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Mercury Transit in Gemini - 2 June 2019

As per Vedic Astrology, Mercury is considered to be a naturally auspicious planet. However, when it comes in contact with another auspicious planet, it gives positive results, and on coming across a malefic planet, it starts producing unfavorable results. This planet is said to be the significator of mind, intellect, speech, logical ability, maths, business, statistics, and travels, and has Lordship over the zodiac signs Gemini and Virgo. In addition to that, Mercury is also the Lord of Ashlesha, Jyeshta, and Revati Nakshatras. Its auspicious influence on a native makes them a good speaker, and skilled in logical ability and mathematical tasks.

Mercury Transit in Gemini

Impact of Mercury

In Sanatan Dharma, Mercury is worshipped like a God. One pays homage to him to achieve success in intellectual work and improve the state of their business. As per the Hindu Shastras, Mercury is the Lord of our intelligence. Therefore, if this planet is posited with auspicious planets in the birth chart, then such a native lives a life full of prosperity and abundance. On the other hand, if it is not favorable in your kundli, then one needs to follow Mercury remedies, so as to get rid of the impending problems one will probably face in life due to its malefic effects.

Mercury’s Effects on Students

It is said that Mercury should definitely be auspicious in students’ birth charts, especially those who are majoring in Mathematics and related subjects, because this planet is considered to be the bestower of intelligence and significator of statistics. To strengthen the planet in their kundli, students should wear green clothes, and chant the Mercury beej mantra after establishing the Budh Yantra.


“ॐ ब्रां ब्रीं ब्रौं सः बुधाय नमः!”

“oṃ brāṃ brīṃ brauṃ saḥ budhāya namaḥ”

Transit Period

Mercury, the significator of intellect, logical ability, and speech will once again transit on Sunday, 2 June 2019, at 00:08 AM in the morning into Gemini. It will remain posited in the sign until Friday, 21 June 2019, 02:19 AM. The effects of this transit will be seen across all 12 zodiac signs throughout this period. Lets us discover what will be the impact of this Mercury transit on your sign.

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As Mercury transits in your third house, Aries natives will focus their entire attention on their goals and be able to complete all their tasks with great concentration. The third house, as per kalpurush kundli, pertains to the zodiac sign Gemini and represents your relationship with your younger siblings, your courage, and short trips. This time will be beneficial for Aries natives who are associated with the fields of media, writing, and marketing business, as well as for students. Your speech will become mellower and sweeter and your father can progress at his workplace. However, you need to take care of him as his health can decline. This transit will prove to be good for married natives and their spouse will also be able to receive great results in this duration.

Remedy: Donate fresh fruits on Wednesday.


With Mercury transiting in your second house, which is your wealth house, Taurus natives will be successful in saving money. You will get to savor delicious dishes during this time. The time is really good for students as they will perform well in their studies. You need to be careful socially, and think before you speak because some bitterness will be incorporated in your speech in this duration. Married natives should try to understand where your spouse is coming from, and pay heed to their health as well, during this transit. While your economic aspect will remain normal, however, some of you can look forward to benefits due to property-related matters. Taurus natives in love will be successful in expressing themselves to their partners properly.

Remedy: Wear the emerald gemstone (panna) in your little finger on Wednesday.


Mercury will be transiting in your own sign and posited in your first house, i.e. your ascendant house, which is why this transit will impact you more, as compared to other zodiac signs. You will be the centre of attraction due to your amiable temperament, your image in society will improve, and people will look at you with respect. You will be able to see several positive changes in your health as well due to this transit. All the problems in your married life will fade away and you will get to spend some beautiful moments with your spouse. Your family life will improve as well, and the joyous environment of your home will bring a smile on everyone’s faces. During this period, people will be impressed with your oratory skills (art of speaking) and some of them may approach you for advice as well. Students will get the fruits of their hard labour during this time, but those studying overseas need to be careful and stay away from the wrong company.

Remedy: Chant the ‘ॐ बुं बुधाय नमः’ (‘oṃ buṃ budhāya namaḥ’) mantra regularly.

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Mercury, the significator of intellect, will be transiting in your twelfth house, also known as the house of expenditure, thereby creating a possibility of increase in your expenses during the transit period. You need to avoid court cases in this duration or you will end up spending too much money. You should seek to improve your health through exercise and healthy eating habits, as this will save you from several physical problems as well. Be cautious on the social front as a situation leading to disputes can arise. On the other hand, some of you can go on a foreign trip during this transit. This time is favorable for working professionals as they will impress everyone around them with their excellent work. As for your family life, your siblings will progress and you will feel amazing after having a chat with your parents. The atmosphere of your home will become blissful as you reminisce about some special moments in the past.

Remedy: Offer ghee to a pious cow in Shree Vishnu temple.


Mercury will transit in your eleventh house, which, as per kalpurush kundli, belongs to the zodiac sign Aquarius. This house is considered to evaluate the native’s profits, income, and relationship with elder siblings. This transit will be beneficial for working professionals and an increase in income is also possible. Your hidden desires can finally get fulfilled in this duration and your interest in learning new things will rise. Your social influence will increase and you can meet up with people who will prove to be very important and influential in your life, later on. This transit will bring an increase in the concentration levels of student natives and they will be able to perform well, even in their weak subjects. Leo natives in love need to try and strengthen their love and relationship and spend more time with their life partner.

Remedy: Worship Lord Sun and offer water to him.


Mercury will transit in your Career or Profession house, i.e., your tenth house. As per kalpurush kundli, this house belongs to Capricorn, and is said to signify our social standing and relationship with our father. During this transit, you will complete all your tasks at hand with much creativity, and also perform well at work. You won’t like talking to people much during this time, but in any situation yoga can be helpful in keeping yourself calm. Businessmen will gain profits from their plans for an improved future. Small quarrels are possible in your family but you need to work on finding a solution to the problems. On the flip side, you will rarely get time for yourself during this time due to a busy schedule. If you have been planning or wanting to go on a foreign trip, you can finally get to go overseas during this time.

Remedy: Feed a chapati to a black cow on Wednesday.

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Mercury’s transit in your ninth house (house of religion) will bring positive results for Libra natives. This house belongs to Sagittarius as per kalpurush kundli. Also, it signifies our religion, luck, fate, and spirituality. This transit brings a yoga of monetary profits and promises that luck will be on your side during this time. As your social standing increases, your candidness and sincerity will bring you popularity. In the meanwhile, you will also be able to make the right use of your knowledge in this duration. Spiritual and religious things may attract you and you can come in contact with a spiritual master in this time. The transit brings chances of a foreign trip for Librans. While your family life will remain normal, however, a quarrel between you and your father may occur. This time will be favorable for married natives and your spouse will also be on the receiving end of these good results. On the other hand, student natives can take a big decision concerning their future.

Remedy: Chant the ‘ॐ ब्रां ब्रीं ब्रौं सः बुधाय नमः’ (oṃ brāṃ brīṃ brauṃ saḥ budhāya namaḥ) mantra.


Scorpio natives need to be careful, especially concerning money matters while Mercury transits in their eighth house, because the smallest mistakes can turn out to be harmful for you. Businessmen born under this sign can enter into a secret alliance during this time, and some Scorpio natives can look forward to unexpected gains. If you have been keeping an indecisive attitude concerning your health, then that will prove to be troublesome for you now, and you need to start becoming physically active so as to improve your health. Going for a walk in the morning and evening, daily, or exercising at home will be beneficial. Consult a doctor quickly for any skin-related problems. Libra natives should ensure that they speak sweetly during this time. Student natives need to work harder to achieve good results in their studies and those who face problems in mathematics related subjects should ask their teachers or classmates for help.

Remedy: Donate green gram (sabut moong daal) in a cowshed (gaushala) on Wednesday.


Since Mercury will be transiting in your seventh house, which is your marriage or partnership house, this transit will be affecting your partnerships in life. While, on the one hand, your oratory skills (way of speaking) can impress your spouse, it can also lead to quarrels between you two on the other. However, this argument will not stretch for a prolonged period of time. The transit brings favorable results for working professionals born under the sign of the archer, and some of you can even look forward to a promotion and an increase in your income. You will remain active socially and your composed and collective way of thinking will attract people towards you. This time period will iron out many problems in your married life and your spouse’s health will also remain well. Sagittarius natives in love can also plan on getting married during this time.

Remedy: Feed jaggery to a cow.

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Mercury’s transit in your sixth house will bring you desired results in legal matters, which will solve many problems in your life. Your enemies will not be able to overpower you during this time and your logical abilities will not let your opponents stand in front of you. Yet, you will need to work hard so as to achieve good results in any field. Your economic side will remain normal, but unnecessary expenses can cause you mental stress. You need to understand your responsibilities towards your spouse – if they are anxious about discussing their problems with you, then you need to spend time with them and understand their unspoken words. Capricorn natives preparing for government jobs will need to work even harder so as to achieve satisfactory outcomes.

Remedy: Light a diya (lamp) of pure ghee and chant the Shri Vishnu Sahasranama.


Mercury’s transit in your fifth house, which is your Knowledge house, will bring good results for student natives as they will perform well in their studies. This house pertains to the zodiac sign Leo and is said to be the significator of knowledge, children, and learning. As your intellectual abilities increase with this transit, you will be able to resolve complicated problems easily, and try to make creativity a part of all your tasks. While working professionals can look forward to an increase in their rincome, businessmen too will find this time favorable for them. Such natives should utilise their money in helping people during this time, as charity will bring you mental and inner peace. Parents can rest assured as the health of their children will continue to be good. As for married natives, their life will remain normal and they can plan on going on a vacation with their spouse. Enjoy the good times.

Remedy: Serve a cow and feed green vegetable to it.


This transit will be very auspicious for the family life of Pisces natives as Mercury moves into your fourth house, which tells about your Happiness. There will be harmony between the members of your family, and the pleasant atmosphere at home will fill you with energy. As a result, you will perform well in your personal life as well. Some natives can buy a new house or vehicle during this time, however, before taking any such major decisions, ensure that it won’t upset your finances. You will be able to use your abilities properly at work and procure the consequent good results in future. This transit will prove to be favorable for your spouse, and you will be happier as well, as your mother’s health continues to be good.

Remedy: Offer durva (grass) to a green-colored idol of Lord Ganesha.

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