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Sun Transit in Aries – 14 April, 2019

The Sun, as per the Vedic Astrology, is considered to be the ruler amongst the nine planets, and the representative of fire or fiery nature. It transits through the signs every month, and stays posited in one zodiac sign for about 30 days. Its transition from one sign to another is also called Sankranti. The effects of these transits are considerably more important since Sun (Surya Dev) is the significator of soul, father, respect, and government services. A person is also able to achieve high ranks in the government and other services due to its positive effects.

Sun Transit in Aries

The Sun is the Lord of the zodiac sign, Leo, and usually considered strong while in that sign. Furthermore, it is in its exalted state while in Aries, hence, is strong, whereas while in Libra it is in its debilitated state, therefore, weaker. However, Vedic Astrology also mentions remedies for strengthening a weak Sun. For example, to make the Sun stronger in one’s birth chart, they should worship Surya Yantra after establishing it with the proper rituals. In addition to this, a native can gain the blessings of the Lord Sun by wearing the gemstone Ruby (Manikya). Similarly, wearing the One Faced (Ek Mukhi) Rudraksha and Belmool is also suggested so as to pacify the Sun.

To escape from Sun’s inauspicious effects, read: Sun Remedies, Surya Puja, & Mantra

Transit Period

From 14:05 on 14 April 2019, Sunday, Sun will transit to its exalted sign, Aries, and stay unvaryingly in the same state upto 15 May 2019. Discover the impact of this Sun Transit in its exalted sign on all 12 zodiac signs, in this article below.

हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें


The Sun’s transit in their own sign’s first house will bring a change in the nature of the Aries natives, due to which, you may lose your temper quickly in this period. However, you need to calm yourself in such a situation in order to avoid disputes. This house, the lagna house or ascendant, represents our nature, physique, and health. While gaining benefits in government work is probable, simultaneously, you will also prevail in career or business. You can also get a chance to take a leading role in your workplace. Any well--thought-out decisions taken during this time will be definitely beneficial – whether in monetary form, or social. This transit will be good for your family life as well and your father may also gain profits in some areas.

Remedy: Distribute medicines to the needy and sick on Saturday.


This Sun transit can fulfil your wish of an overseas trip, as it transits in your twelfth house, the expenses house, which signifies expenditure, loss, salvation (moksh), foreign trip, and so on. Natives settled or working abroad may also see a rise in their career. Healthwise, this transit can be troublesome for you as you can suffer from headaches, fever, etc., so take care of your health and consult a doctor when necessary. Your enemies will be afraid of facing you as you will prevail over them during this time. You are likely to buy a property, however, there are also chances of a blatant increase in your expenses. Consequently, you should spend your money only on important things so as to control your expenditure.

Remedy: Plant a Shwetark in a park or Temple premises.


Gemini natives will receive financial gains through means like hike in salary or increase in income sources as Sun transits to their eleventh house. According to astrology, this house, also called the income house, pertains to our earnings, achievements in life, friends, elder siblings, etc. During this transit, you’ll be successful in saving money while efficient tactics will benefit you at work. This period will also be beneficial for your elder siblings who will enjoy this time thoroughly, and also be ready to help you out in difficult times. As your respect and fame will increase in the society, this Sun transit will help to fulfil your pending desires. However, your love life will probably be full of ups and downs. Putting useful strategies to use will benefit you.

Remedy: Watch the sunrise with your naked eyes.


This transit will be favorable for the Cancer natives as the Sun moves to your tenth house, which signifies your career, father, status, standing, politics, and life’s goals. With your interest in your work developing, you will impress your seniors and receive profitable results. Consequently, due to your commendable work, your respect and status will also increase. Both, your seniors and juniors will come to you for advice, but make sure that this does not make you egoistic, because that can create obstacles in your progress. You will not face disappointments in government work. However, you need to take care of your father because a decline in his health is possible, which will create further mental stress for you. This time will be beneficial for your business, and your enemies will fear you as well.

Remedy: Recite the Hanuman Chalisa daily.


As the Sun transits in your ninth house, the respect of Leo natives will increase in the society and people will approach you for advice. Your ninth house is also called the destiny house, which represents your fate, teacher, religion, travel, pilgrimage site, and principles. With fate on your side, you will become successful in various fields as the circumstances will favor you. While you may have to go on a long trip, it will prove to be rather beneficial in the end. You will also stay ahead in charity work and remain socially active, and incorporate your ethics and principles in your work during this time. Small squabbles with siblings are possible, but you need to control your temper in order to stop the situation from worsening.

Remedy: Chant the Surya Mantra everyday.


Virgo natives can face some physical problems like fever, headache, and other afflictions with the Sun transiting in your eighth house. You need to look out for your health and consult a doctor as necessary. As per Vedic Astrology, the eighth house is called the life house, which denotes the ups-and-downs in our life, sudden occurrences, longevity, secrets, research, etc. While on the one hand, your expenses may increase with this transit, on the other hand, you may have to travel unnecessarily. Therefore, you should be careful while driving and follow the traffic rules. Additionally, you should not share all your secrets with everyone. The relationship of married natives with their in-laws will sweeten, and you may also receive some monetary benefits from their side. Do not get involved in any illegal work or you will have to suffer the consequences.

Remedy: Pray to Lord Shiva daily.


Married natives need to be careful as Sun will be transiting in your seventh house (marriage house), which represents your married life, spouse, and partners in other areas. You need to strike a perfect balance with your life partner while handling any situation as there are possibilities of disputes with them. Economic gains through your spouse are likely, maybe through their promotion at work. They may try to dominate you during this time, but you need to keep them calm. In the meanwhile, your respect in society will also increase. You need to coordinate with your business partner better, because any misunderstanding will directly affect your trade, which isn’t good for either of you.

Remedy: Feed wheat to a bull.


As Sun transits in their sixth house, Scorpio natives will become more courageous and won’t hesitate in accepting any challenges put forward. The sixth house or the enemy house signifies our opponents, disease, pain, job, competition, immunity system, detachment in married life, and legal disputes. You will defeat your enemies and they will be reluctant to face you. You may also receive good news from your workplace as you may get successful outcomes at work. If you are looking for a job, you will most probably be successful in that as well. Your seniors at work will guide you, and also help you out if required. Your expenses will grow during this time, but you will be able to control them if you try. Conversely, on the other hand, you may have to face legal disputes, so stay away from such ventures that may give rise to a court case.

Remedy: Offer water to the Lord Sun daily.


Sagittarius natives can look forward to economic gains as Sun transits to their fifth house. This house of progeny pertains to romance, children, creativity, intellectual abilities, higher education, and new opportunities. During this time, your income along with the modes of income will increase. You will also find happiness through your children as they will perform well in their workplace or studies, making you feel proud of them. Your ego can interfere in your love life, creating a rift between you both. Therefore, you should try to avoid this and respect your partner’s feelings. While some of you can plan on changing your job during this time, others can come across economic gains with the help of your siblings. This transit can especially prove to be good for students, as their hard work will reap benefits, however, spending too much time on social media can cause an interruption in your studies. Therefore, you should realize the value of time and spend it on more meaningful tasks.

Remedy: Worship Lord Shiva devotedly.


Your mother’s health can decline as Sun transits in your fourth house, so take special care of her during this time and get a health check-up done if required. This house, also known as the comfort house, signifies our mother, all kinds of pleasures in life, movable and immovable property, popularity, and emotions. Therefore, an increase in your movable and immovable assets is on the cards during this time, or you may think of buying a new vehicle or property. This transit will also cause an increase in your popularity in the society. In your family life, Capricorn natives can try to dominate over their parents, which can deteriorate the positive atmosphere. Conversely, your performance at the workplace will be commendable, which will cause your seniors to praise you fervently, as new doors to progress open up for you. During this time, you can receive a sudden good news which will make you very happy.

Remedy: Offer mustard oil to the Lord Saturn (Shani Dev).


The Sun’s transit in your third house will directly affect your behaviour, and you will find yourself unafraid of everything and make decisions fearlessly. This house of valor represents our courage, will power, younger brother, curiosity, passion, energy, zeal, and enthusiasm. You will be able to complete even the toughest tasks easily as you experience an increase in your energy. Married natives can expect economic help from their spouses. In the meanwhile, positive changes in your conversation style will help you leave a mark on others and you will remain resolute and ambitious towards your goals. While, on the one hand, you may have to go on a short trip during this time, on the flip side, you need to take care of your father’s health as its decline is on the cards. Furthermore, an altercation with your younger siblings is also possible as their temper may rise, so, you need to take special care of them.

Remedy: Offer water to a Peepal tree.


The Sun’s transit in your second house, will be bringing with it a change in your speech. Consequently, you can use bitter words against others during this time, which will anger or upset them and mainly affect your relationships. Therefore, converse less, but speak sweetly. The second house is also called the family house and the wealth house, as it denotes our family, speech, primary education, and wealth etc. Your domestic affairs will not be very favorable due to probable presence of tensions in your family. You need to try and keep harmony between your kith and kin since there is a chance of disputes between them. Moreover, your relations with your in-laws can also remain a little bitter. In addition to that, this transit can be troublesome for you, health-wise as well. You should also look for a source of entertainment during this transit in order to avoid mental stress, which is on the cards right now. Where on the one hand, profit is probable from the government sector, on the economic side, you may have to borrow money in this period.

Remedy: Feed chapatis (roti) to a cow daily.

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