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Mercury Transit in Libra (2 November 2021): Impending Effects On Zodiac Signs

Mercury is related to Jupiter and Moon, hence it has the characteristics of both of these planets. Mercury is the Karka for a person’s communication skills, analytical abilities, and intellect. So it is a key planet for being successful Lawyers, sales professionals, artists, and scientists. Mercury will transit from Virgo to Libra, November 2, 2021. This transit will bring a good time ahead for marketing professionals, businessmen, and creative personnel!

Mercury Transit in Libra

Know The Impact Of Mercury Transit On Your Life From Best Astrologers On Call

The planet is the key significator for business and communication, Mercury, transits to a friendly sign, Libra. Mercury is called the messenger of the Gods in Astrology and has influence over all types of communication (verbal or written), clear thinking, creative skills, business knowledge, travel, software expertise, and knowledge of Mathematics and Accounts. Mercury also rules our ability to manage the day to day activities. Mercury is considered to be the closest planet to the Sun and holds a significant place in Vedic astrology. Mercury in the Hindi language is called Budh which implies wisdom. However, when Mercury is weak in a chart it is on the weak side, it can negatively influence one’s intellect and even cause skin-related issues.

Mercury Transit In Libra: Know The Timings

After staying 22 days in its own sign Virgo, Mercury will transit in the balanced sign, Libra on November 2 at 9:43 AM and move out to enter Scorpio on November 22. The transit of Mercury in Libra, the signs of romance and relationship, is predicted to bring some major changes within the bond you share together with your friends and family. It'll be easier to speak clearly to your near and dear ones. Mercury is within the influence of the airy sign and might bring some changes in your behavior and you'll act completely sort of a different person supported by the company you're in. The movement of the planet will bring good luck for a few and troubles for others. Here are the three signs that will have the simplest time due to this upcoming transit. Libra is a sign owned by Venus, which is a good friend of Mercury. Libra is a fixed, male, airy sign. Mercury isn't considered a cruel planet but it gives effect in line with the conjunction it's with other planets or signs. It behaves sort of a shadow and starts behaving just like the company he has.

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The Predictions In This Article Are Based On Moon Signs. Call best astrologers on phone and know in detail about the impact of Mercury Transit on your life.


The transit of Mercury in Libra is going to take place from 2nd November to 22nd November 2021. Professionally, there will be enough opportunities for Aries natives in this period. It is advised to assess things before making the final call for better results in the future. For the Aries moon sign, Mercury is going to transit in their 7th house of partnerships, during its transit in Libra. Mercury is the lord of the 3rd and 6th house of Aries moon sign, and during this transit, will offer you some sudden opportunities to travel, largely for work-related purposes. So, while you get the recognition, name, and fame, you will also learn to be humble and polite about your recognition and achievements.

This transit will help you communicate articulately. Organize your thoughts and impress others with your communication skills. A new business venture is possible. Siblings may get married. You might lose in some legal cases. There could be wasteful expenses. Your aggression may go against you, so be very careful. Think twice before committing to something. While the transit of Mercury is going to be a tricky period for the love, marital and personal relationships of the Aries moon sign, communication will be the key to sort out any differences that might crop up in this period. You are advised to stay away from any illegitimate affairs, as it may get you in deep trouble and could ruin your reputation for life. Open and fair communication will pave the way for a healthy marital and love relationship which will become sturdier with the passage of time.

Remedy: Wash new clothes before wearing them.


For the Taurus moon sign, Mercury is the Lord of the second and fifth house and is transiting in the sixth house of debt, enemies and daily wages. Professionally, Mercury transit in Libra is going to make the Taurus moon sign natives career-oriented. However, you will be required to put in extra effort to achieve your professional objectives. Healthy work-life balance is required as it will build a robust life during the transit. Professionally, if you want to get recognition in your job, you will have to work on your creative and inventive abilities and try to stand apart from the competition. Honesty and integrity are going to give you better professional outcomes. On the personal front, the transit of Mercury will bring out some sudden changes in your health. There will be some unexpected increase in your expenditure and savings might also get diminished. You will also have a tough time maintaining family and love relationships. To make things work, you will have to embrace humility, patience, and modesty and turn away from your ego. You will get to make some new friends and social connections in this period.

Remedy: Donate rice and milk at Temple.

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For the Gemini Moon sign, Mercury will transit in the fifth house and is the ruler of the first and fourth house. During the transit, Mercury is going to influence the overall personality since it is connected with the ascendant house. Therefore, you will have the opportunity to review your actions whether good or bad, and take the learnings of the good ones and improvise on the bad ones. Professionally the transit of Mercury will take place in the fifth house of creativity and intellect. During this period your creative ability is going to increase at your workplace. Business professionals can use the power of innovation to stay ahead of the competition and improve the vitality of their trade. During this transit, creative abilities will enhance and you need to stay focused and optimistic and avoid any thought in your mind. Personally, transit is going to give you mixed results as you may have to pay attention to your family life, especially for your children. Money is not going to be a problem, at this time, but you need to take into account larger issues at home which connect to emotional connectivity for a harmonious life.

Remedy: Avoid meat and alcohol.


For the Cancer moon sign, Mercury is the lord of the twelfth and third house and is transiting in the fourth house. This house represents fixed assets, comfort and luxuries in life. During this period, Mercury will bestow you with a peaceful environment with family members, and you will spend quality time with family. It is advised to be careful while dealing and communicating with your family members in this period. Health could be an area of concern, during Mercury transit in the Libra, there would be some unplanned expenditure. Unexpected travel opportunities may also arise which will again increase your expenses. Professionally, it will be a positive period for you and you will prosper on the professional front. Your colleagues will be highly cooperative in supporting your career endeavors and building foreign connections is also going to prove beneficial for you in this period. During this transit, you may also get to buy some new property or vehicle for your family. Try not to get too attached to somebody, as it would bring about certain challenges in your relationship.

Remedy: Feed the cow before you eat.


For the Leo moon sign, Mercury is the Lord of the second and 11th house and is transiting in the Third House of communication and speech of the natives. During this period, you will have to go for short-distance trips, which will help you in attaining professional growth and achievement. You will strengthen your bond with your siblings and set off to complete the unfinished tasks or projects that can include a multinational brand that you were trying to connect with for so long. Professionally, a trip for career growth and expansion is on the card and you will be driven by your intellect and creativity during this period. You will also get recognition in your professional life. It is advised to put out decent behaviour towards your colleagues and co-workers during this period as it can hamper career growth. Personally, the transit of Mercury brings you some concern with your father as this period he may face some health issues. Your love life is going to take a backseat as most of the energies will be channelized towards professional gains.

Remedy: Drink water in silver glass.

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For the Virgo moon sign, Mercury is the lord of the first and 10th house and is transiting in the second house of family, wealth, and speech. This period may bring about certain challenges in the domestic environment and will demand an in-depth analysis of the situation to make better-informed decisions. Professionally, there is an indication of speech malfunctions in this period therefore it would be beneficial for you that you should be cautious while communicating with your seniors and colleagues at the workplace. Think, rethink, analyze and Communication is going to be the overall mantra. On the personal front, your ego should not get bigger than your love and family relations. During this period you will get on and accumulate a good amount of wealth. Your reputation in the family will improve and your health will remain perfect.

Remedy: Chant Budh Beej Mantra.


For the Libra moon sign, Mercury is the Lord of the 12th and ninth house and is transiting in the ascendant for the Libra moon sign. This period may demand you to step back and analyze what went wrong and at what point did it stop you from attaining your goals and fulfilling your desires. This period is also important to take advice from elders, as the guidance from seniors at the workplace will prove very beneficial for you. Do not hesitate to take advice from the seniors at work, whenever in doubt, and do not even ignore the suggestions if you want to succeed in your professional endeavors. Personally, the transit of Mercury in the Libra in your first house will strengthen your relationship with your father, who will be your biggest support system in this period of ups and downs. Luck will favor you, but you will still need to put in effort. Your love life may blossom through some connections from across the globe. However, be prepared for the fight on small issues. Mental peace could be a little disturbed during this transit. It is advised to think positively and remain as stress-free as you can.

Remedy: Worship Lord Vishnu, Lord Krishna to please planet Mercury.


For Scorpio Moon Sign, Mercury is the Lord of the eleventh and eighth house and is transiting in the twelfth house of expenditure, loss, and foreign gains. this transit will demand a reassessment of things at your end. You need to work towards achieving success in both personal life and professional life, regardless of the environment that you are operating in, only then you are going to get the desired results during this period. Professionally, Mercury‘s presence in the 12th house of the Scorpio natives can bring about a steady increase in the expenditure leading to financial imbalance. You can also get a certain benefit from the foreign land that will prove beneficial for your career. You will be spiritually inclined and would take religious trips with your family.

Remedy: Keep a fast on Wednesday while refraining from taking any salt in fast.

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For the Sagittarius moon sign, Mercury is the Lord of the seventh and tenth house and is transiting in the eleventh house of wealth, desire and gains. Mercury while transiting in the Libra sign will be very positive for the Sagittarius natives as you will get support from your spouse and business partners for success and growth. Sagittarius students may face some challenges during this transit as they will need to put a lot of effort and dedication into achieving academic excellence. Professionally, this period is going to be very significant as you will get the opportunity to revive old businesses or start a new venture which you might have been thinking about for a long time. You are innovative and creative abilities will foster your professional success. Income gains are pretty evident in this period and you will be able to save well. If you care about their health and growth, then guide and support them on an emotional level.

Remedy: Wear a high-quality Emerald gemstone.


For the Capricorn moon sign, Mercury is the Lord of the sixth and ninth house and is transiting in the tenth house. This period is going to be fruitful for keeping on the Capricorn moon sign. It is transiting in the house of Karma which will push their fortunes in the chosen career field. Mercury transiting in Libra will be very good for career growth, natives will witness over-forgotten opportunities the relationship is getting revived in this period. Visually, you will work on some new connections, in this period, which will prove beneficial for your career in the long run. You will get great support from your colleagues, staff and seniors in your professional project. On the personal front, there will be peace and harmony in your personal and domestic life and will help you move forward to pursue your career objective with greater confidence and motivation. You will get respect and recognition from your family members and you will be more focused on the children in this period. It is advised to keep a check on your aggression. It will help me maintain peace at home in the marital and love relationship.

Remedy: Feed green grass to cows.


For the Aquarius moon sign, Mercury is the lord of the fifth and eighth house and is transiting in the ninth house of luck and fortune and it is going to open the doors of fortune for you to build your professional empire. You will be religiously inclined as a result of this transit and will plan on some spiritual expedition with your family. Professionally, this placement is auspicious as you will get the support of luck in all professional endeavors. Financial gain and growth in social status will come through your efforts in your career and your destiny will support you. Appreciation for a project or work done well is on the cards for the Aquarius moon sign. You are advised to deal carefully in your business dealings and do not put blind faith in your business partners. Personally, you may get to possess or inherit some ancestral properties in the transit period which is going to bring wealth and financial status. Your love/ married life will be jovial with an indication of travel. The spirit is also rewarding for your children who will make you proud and will be a source of happiness and contentment for you.

Remedy: Visit the Ganesha temple every Wednesday.


For Pisces moon sign, Mercury is the Lord of the fourth and seventh house and is transiting in the eighth house of sudden loss/profit, inheritance, and occult science. Professionally, this period will bring monetary gains but stabilizing the work front. You need to be cautious of your dealings with business partners and co-workers in this period. Income and expenditure in this period, with sudden and expected events causing an abrupt increase in your monetary outflow. On the personal front, it will not be a good period for Pisces natives as there may be some problems in your love and marital life. You will be faced with numerous challenges in your domestic life, in this period which will create a disturbance at home. Unexpected travel can put stress on your health and well-being. The health of your spouse will also require great attention and care in this period.

Remedy: Recite the beej mantra of Mercury 108 times daily.

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