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Venus Transit in Aries Brings Many Changes (29 Feb, 2020)

Venus is usually given the status of a beneficial planet and its position is specially taken into account while making calculations about one’s materialistic pursuits and love relations. Naturally, the planet’s transit occupies a quite significant place in the realm of Vedic astrology, as it brings a significant amount of changes in the lives of all kinds of natives.

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If we talk about this particular transit, then the significator of love and materialistic pleasures, will enter the zodiac sign Aries on 29 February, Saturday at 01:31 AM in the morning. The same zodiac, Aries comes under the governance of Mars. According to Vedic astrology, the influence of the transit of Venus will be seen on all the twelve zodiac signs as Aries is determined by the fire element and is quite different from the nature of Venus. Let us now know how the transit of Venus in Aries will be significant for all the 12 zodiac signs.

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For the first sign of the zodiac circle Aries, Venus happens to be the ruling lord of your second and seventh houses and its transit will take place in your first house, which is why you will remain under the optimum influence of this planetary movement. When the significator of love, Venus remains posited in your ascendant house, your personality becomes more charming which will keep you elated. You will also nurture feelings of sympathy and affection towards your peers. This transit will also positively impact your marital life and intimate relations between the two of you will increase rapidly. Consequently, you will be seen making the most of your conjugal life in this transit duration. This time period will also be quite beneficial for those who are involved in business ventures. You will be seen using up your monetary resources for the improvement of your personality. Family members will provide you assistance on the economic front and also help you to accomplish many other things. There are also possibilities of you purchasing a new gadget. During this while, you may follow a strict diet routine, thereby consuming a balanced and nutritious diet most of the time. You will be seen taking the necessary measures to bring changes and most importantly positive ones to your personality. Monetary resources will be spent for your interests, which will enable you to stand out in the crowd. Along with your societal stature and reputation, your self confidence will also increase because of this transit. However, some natives may also develop certain egoistic traits, which may generate some dangerous repercussions.

Remedy : You should seek blessings from small girls by touching their feet everyday and distribute white coloured sweets on Friday.


The planet Venus is the ruling Lord of your sixth as well as your ascendant house. Zodiac lord’s transit is capable of garnering specialised results, which is why this transit will prove to be very crucial for you. During its stay in Aries zodiac, Venus will move through your twelfth house, which stands for various expenses and losses taking place in your life. However, when the planet Venus takes house in this particular bhava, you may get opportunities to enjoy various materialistic comforts and pleasures. But at the same time, they will also procure a commendable amount of economic resources. The good thing is it will also stabilize the inflow of your income, which will make you capable of bearing those expenses. In such a situation, some natives belonging to this zodiac sign can also visit a foreign country to enjoy the holiday season. A new gadget may be purchased at your house. It can either be an Appliance or a Mobile phone. Consequently, expenses will remain on the higher side. The time duration is also not quite favourable for legal proceedings and court cases. So, try to maintain distance from such matters. Health may remain in low spirits, which is why you are recommended to take special care of your well being. An unnecessary and unwanted trip may also use up some of your finances. You will also be seen making expenses with regards to religious activities. If you are interested in competitive exams, then extreme diligence and hard work is required on your part. At the same time, you may also get the opportunity of serving an honorable post, at a somewhat distant location

Remedy : start chanting Goddess Mahalakshmi Mantra "oṃ śrīṃ mahālakṣmyai namaḥ"/ "ॐ श्रीं महालक्ष्म्यै नमः" from Friday onwards and make it a regular practice.


For the zodiac sign Gemini, the morning star Venus is the ruling Lord of the fifth and twelfth house. During its transit duration,the planet’s presence will be witnessed in your eleventh house. Under the endowment of Venus, you will remain at the receiving end of rewards, which are economic in nature. Also, money will flow into your hands very easily. Prospects will also get created for you to acquire monetary resources through foreign connections. Relations with senior officials at the workplace will improve. If you happen to be a student, then you will acquire outstanding results in the academic field. You will also be seen achieving milestones in the creative field. Your interest in artistic activities will also beget financial rewards for you. If you are married, then you will witness the prosperity of your children and they will remain happy consequently. Meanwhile, your children will pave the way for economic profits or may their hands on such an achievement, which will make you proud. Not only this, you will also acquire economic resources from foreign connections which will contribute to the strengthening of economic conditions. At the workplace, your relations with coworkers and senior officials will improve, because of which multi folded benefits will flow into your life. You will also be seen taking interest in certain artistic activities which will increase your financial condition and also help you to gain recognition in the society. In the duration of this transit, you may also get associated with an institution which deals with art and culture primarily.

Remedy : You should make rice porridge on Friday and offer it to Goddess Durga and then have it yourself.


For the sign registered under the zodiac circle, the planet Venus is the ruling Lord of your fourth and eleventh houses. During its stay in Aries, the evening star will move through your tenth house and henceforth bring many changes to your life. The tenth house is taken into account as the house of “Karm” or profession. Due to the presence of the evening star in this house, you may come into terms with certain ups and downs at your workplace. Your attention may get divided at the workplace and you may lose focus, because of which various problems can crop up. Maintain decent behaviour and remain in talking terms with everyone. On a positive note, this transit will have a beneficial impact on your domestic life. The members of the household will nurture feelings of love and affection towards one another. Your family members may also purchase a new vehicle which will keep them in their happy space. You will try to prove yourself as an ideal person. Also, some ordinary results on the economic front will be received. Some natives may also make investments with regards to their business and take trips to fulfill their work requirements, which will pave the way for long term benefits. It would be beneficial if you behave cordially with your female colleagues at the workplace. They will play a significant role in taking you forward professionally. As a result, you will be able to focus at work and your performance will improve significantly. Also, it is recommended to stay away from unnecessary debates and arguments, so as to safeguard yourself from various problems.

Remedy : You should offer gram lentils and jaggery(gud) to a Banana tree.


The planet Venus is the ruling lord of the third and eleventh houses for Leo natives. During its stay in the Aries zodiac sign, this evening star will move through your ninth house, which is also known as the house of luck and fortune. During this particular transit, Venus will be seen occupying the twelfth position from its own house, because of which there are strong chances of you receiving a transfer order. The good thing is, this transfer will prove to be quite beneficial for your professional life. Aslo, you will remain at the receiving end of unlimited profits and benefits. There are chances of you visiting a scenic place and making the most of this duration. A family picnic is also on the cards. Travel expeditions will prove to be beneficial. Apart from this, those who are associated with Industries like Glamour, Media and Acting will acquire a huge amount of profits. Also, your efforts will bring an increment to your fortunes. Not only this, your colleagues will be seen supporting you in an unconditional manner, and you will earn recognition for your work. In this transit duration, your repetition and stature will also increase and you will be able to establish yourself well in the society. Younger siblings will make profits on account of this transit and they will be seen making gradual progress in life. If auspicious yogas in their respective Kundlis permit, then there are also chances of a certain sibling getting married during this while. With regards to business, you will obtain satisfactory results. You will also be busy making contributions to the success of your siblings.

Remedy : You should chant "oṃ mahālakṣmyai namaḥ"/"ॐ महालक्ष्म्यै नमः" on a Sphatik Mala/Rosary.


For the natives of Virgo, Venus is the ruling lord of your second and ninth houses. During this transit duration, the morning star will move to your eighth house, which represents the uncertainties and sudden events which are yet to grace your life. When the planet Venus changes places, your expenses may increase rapidly. You may also prefer to spend money in a secretive manner in this transit duration. The health of your mentors or mentor like personalities may deteriorate. If your father has aged, then his health may also remain in low spirits. Fortunes may decrease to some extent, because of which you may encounter hurdles in getting things done. However, you will keep receiving the companionship of comforts and luxuries. You may also earn some monetary resources in unexpected manner and they will contribute towards your economic strength. On the mental front, you may remain somewhat tensed. There are also chances of you availing profits from your in laws. Meanwhile, some natives may also take part in a function hosted by their in laws. You will also get to enjoy scrumptious delicacies. But it should be kept in mind that overeating may lead to diseases. Those who are associated with esoteric activities and Sciences will obtain prosperous results and also be seen spending money in some secretive activities and they will contribute towards your well being.

Remedy : To get favorable results of the planet Venus, you should seek the blessings of little girls while touching their feet.


For your zodiac sign the planet Venus plays an extremely crucial role because apart from being the ruling Lord of your eighth house, it also has a governing power over your sign that is your ascendant house. Since it is the ruling Lord of your first house this transit will prove to be quite influential for the natives register under the sign. During the transit of Venus in Aries, this particular planet will move to your seventh house which stands for long term partnership ventures. Under the influence of this transit, love and affection will prevail over your marital life and there will be a rapid increase in the establishment of intimate relationships between the both of you. Some extra marital relations may also get developed, which is why you should not cross the boundaries and always remain faithful to your partner. This can not only create fights between the both of you, but also tear your relationship apart. Also, an increment in the sensual traits in you may generate problems for you. Hence, it is recommended to take care of it. Also, during this while there are chances of you availing tremendous amounts of profits from your business ventures. If you have been suffering from any health problems, then you will be granted relief from them. You will also be granted freedom from any chronic disease, in case you have been suffering from any. Relations with business partners will improve and its positive impact will be seen on your business.

Remedy : You should install a Shukra Yantra or wear gemstones associated with Venus.


For your zodiac sign, Venus is the ruling lord of your seventh and twelfth houses. During its stay in Aries, the bright morning star will be moving through your sixth house. Now, the transit of Venus into your sixth house will not prove to be much favourable for you, which is why you should remain careful. Under the influence of this transit, there will be a rapid increase in your expenses on the one hand, while on the other your rivals may make attempts to prevail over you and paint tints on your reputation. Considering all of these, you are advised to remain careful. It would be necessary to behave cordially with women as problems may follow shortly, otherwise. Life partner's health may remain in low spirits. If he/she is a working professional, then work-related trips may be taken. Due to Poor health conditions physical energy will lessen day by day. However, when it comes to your professional life, this transit may prove to be quite beneficial. Your efforts will gain momentum. Some natives belonging to this sign may also be able to repay an old loan. The duration is not favourable for legal proceedings. Professionally, good results will grace you and you may be provided certain opportunities to climb the ladder of success. These unexpected prospects will help you to set foot on the path of prosperity.

Remedy : You should donate sugar on Fridays, during this transit duration.


For the natives belonging to the ninth sign registered under the zodiac circle, the planet Venus happens to the ruling Lord of your sixth and eleventh houses. During its transitory motion, the morning star will be seen taking house in your fifth house, which can be taken into account as the significator of intelligence, love and children. Under the influence of this transit, your love life will flourish. The bond between you and your beloved will improve. There will be an increased intimacy between the two of you. Also due to an increased attraction, your relationship will get strengthened. Apart from this, you will also acquire positive outcomes with regards to the field of academics. Overall, it can be said that your hard work will bear the fruits of success. Those who are married will come into terms with happiness because of their children. Those who are in a debt trapped will be able to repay their loans in a partial manner. However professional natives may encounter some challenges, which is why the thought of switching jobs may cross their mind. If we talk about one's business prospects, then positive results will follow this transit. However, you should keep a tab on your irregular expenses as this spendthrift behaviour of yours may be the reason for your economic downfall. Any loan taken in the past will be repaid successfully.

Remedy : You should offer Akshat to Shivalinga on Friday.


For Capricorn natives, the morning star Venus is the ruling Lord of your fifth and tenth houses and during its stay in Aries, the concerned planet will move to your fourth house. Venus plays the role of a Yogakaraka planet for you, which is why its transit transit has some crucial results in store for you. Under the influence of this planetary movement, peace and serenity will be a part of your domestic life. Blissful harmony will be seen in the atmosphere of your household and family members will nurture feelings of affection towards each other. There are also chances of you purchasing a new gadget in this duration. Some natives of this sign may also pay special attention towards decorating their house. Domestic expenses will increase rapidly but they will also increase the societal stature of your family. In this transit duration, you may also earn reputation and recognition on the professional front as compared to before. Your performance at the workplace will also increase. Your children will be the reason for your happiness and their education will be of great help for you. Those who are associated with creative fields may acquire unlimited profits. Family members will come forward to support you. During this while, you will be seen making efforts to bring improvements to your personality and try to stand out in the crowd. Your mother will also remain quite elated and make contributions to your list of good bargains.

Remedy : You should worship Lord Ganesha regularly and offer him Durva everyday.


For the zodiac sign Aquarius, the planet Venus happens to be a Yogakaraka planet and it is the ruling Lord of your fourth and ninth houses. For the same reason, the transit of Venus into your third house will bring some crucial changes to your life. Under the influence of the planetary movement, most of your time will be spent in undertaking journeys which will prove to be quite comfortable and relaxing. Your reputation will increase in society. Fortunes will also rapidly improve which will get most of your tasks done. Projects which have been on hold for a very long time will also get accomplished and this will make a positive contribution to your mental state. You will be granted freedom from stress and rewards will be obtained which are economic in nature. During the stay of Venus in Aries zodiac sign, you will acquire a good amount of profits from your friends. They will help you to accomplish many things altogether. Apart from this, the time period is also very favourable if you wish to propose to someone and express your feelings in front of him or her. Your father will also gain profits and acquire professional success. Relations with coworkers will improve and they will help you on the professional front. However, when it comes to your domestic front, you will have to make unending attempts to make it thrive.

Remedy : You should make dough balls and feed them to Gaumata on Fridays.


For the last sign of the zodiac circle Pisces, the morning star Venus happens to be the ruling Lord of your third and ninth houses. During its transit duration, its presence will be noticed in your second house. The Second bhava is also known as the house of economic profits, which is why you will acquire positive outcomes in terms of finances under this transit’s influence. This means that not only will you acquire economic rewards, but also be able to accumulate a successful amount of wealth. Consequently, your monetary background will improve and get strengthened. Also in this duration, you will be seen enjoying scrumptious delicacies and trying new things, which will definitely make it to your diet list. A favourable incident can also take place in your family and there gets created a likelihood of the organisation an auspicious function in your house. The marriage ceremony of a family member is also on the cards. Many guests will be hosted by your family. Overall speaking, a happy atmosphere will prevail over the domestic front. Harmony between the family members will increase, because of which the image of your family will also gradually improve in the society. There are also chances of you acquiring wealth in a sudden manner. Younger siblings will provide you with economic assistance. Some natives may also be granted access to ancestral property. Also, a certain property can pave the way for profits and the collective bank balance of your family may increase.

Remedy : You should feed white sweets to small girls on Friday.

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