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Sun Transit in Sagittarius, Know The Effects (15 December, 2020)

Sun transit in Sagittarius will take place on Tuesday, December 15 at 9:19 pm (21:19) night. It will be during this time when the planet Sun will enter its friendly planet Jupiter’s ruled zodiac sign Sagittarius. Both Sun and Sagittarius belong to the Fire element. In this way, a fiery planet Sun will enter the fiery sign Sagittarius, which will help natives attain happiness and prosperity in life. Let us now know the effect of this transit of the Sun in Sagittarius, also known as Dhanu Sankranti, on all other zodiac signs.

हिंदी में पढ़ें: सूर्य का धनु राशि में गोचर

Sun Transit in Sagittarius

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For you, the Sun is the lord of the fifth house and during its transit in Sagittarius, will enter the ninth house from your zodiac sign. With Sun’s placement in this house, you will get mixed results. Your father's health may suffer, and he may fall ill, which is why it will be absolutely necessary to take care of his health. Apart from this, there will be a rise in your reputation and honor. You will attain extraordinary results similar to that of Raj Yoga and make significant progress in your career. If you are employed, there are chances of you getting a job transfer.

There will be constant ups and downs in your job, but things will remain in your favour and you will enjoy great outcomes. Your child will make progress in their field, which will enhance as well as strengthen your and your family’s status in the society. This will be the time when you will succeed in establishing yourself in the society and enjoy every comfort in your life. Apart from this, you will also get good results in education and as well as higher education.

Remedy: You should recite Shri Aditya Hridaya Stotra daily and offer arghya to Lord Sun.

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Sun is the lord of the fourth house from your zodiac sign and during this transit, will enter the eighth house from your zodiac sign. Sun’s transit in this house doesn’t seem to be much auspicious. In such a case, you are advised to remain careful because this transit indicates a decline in prosperity and income as well. Your health will remain low and any delay in your work will mentally stress you out. Some problems from your in-laws’ side can arise and deteriorating health of any family member from that side adds to the woes.

During this time, you may have to suffer the consequences of anything inappropriate done by you and can get punished by the administration. However, this time will be very favorable for you from a spiritual point of view, and you will gain good experiences. you will remain highly indulged in spiritual and religious activities, which will make it possible for you to meet some reputed and knowledgeable people of the society. You will enjoy the fruits of your hard work during this time. Hence, you are advised not to do anything against the law or otherwise you may get into trouble.

Remedy: Donate wheat, jaggery, copper, red lentils and red colored clothes to a temple or gaushala every Sunday.


The transit of Sun will be in the seventh house from your zodiac sign and rules your third house. The transit of the Sun is not very favorable in the seventh house, which is why you will get mixed results in this period. If you do business, then you will have to work tremendously hard in order to acquire profitable results and expansion. On the opposite, this transit isn’t favourable for your married life and tensions between you and your spouse will increase, which can infuse a sense of bitterness in the relationship. In such a situation, it would be very important for you to maintain self control and remain patient as otherwise your relationship can get shattered.

Your spouse's behavior will also change and they will talk to you with a little egoistic tone. This will not be liked by you and become the reason for your concern. Apart from this, you have to look after your spouse's health since he/she can fall ill in this duration. In your workplace, you will obtain favourable results and can get a promotion. If you do business in partnership, pay attention to your relationship with your partner since it can become the reason for you to worry.

Remedy: You must chant Gayatri Mantra at least 108 times daily starting from Sunday.


The planet Sun is the ruling lord of your second sign and will enter the sixth house in this transitory period. The presence of the Sun in the sixth house is believed to be favourable, which is why with the effect of this transit, you will start gaining good outcomes in your job. You will reap sweet fruits of your efforts and significantly dominate your opponents even after their constant efforts to pull you down. In this duration, you will gain success in a legal or court-related matter and also get benefited from it.

There will be high chances of you attaining great prophets true government sector or administration. Senior officials and dignitaries of the society will get in touch with you, which can become a source of profit for you. On the contrary, disputes with someone in the family may increase, which can add to your stress and affect your health as well. Hence, take care of your eating habits and maintain a steady lifestyle. Your body temperature will remain high and you may remain down with fever. In addition, do not try to get into any argument with anyone in vain.

Remedy: Starting from Sunday, you must chant the Surya Beej Mantra “ॐ घृणि सूर्याय नमः/oṃ ghṛṇi sūryāya namaḥ’’.


The transition of the Sun is significant for you as it is the ruling planet of your sign as well. It means that the lord of your first house Sun will enter the fifth house from your zodiac sign during this transitory period, where its presence isn’t considered highly favourable. In such a situation, you will get mixed results out of this transit. This movement of the Sun indicates a rise in your income and will enable you to connect with the influential people of the society. Such contacts will prove to be beneficial for you in the upcoming future but with the impact of this transit, your children can suffer, which will add to your problems. If you love someone, then some disputes may arise in this period.

You should not get into a quarrel with your beloved on any petty issue, and even if he/she says something wrong out of ego or pride, listen to him / her calmly and when the right time comes, make them understand their mistake patiently. You may face obstacles in the field of education, and lack of willpower or any kind of distraction can become its main reason. If your life partner is engaged in any kind of work, then they can get financially benefited during this time, which will directly work in your favour as well.

Remedy: Fill a copper vessel with water on Saturday night and keep it near your head. After waking up the next day, drink that water.


The transit of the Sun, which rules your twelfth house, will take place in your fourth house. This transit of the Sun occurring in the fourth house isn’t said to be more favorable for you. Due to this, there will be tension in your family life. The health of an elderly person in the family can decline, due to which you will have to spend a lot of money. This instance can stress you out mentally. Your mother will suffer from health-related troubles, and people may feel inconvenienced by you because of your excessive interference in the family.

Do not insult others when trying to prove yourself the best out of all. In this duration, you will try to do something new in your family. Those who have gone abroad will get a chance to return back to their homeland in this duration. This transit of the Sun will highly benefit you in your professional space, and you will reap the fruits of your hard work. However, you won’t be able to focus well on your work due to an excessive busy schedule in family life, which can make you prone to mistakes. You can get benefited through foreign sources as well as the government sector. On the contrary, you can become liable for punishment by the administration due to your involvement in some wrongdoings.

Remedy: Worship Lord Shri Maha Hari Vishnu Ji daily and offer yellow sandalwood to him.


The Sun is the lord of your eleventh house and will enter the third house of your sin during this transitory period. The transit of the Sun in your third house will bring favourable news for you, and help you succeed in life. Your reputation at your workplace will increase and your efforts and hard work will be highly appreciated. You will get full support from the government and there will be strong chances of you getting benefitted from the government sector. Trips taken during this period will turn out to be very useful and help you in establishing yourself in the society. You will also take part in social activities, which will strengthen your image.

Your courage and might will increase and you will also try to gain more productive results in business and turn out successful in taking it forward. During this period, you will get full support of your colleagues and they will also help you to improve your situation. You will be able to increase your income level with your efforts and the fate of your spouse will also work in your favor. During this period, you will help your younger siblings as much as possible, which will instil a sense of affection and respect within them for you.

Remedy: Make it a habit to wake up early before sunrise and water the plants and trees that bear red-colored flowers.


For your zodiac sign, the Sun is the lord of your tenth house, which reveals about our Karma or actions. This is why this transit of the Sun seems to be of high importance for your sign. The Sun will enter your second house during this transitory period. Normally, the transit of the Sun in the second house is considered favourable, but in your case this planetary movement can result in wealth gain. You will reap the benefits of your hard work done previously and succeed in accumulating wealth.

Your status in your family will rise. Your family members will seek your advice in every matter and give you importance. However despite this, the environment of the house may remain disturbed which can stress you out. You may start speaking rudely and can speak in such a way with your family members out of ego, which can hurt them. You will remain unsatisfied with your family life. Although, this transit proves to be favourable for you in your workplace, and will strengthen your place within the office. You will attain full support of your seniors in every project of yours, and as a result, perform exceptionally better.

Remedy: On Sunday morning, tie the Kalava on your wrist by wrapping it around six times.


This transit of the Sun will prove to be important for your zodiac sign since this planet will enter your own sign, i.e. your ascendant or first house itself. It is the lord of the ninth house for your zodiac sign, and its presence in the first house is hereby creating a Raj Yoga. If the dashas in your kundli are favourable, then this transit of the Sun can help you make significant progress and will enable you to attain a reputable place in the society. Your popularity will increase and you will get good benefits and respect from the government sector as well as from other areas of society.

Conversely, ego in your behaviour may increase, and you may also become slightly hot-tempered. Due to this, this movement of the Sun will work towards increasing stress in your married life. Your behavior will change and you may become egoistic, which will have a direct impact on your marital life. This behaviour of yours can trouble your partner as well. As a result, you will experience bitterness in married life. In terms of business, the planet Sun will roll out favorable results.

Remedy: Feed wheat grains to a brown or red-colored cow with both your hands in the afternoon on Sunday.


Sun is the lord of the eighth house for your zodiac sign and will enter the twelfth house from your zodiac sign. The transit of the Sun in the twelfth house is not considered to roll out favorable results. In such a situation, you will get mixed results of this transit. This transit of the Sun will prove to be detrimental for your health, as you can suffer from ill-health. As a result of this transit, a decline in your income can be witnessed, which will majorly impact your financial condition, thereby weakening it. However, one good thing out of it will be that it will give you the courage to move forward in adverse situations and you will not be afraid to face any challenges but fight them firmly. During this period, you will have to go on unwanted trips. Some natives may also get a chance to travel abroad. This transit proves to be beneficial in legal matters and incur victory but your expenses will increase enormously, which can be a bit of a hassle. In such a situation, you have to control your finances.

Remedy: Respect your father heartily and make a habit of getting up early in the morning.


Sun will transit in the eleventh house from your zodiac sign. Sun transiting in this house proves to be normally favourable. Sun is the lord of your seventh house, which is why this transit will deliver beneficial outcomes. Progress in business will be witnessed in case you run a business, which will lead to a significant rise in your income as well. With such a case, you will prosper both socially and financially. You will establish contact with senior and distinguished people of the society, which will prove to be effective for you in the future. Due to the effect of this transit, there may be some problems in your love life, and differences of opinion can arise between you and your beloved.

Your ambitions will greatly increase, due to which distance between you and your beloved will increase. If married, then this transit will prove to be favorable for your children and they will get good results in their respective areas. If you are a student, this transit of the Sun will motivate you to work harder in order to attain great rewards. You will benefit well from the government sector. If you are a government official or an employee, conditions will be in your favour.

Remedy: Fill clean water in a copper vessel on Sunday and mix red sandalwood powder in it. Now offer this water as Arghya to Lord Sun.


Sun is the lord of the sixth house for your zodiac sign and during its transit in Sagittarius, will enter your tenth house from your zodiac sign. Sun becomes Digbali in the tenth house, which is also a house for your actions, Karma and business. This is why this transit of Sun seems to be significant and incur favourable results for you. With the blessings of Lord Sun, you will be able to make progress in your professional life. You will be promoted to a higher designation and your workload and responsibilities will also increase, which will make you more powerful. This transit of Sun proves to be favourable for your personal life and you will attain the support of your family.

Your position in society will become stronger, people will highly appreciate and look up to you. You will form good relations with your senior officers, who will help you succeed. Your hard work and efforts will help you to grow and move forward in life. You are most likely to succeed in competitive exams in case you were preparing for one. Your father's health is likely to remain weak, so you are advised to take special care of him. Someone older can help you a lot during this period. You can form a new policy at your ​​workplace, which will be liked and highly appreciated by the people around,

Remedy: On Sunday, rub or grate red sandalwood and mix it with your bathing water. Then, take a bath with the same water.

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