisces (27 April, 2022)

Know the accurate timing of Venus Transit in Pisces (27 April, 2022) and find out how life-changing can this transit turn out to be for the natives of 12 zodiac signs. Venus is the planet that rules over luxuries of life, enjoyment and fun of life, creativity, love, marriage, and passion. The single natives might want to get married and might look for suitable partners. Spirituality will become the ultimate source of all solutions during this phase. People in art and creativity will prosper during this phase and will be at their highest stage in terms of creative insight. In Vedic Astrology, Venus has dual lordship on Libra and Taurus. As a result, Venus rules over two main aspects of our life: love and worldly pleasure.

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Venus Transit in Pisces: Timing

Venus will move into the sign of Pisces on April 27, 2022, Wednesday at 06:06 PM. The transit of this planet in the sign of Pisces stands for creativity, admiration, soul, luxurious things, inborn talents, and business. All kinds of limitations will be minimised during this phase.

As we all know, Venus gets exalted in the sign of Pisces so that it may provide favourable results to the people during this transit. The 12th sign of the zodiac sign, Pisces, indicates the spiritual journeys, foreign gains, associations and expenditures. So the Venus transit in the Pisces sign will help you be more inclined towards spirituality and enhance your true knowledge by connecting to your inner-self. Besides this, you will also be inclined on doing expenditures on comforts & luxury in this period. People will love to spend good quality time with family members and enjoy their romantic life during this transit. However, not being able to make the correct decision may create some confusion and a block in achieving your actual goal; hence it is advised to stay focused and motivated.

हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें: शुक्र का मीन राशि में गोचर, 27 अप्रैल 2022

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Learn what the impact of Venus Transit in Pisces is going to have on your respective zodiac sign:


For the Aries Moon sign, Venus rules the second house of family and seventh house of marriage, spouse and business partnerships. It will transit in your twelfth house of foreign gains and expenditure during its movement from Aquarius to Pisces Moon sign. Financially, there might be some problems as many expenses will be done on materialistic things that will bring happiness, but you still need to check your finances. Professionally, this period will be fruitful for you as there can be promotions or hikes during this period. Natives in business will make a good profit, and you can get some foreign opportunities as well. In personal relation, this transit will prove promising for the native as the relationship will bloom and love will be in the air, your partner will be happy, and you will spend good moments together. Healthwise, some stress and mental worries may disturb you, so try to keep a balanced diet and exercise regularly to stay fit.

Remedy: Chant Venus beej mantra “ॐ शुं शुक्राय नम:।”

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For Taurus natives, Venus rules the first house and 6th house and will be transiting in the 11th house of income, desire and gain. During this period, professionally, your aspirations and ambitions will be very high, and you will be a profit-oriented individual. All the aims will be fulfilled as far as your career goals are concerned, which will bring mental peace and satisfaction. Financially, this period will be favourable for you as you can expect increment, a promotion at the workplace, and make sound investments during this period. Businessmen will see huge profits during this period. In personal life, Natives in a relationship will see a period full of romance and intimacy, and you will spend some quality time with your partner. Natives who are married will also see a favourable time period. Healthwise, you will see an improvement if you are suffering from any prolonged ailment.

Remedy: Visit Vishnu lakshmi temple every Friday.

Taurus Weekly Horoscope


For the Gemini moon sign, Venus is the lord of the fifth and 12th house and is transiting through the 10th house of career, profession, name and fame. This period is a good time For your career as it ensures a good gain through foreign sources and you might also get good job opportunities, promotion, reward and recognition during this transit. It is advised to use analysing ability and intelligence to present yourself better on the professional front. Financially you will attain good wealth during this period and investment done in the past will yield you profits. You will have positivity, compassion, and romance in your personal life, and you will love your partner unconditionally. There are also possibilities that you can plan a vacation with your partner. For married natives, this might be a reasonable period for your children's success. Healthwise, You might face some mental stress and anxiety, and hence it is advised not to overthink as it might hinder constructive actions.

Remedy: It is favourable to take bath with curd daily.

Gemini Weekly Horoscope

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For cancer natives, Venus is the lord of the fourth and 11th house and is transiting in the ninth house of fortune, luck and religion. During this period professionally it will give you favourable results as during this period your creativity will be very high, and you will be inclined towards improving your knowledge. You might also get a raise in your salary or promotion. Financially, there are chances of buying a new property far away from the native place. Businessmen will make a good profit during this period. In personal life, you may find a guru or a motivator who will help you show the right path. This might be an excellent period to strengthen your bond with your father. If you plan to undertake a long-distance trip with your family, this is an ideal period for it. Native who are in love will enjoy this period as their mutual understanding and bonding will increase. Healthwise, You will remain fit and healthy.

Remedy: Wear clothes which are white and bright.

Cancer Weekly Horoscope


For Leo natives, Venus is the lord of the third and 10th house, and it will be transiting in the eighth house of the occult, transformation, sudden loss/gain and longevity. Professionally, the natives may face a bit of a challenging period during this time as they may face some difficulty in the professional sphere. You might have to face some setbacks in your career; hence, you must be cautious and responsible during this period. During this period, you might be inclined towards occult science. Financially, your expenses may be a little high during this period, which might be a problem for you. Married natives may see average time in personal life, but they will surely benefit from their in-laws. Healthwise, you are advised to take precautions regarding your health, especially your abdomen region and eyes.

Remedy: Respect your partner/spouse.

Leo Weekly Horoscope


For Virgo native Venus is the lord of the second and ninth house and is transiting in the seventh house of marriage, partnership and vocation. During this period, you will be able to earn good profits in your business, it is the best time to build a strong bond with your business partner. The journey will be a success, and it is a perfect time for travel. Recognition and fame are on the chart as well. Financially, during this period, natives in business might invest a considerable amount, and for other natives, your income might get spent on your spouse or a trip. In personal life, long time issues in your married life will get reduced in this period and will create a good bond. Your charm will be all around, and people will get attracted to you due to your magnetic personality. Healthwise, this will be a reasonable period for you, and you will be fit and healthy physically and mentally.

Remedy: Attain blessings of Venus by worshipping Goddess Lakshmi.

Virgo Weekly horoscope


For Libra natives, Venus is the lord of the first and eight houses and transits through the sixth house of Debt, enemies and daily wages. It will be an average period for the native during this transit professionally, as success does not come very easy. It will involve a lot of effort, patience and focus. It is advised that you should put in all your skills and do proper planning to attain maximum benefit out of any project. It is also advised not to indulge in any conflict or fight at work, or it might create obstacles for you. Promotions may get delayed in this period, so have patience and do not expect immediate results. Financially your expenses may increase, and your income might get spent on property-related land issues. In your personal life, your relationships are likely to remain smooth without any hurdles or obstacles. Healthwise, you have to take proper care of your health as there will be too much stress which will impact your schedule and diet. This, in turn, will cause a problem in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Remedy: Maintain good character to achieve favourable results from Venus.

Libra Weekly Horoscope


For the Scorpio moon sign, Venus is the lord of the 12th and seventh house and transits in the fifth house of education, children and intellect. During this period, you will see good growth, and there are chances of promotion and increment as well—students who want to apply for foreign universities may do so. For your career, it is advised to use your intelligence in this period without getting indecisive. This is an outstanding period for getting success and growth for an opportunity. Financially this period is going to be average for the native. It is advised to avoid any speculative activity. In personal life the relationship will become stronger, and fights and misunderstanding will vanish during this transit. Love will be present in the lives of Scorpio natives. Married natives There may be good news regarding childbirth. Healthwise, this period will bring health and mental health, but it is still advised to maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly.

Remedy: Offer sweets to little girls or widowed women.

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

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As per the Sagittarius sign, Venus is the lord of the sixth and 11th house and transits through your fourth house of mother, comfort and happiness. During this period, the native will get favourable results professionally. The native will enjoy their career and will perform better and will bear good results. Financially, this period will positively impact the enjoyment of luxuries and comfort, and there is also a chance of purchasing a new vehicle. Sagittarius natives may also get the renovation done at home. You will be more willing to spend time with your family and friends in your personal life, and you will be hosting a small get together. You will have a very good relationship with your spouse, and you can expect some good moments with them too. Healthwise, you will feel fit and healthy throughout this transit.

Remedy: Keep fast on every Friday.

Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope


For the Capricorn sign, Venus is the lord of the fifth and 10th house and transits through your third house of a sibling, communication, short trips and desire. During this period professionally you need to maintain good relations with your colleagues as this might help you get a promotion in the near future. Financially during this period, you may become a spendthrift, but at the same time, fortune will favour you, and the right decision will do wonders for you in terms of finances. In your personal life, you will be strengthening your relationship with your near and dear ones. There will be gains through your kids, and you are likely to spend quality time with your partner by planning a short trip or a vacation. Healthwise, you will be healthy, and you will have a good time during this transit.

Remedy: Wear gemstones such as diamonds, opal, white topaz, etc to get positive results from Venus.

Capricorn Weekly Horoscope


For Aquarius' sign, Venus is the lord of the fourth and ninth house and will be transiting in the second house of family, wealth and speech. During this transit, your professionally native will have a perfect time career-wise and see growth in your career. Fortune will pave the way for your success. Financially your expenses will be high, and you may spend on your family needs during this time. But, at the same time, you will also be investing money for long term gains; you will also see an increase in your comfort and luxuries. In your personal life, you will have a very strong relationship with your father during this period. Single natives will see a favourable period for love and romance, and you will get a lot of support from the female members of your household. You will also be planning to get together with your relatives. Healthwise, you will be of sound health. Just keep a regular check on your dental health and eye care to avoid any problems.

Remedy: Donate dotted clothes, Silver, Rice in temple.

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope


As for Pisces natives, Venus is the lord of the third and eighth houses and is transiting in the first house of self, character and personality. Professionally, during this period, the native will do wonders in business and earn substantial profit and returns. The native will be interested in research, occult and may be benefited from this area. You have to be very positive in your career, and with your artistic calibre and creativity, you can influence anybody during this transit. Financially, you will be spending on yourself and maybe improve your overall health. Overall the position will remain stable, and a steady flow of cash is predicted. In personal life, because of the exalted Venus in the Lagne, your confidence will be very high, and you will be able to impress the opposite gender in no time; it is a favourable period for those who are looking to take the relationship to the next level. The married couple's bond will get stronger due to the aspect of VenusVenus in the seventh house, and they will cherish the moment and old memories together. Healthwise, you may suffer from minor physical ailments; hence, you have to focus on your health and regularly improve your diet and exercise to stay fit.

Remedy: Feed Cows with wheat flour and sugar.

Pisces Weekly Horoscope

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