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Mercury Transit in Libra (October 14, 2017)

Mercury, known as Budha Graha in Hindi is a fast-moving planet which is known as the Karaka of communication. It represents thought-process, exchange of thoughts, wit and communication skills of a person. Mercury is considered as a planet of dual-nature, and does not stick to one place or one’s opinion firmly. The Zodiac Signs Gemini and Virgo are ruled by Mercury. Mercury transit in Libra will take place on October 14, 2017 (Saturday) at 00:00, and the planet Mercury will remain posited there till 00:54 on November 02, 2017 (Thursday). The Mercury transit in Libra will affect all the Zodiac Signs, the predictions of which are given ahead in the article.

Mercury Transit in Libra

The predictions below are given according to your Moon Sign. Know your Moon Sign via Moon Sign Calculator

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With the transit, Mercury will move into the seventh house from your Moon Sign. You would find yourself devoid of energy and might be subjected to health issues. Conflicts with your spouse and issues with family and friends are quite probable, so you need to do your best to avoid them. There is a probability of wealth loss, so you are advised to think before investing your money. You might face some obstacles in your journeys or business, which might pose a difficulty in obtaining benefits through them. You might find yourself a bit stressed, and might consider taking a loan from a bank during this period.

Remedy: Donate green bangles on Wednesday.

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Mercury will move into your sixth house from your Moon Sign. You would achieve success in legal cases, debates and disputes. Children would be comfortable during this period. You would find books as your best friends, and would indulge in reading due to the same. You would gain an upper hand over your opponents. Your good performance would lead to your recognition in society. You would be successful if you get yourself involved in writing and related activities. Students are expected to do well in their education fields.

Remedy: Worship Goddess Durga.

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The ruler of the Zodiac Sign Gemini, Mercury will move into the fifth house from your Moon Sign. Due to this transit, you would develop a thirst for knowledge and would try to learn new things. You would develop a soft corner in your heart for children. Your mother would have the pleasure of enjoying a comfortable life full of luxuries. You would gain interest in mantras, occult sciences, and sacred scriptures. You would be able to communicate with the people of the opposite sex, but it would lead you to nowhere. You might find yourself in mental stress and tension during this period.

Remedy: Recite Durga Chalisa.

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As it transits from Virgo to Libra, Mercury would move into the fourth house from your Moon Sign. Mental satisfaction, domestic harmony, and happiness would prevail. It would be a favourable period for your mother. There are chances that your property and assets would expand. Eminent people and high officials would be a part of your friend circle. Your spouse might have an elevation in her profession at their workplace, and your family would be blessed during this period.

Remedy: Donate fruits.

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With the transit, the planet Mercury will move into the third house from your Moon Sign. You would lend your support to your siblings with financial aid but might engage in debates or disagreements with them. Your friend circle would expand for your betterment. A decline in determination coupled with wealth losses would stress you out. You might develop a pessimistic approach during this period.

Remedy: Chant the Mantra as much as you can: Aum Namo Bhagvate Vasudevay.

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With the transit, the ruling planet of Virgo, Mercury will move into the second house from your Moon Sign. The transit would bring about a period of happiness and enjoyment for you. You would enjoy tasty and delicious foods. Your communication skills and charismatic speech would be your tool to gain money. Wealth gains through relatives and your loved ones are also probable. Success at education front and workplace are likely.

Remedy: Worship Lord Vishnu and offer him camphor.

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As it transits in Virgo, Mercury will move into your own sign. You would enjoy comforts, but you need to be cautious with money-related matters because wealth losses along with mental stress can make their way into your life. Think well before letting words come out of your mouth, as you might land into trouble by speaking inappropriate things. You would face a lot of hurdles in your undertakings, but eventually success would be achieved as your luck would help you sail through all of them. You need to pay attention to your health, failing which slight health issues might arise.

Remedy: Recite any Goddess Durga Mantra.

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With the transit, Mercury will move into the twelfth house from your Moon Sign. There might be an outflow of income due to your excessive expenditure. You might suffer a loss of wealth if you do not spend money carefully. You would travel abroad, and might not find yourself willing to travel. Mental stress would kill your appetite, which might invite health issues. Your opponents might dominate over you during this period. Your business and profession would make you go on long journeys. You might face some obstacles in your education, which you need to overcome with your hard work and determination.

Remedy: Donate green vegetables.

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As it transits from Virgo to Libra, Mercury will move into the eleventh house from your Moon Sign. You would achieve success in your undertakings. Wealth gains and an increase in dignity would be bestowed upon you. The possibility of a childbirth is likely. You would enjoy the company of your friends and relatives, and spend your time in social gatherings. You would be inclined towards performing virtuous deeds. A partnership in business would yield good results. Love would flourish during this period.

Remedy: Recite Shri Vishnu Sahasranam Stotra.

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Mercury will move into the tenth house from your Moon Sign. You would gain respect, and rise in position at your workplace. You would supercede your opponents. Your business would expand, and you would be happy and peaceful as a result. Domestic harmony would be endowed upon you, and your status would skyrocket. You would succeed in your endeavors, and involve yourself in social work thereby helping mankind.

Remedy: Worship Lord Ganesha and offer him Durva.

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Mercury will move into the ninth house from your Moon Sign. You might have to face obstacles in your undertakings, which you would be able to overcome by your hard work. Mental stress might bother you, so you are advised to meditate in order to get rid of it. Make sure that you consume clean water, and maintain sanitary conditions so as to avoid water-borne diseases. Sudden losses and gain might become frequent during this period. You might face troubles during journeys, and have issues with your siblings and relatives. Your love life would be on an ‘on and off’ tangent. You might consider going for higher studies and travel due to the same.

Remedy: Serve & feed cows.

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Mercury will move into the eighth house from your Moon Sign, which would lead to wealth gains. The transit would bring happiness to children as they would enjoy comforts during this period. The period should be utilised to repay any loan levied upon you. Success and happiness would come to you with their arms open. Health issues to mother are likely so precautionary measures are to be taken to keep herb healthy. You might develop an interest in astrology, occult sciences, etc. your hard work would lead to a rise in your status and you would be showered with praises and appreciation.

Remedy: Donate pure ghee.

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We, at AstroSage wish that the Mercury Transit in Libra proves to be fruitful to you!

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