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Venus Transit In Pisces (15th February, 2023)

Venus Transit In Pisces (15 February, 2023) will occur at 07:43 pm. Venus will stay in Pisces until March 12, when it will change signs and head to Aries. This is a highly auspicious transit since Venus is the bestower of all kinds of physical pleasures and it is in its exalted state in Pisces, therefore a planet like Venus in its exalted state offers all kinds of luxuries. The transit of Venus in Pisces is particularly important in Vedic astrology because the transit of the demonic planet Venus in the zodiac sign of the god Jupiter, and both planets being full of wisdom, also offers excellent outcomes to the native.

Venus Transit In Pisces on 15 February, 2023!

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The transit of Venus is for a short time in Vedic astrology, and it changes signs in roughly 23 days. It is known as the morning star because it is an extremely bright planet. Venus rules two zodiac signs, the first of which is Taurus and the second of which is Libra. It is believed to be in its debilitated state in Virgo and its exalted state in Pisces, and now Venus will transit in its exalted state in Pisces, affecting all living beings. So, let's know when Venus will Transit In Pisces, and how will it affect your zodiac sign?

Venus has long been associated with pleasure-luxuries, automobiles, happiness-wealth, affluence, opulence, and so on. There is love in the life of the person whose horoscope is in good condition. Individuals are attracted to him. All of his needs are met, and he is also Lakshmi Van. People with a weak Venus in their horoscope, on the other hand, have to deal with sexual debility, disparities in interpersonal connections, tension and troubles in love partnerships, and that person runs around for pleasure. With the grace of Venus natives also receive a blessing of wealth.

The Predictions In This Article Are Based On Moon Signs. Call the best astrologers on the phone and know in detail about the impact of Venus Transit In Pisces on your life.

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Venus rules the second and seventh houses for Aries people, and when Venus transits Pisces, it will enter your twelfth house.

The transit of Venus in the twelfth house will undoubtedly increase your expenses, but it will also provide you with enough money to cover your bills. One thing to remember here is to avoid spending money unnecessarily. You must resist the practice of wasting money, or else your financial load will grow later. This time will be spent on purchasing your comforts and satisfying your wishes. You will triumph over your opponents. This transit will help you in your professional life. If you continue to eat unbalanced foods, you might experience health issues.

Remedy: On Friday, visit Lakshmi ji's shrine and light a lamp of Desi Ghee.


Venus is your zodiac lord as well as your sixth house lord, and when Venus transits in Pisces, it will enter your eleventh house.

The Venus Transit In Aquarius in the eleventh house will result in a significant boost in your earnings. Your wishes will be granted, and the chores that were before impeded will now begin to be performed gradually, and you will benefit financially from them. During this time, you will also concentrate on purchasing a new automobile and you could be successful. This period will be a development factor for love affairs, with love and romanticism increasing in your relationships as they evolve. Children will provide happy news to married individuals. If you are a student, you will achieve good academic performance and your mind will be ready to learn. You might get a raise at work. This transit will also be beneficial to business.

Remedy: On a Friday during the Shukla Paksha, you should wear an Opal gemstone in a silver ring on your ring finger.


When it comes to Geminis, Venus rules your twelfth and fifth houses, and the Venus Transit In Pisces will take place in your tenth.

Jupiter, the lord of the zodiac, will already be placed in your tenth house when Venus enters it. This Venus transit could cause some issues at work. You could be bothered by the habit of boasting, and the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter might make you arrogant, causing you to forget that you are not only the best and let down those around you, causing you issues. Workplace gossip should be avoided at all costs. If you pay attention to your work, then only you will be able to perform well. Your personal life will be filled with joy. There will be fulfillment in family life. You will spend money on house decoration. Love partnerships might have ups and downs. You could fall in love with someone at work.

Remedy: On Thursdays and Fridays, make flour dough and feed it to a brown-colored cow.

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Venus rules the fourth and eleventh houses for Cancerians, and its Venus Transit In Pisces will be in the ninth house from your zodiac sign.

There will be an increase in fortune as a result of Venus's transit through the house of fortune and the presence of Jupiter, the ruler of the house of fortune. Your issues will be alleviated. You will receive unexpected funds. If any work has been stalled for a long period owing to a lack of funds, it will be done immediately. If you're lucky, you'll be overjoyed. You can also succeed in changing jobs because there are many opportunities available at this moment. Your mind will become more involved in religious activities, and you will be able to join any religious organization. You will be treated with honor and respect. This is also a fantastic time for siblings. You will also spend time with pals, and joy will enter your life.

Remedy: You should chant Shri Siddha Kunjika Stotram on Friday.


The Venus Transit In Pisces will be in the eighth house of the Leo zodiac. This is the lord of the third and tenth houses for you.

The transit of Venus in the eighth house can bring you unexpected financial advantages. You could obtain more money than you expected. During this period, you may also see good returns on previous investments, and your financial situation may improve. Your mind will be engaged in religious issues. This period will be fruitful in terms of deep research effort. There can be a wedding or the birth of a child in your in-laws' house, and you will have the opportunity to attend. You will endeavor to bring unity between the members on your in-laws' side and the members on your family's side, and you will be pretty successful. There will be opportunities for corporate growth. A little medical attention might be required. There could be some ups and downs at work, but there will be no significant issues. This period will be helpful in fulfilling your hidden desires.

Remedy: On Friday, you should seek blessings of little girls by touching their feet.

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Venus rules the 2nd and 9th houses for Virgos, and Venus Transit In Pisces will occur in the 7th house from your zodiac sign.

With Venus in the seventh house, your marital life will be full of wonderful times. The bond between you and your spouse will grow stronger. Old distances will be closed. If there was any issue, it will be resolved. You'll both be pleased. They will complete all of their tasks together. If you undertake any business or work in the name of your spouse, you will be successful during this time. There will be an upsurge in business. You can also go for a walk with your spouse. Job advancement is possible. Health will improve. People will be attracted to you because your personality will flourish.

Remedy: You should chant Sri Suktam on Friday.


Venus Transit In Pisces will occur in Libra's sixth house. Venus rules both your zodiac and your ninth house.

Venus exaltation in the sixth house will provide you an advantage over your opponents while also increasing your expenses. There is a chance that your expenses might skyrocket. To satisfy the mind's desires, some effort will be required. The job situation will be favorable. You might seem concerned about business, but there is no need to be. There may be the opportunity to travel abroad. There will be opportunities to invest money into companies. It is expected that you will take care of your health during this time because a severe health problem might arise. If you already have diabetes, the condition can take hold during this time, so be cautious.

Remedy: On Friday, you should offer a red hibiscus flower to Goddess Mahalakshmi.


Venus rules the seventh and twelfth houses for Scorpios, and now it is transiting your fifth house.

This Venus Transit will strengthen your love partnership. If you are still single, a particular person might enter your life at this time, and your relationship with them will strengthen. If you are already in a relationship, it will improve. In the partnership, the sum of love and romance will be formed. There could be discussions about your marriage and you can have a love marriage. This transit will improve your earnings. You can also study overseas. Students will achieve excellent academic results. Your effort will be rewarded. Love will also become stronger with a life mate. The chances of having a child will rise. This period will bring you joy.

Remedy: You should prepare rice Kheer on Friday and offer it to the Goddess as Bhog and consume it as Prasad.

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Venus is the lord of the sixth and eleventh houses for Sagittarius, and Venus Transit In Pisces will be in the fourth house from your zodiac sign.

Your comforts and fame will improve as a result of this transit. There can be an opportunity to purchase new vehicles as well as you might own a real estate. There is a possibility that an event in your family will continue the arrival of relatives and create a festive atmosphere in the house. During this time, it will be vital to pay attention to your mother's health, as her health could deteriorate. You might also spend money on furniture and decorating for your home. You will not hold back in meeting the needs of the house and can provide any form of comfort. You will devote your full focus to your work life as well as your family, attempting to establish a balance between the two.

Remedy: On Friday, you should apply white Sandalwood paste on Shivling.


Venus, being the lord of the fifth and tenth houses, becomes a Yogic planet for Capricorns. Venus Transit In Pisces will happen in the third house of your zodiac sign.

During this transit, you will spend time with your pals. You will have a good time with them. You will spend a lot of money. Short-distance travel will be more common, which will bring happiness. Will get the opportunity to meet relatives. You might also plan a trip with your spouse. You will have support from your colleagues, and your relationship with them will be solid, and they will assist you with your task. This is a terrific time for business, and there will be development. Your siblings will also benefit from this transit and they will also progress.

Remedy: On a Friday during the Shukla Paksha, wear the best quality Opal stone in a silver ring on the ring finger.


Aquarius is ruled by Saturn, and Venus, as the lord of the fourth and ninth houses, is a benefic planet for this sign, and the Venus Transit In Pisces will be in the second house from your zodiac sign.

You will get the opportunity to eat wonderful, gorgeous, savory, and mind-blowing delicacies as a result of Venus's transit. You will have the opportunity to attend parties and events. You will make new friends. Family life will become more comfortable. Mutual harmony will prevail, but you must take care that your pride does not come out in your words, or else people will judge you negatively. Overeating or eating an imbalanced diet in search of delicious foods might lead to health issues. You could be bothered by toothache or mouth ulcers. This is a good opportunity to advance your career. Property sales and purchases will generate profit. Long journeys will provide opportunities for monetary benefit. The bank balance will rise. A marriage, a family function, or the birth of a child may happen.

Remedy: On Fridays, you should feed white sweets to little girls aged 2 to 10 and ask blessings by touching their feet.


For Pisceans, Venus rules the third and eighth houses. Venus Transit In Pisces will occur in your own zodiac sign, i.e. in your first house.

You will notice a change in your temperament and demeanor as a result of Venus's transit. Your speech will become sweeter and more gentle because of it people will be attracted to you after hearing your conversation. People will look up to your personality. Also, this transit will positively impact your health, as the health, which had been deteriorating, will now begin to improve. Including this, chronic diseases will decline. This transit will also be quite beneficial to your marital life. Your intimate relationship with your spouse will get stronger. There will be opportunities for corporate growth. Your business will grow, and your plans to expand will be successful. If you desire to establish a new business at this time, you can do it and you will succeed.

Remedy: On Friday you should chant Sri Mahalakshmi Mantra.

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