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Mercury Transit in Capricorn (29 December 2021)- Timing and Importance

Mercury is the smallest planet of the solar system, which is closest to the Sun. The influential planet is the karaka of communication and intelligence. The power of reasoning, making decisions and logical thinking are all governed by the messenger of God Mercury. When placed well gives younger looking looks to the natives and gives them command on articulation and finesse in the convincing power.

Mercury Transit in Capricorn

Know The Impact Of Mercury Transit On Your Life From Best Astrologers On Call

When ill placed, it deteriorates the decision-making power, lack of communication and influencing people. It also represents prosperity and abundance and gives a good sense of humour. When afflicted it can also cause extreme nervous issues and sleeping disorders. Due to the closest proximity to the Sun it is the fastest planet. It travels from one sign to the other approximately in 24 days, when in direct motion. It is an influential planet and hence it is a conditional benefic planet. When placed in friendly signs or with friendly planets it blesses a native, however when it is placed in the sign of enemy or under influence of malefic planets then it gives bad times. During this transit period, Mercury will be moving from a neutral fire sign to a friendly earth sign. It will bring more stability and humbleness in the life of individuals.

The transit of Mercury will happen in the sign of Capricorn on 29 December 2021 at 11.15 am and will remain in this sign till next year when it will move into the sign of Aquarius rules by Saturn.

Let us discover the influence of the transit on all the zodiac signs-

The Predictions In This Article Are Based On Moon Signs. Call best astrologers on phone and know in detail about the impact of Mercury Transit on your life.

हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें: बुध का मकर राशि में गोचर


At this time, the planet Mercury, lord of the third and sixth house will transit in the tenth house for the Aries natives. You will be very hard working at this time, and you will get honour if you are working in a government or in an administrative position. You will get inclined towards healing people by guiding and mentoring them. You will be successful if you are working in the health industry, for example, as a doctor, dietician, or health consultant. Also, the accountants and those working in the finance sector and investment banking will witness a favourable period, with substantial growth. You can plan to switch your job. Business entrepreneurs may face some challenges due to a lack of funds or investments in their new projects. You will get full support from your brothers, sisters and your father during this transit period. They will help you in your professional life as well. You may make some travel plans with your friends and acquaintances. The writers and authors will have a good time, as they will get opportunities to earn well from their work. Also, they will be filled with new ideas and writing skills for their new articles and books.

Remedy: Chant ‘Om Bum Budhaya Namah’ 108 times a day.


During this time, the lord of the second and fifth house Mercury will be posited in the ninth house for the native of Taurus moon sign. This transit period can be considered a good one for students. You will get success and good results against your efforts. Some of the students can plan for higher education on the law side. You will be able to accumulate wealth, and you will get help from your brothers and sisters. If you are working in the judiciary system, for example, as a lawyer or a judge, then you will be successful. You will get inclined towards religious activities at this time and will be inquisitive to know about scriptures and mythological facts. You can make some travel plans at this time where you will intend to go to a place where you can understand and learn about different cultures. You will be good at counseling others. Those who are heading the family business will have a favourable period since your luck will favor you. The natives who are into romantic relationships will also have an auspicious period and you may take a step further to introduce your dear one to your parents. Overall this period will bring auspicious results for Taurus natives.

Remedy: Offer hibiscus flowers to Goddess Durga on Wednesdays.

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During this transit period, the first and the fourth house lord will be transiting through the eighth house. This time you will have a good sense of humour and attract people’s attention with your words. You will have a younger-looking charm on your face and will feel like being a bit mischievous. You will be very high in spirits and active in your speech, this will help you in enhancing your convincing power. You may face some health concerns like skin eruptions, allergies or sleeplessness. You are advised to take a balanced diet and include loads of green veggies in your routine, in order to influence the positive impact of Mercury and avoid any kind of allergies. Also, you should meditate to relax your mind. You may face some misunderstandings with your family members, especially your mother. However, you will be good at proving your point and winning over their interest back. You may also face issues pertaining to being misjudged or not understood well by your dear ones and this may hurt your sentiments. You will have an inclination in learning occult subjects and will try to know the depths. The research students and philosophers will have a favourable period.

Remedy: Donate green lentils in the temple on Wednesday.


During this transit, the lord of the third and twelfth house Mercury will be transiting from your seventh house. The married natives may feel some distance from their spouse, this could be due to the travel plans of either of the partners. There are also possibilities of some misunderstandings between the partners during this period. The singles who are planning to get hitched will have a favourable period, you may find your perfect person in your friend or through friends of a friend. Those who have crushes and blushes should propose the person of their dreams, as there are bright possibilities of getting answers in your favour. You may plan to go on a short trip with your friends or your spouse during this period. You will be very logical at this point of time and will make some good decisions which will bring favourable prospects in the future. The time is also potent to make any short-term investments, as they will bring handsome profits eventually. Those who are into joint ventures or associations may face some difficulties with your subordinates, which will impact your business. However, if your work is related to foreign markets, then you may get good benefits during this period.

Remedy: Offer Durva to Lord Ganesha on Wednesdays.


At the present time, the lord of the second and eleventh house Mercury will be transiting from the sixth house. You may face some confrontations with your family members, especially your mother during this period. There are bright chances of making a big investment in buying a property. Your expenditure will be high and you may find it difficult to meet your huge expenditure. If you are planning to apply for any bank loan, then time is approving your loan may get sanctioned. Those who are into the banking sector will have a favourable period since you will be able to make new customers with your eloquent speech and convincing power. Also, those who are in the sales and marketing sector will have a beneficial period. Those who are looking for a job change or location change will have a favourable period, as you will get good opportunities to move out of your comfort zone. You may have some conflicts with your friends during this period, however, you are advised to resolve your difference by communicating with them.

Remedy: Plant a Basil tree and nurture it regularly.

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At this time, the planet Mercury which is the Lagna and tenth house lord will transit into the fifth house for the Virgo natives. During this period, you will use your intelligence and skills to succeed in your career, and you will perform your roles and responsibilities at work with due diligence. You will be successful if you are working with the government, or have a job related to law and order, for example, a lawyer or a judge. You will prefer everything organized, including your workplace and home. You will become conscious of your actions, not break any law, and go by the book. You will get happiness from your children at this time. You will get inclined towards the subjects of philosophy and religion. You will also preach philosophy to others during this time. The students will have a favourable period, your concentration will improve and you will be able to learn your subjects quickly. Also, your writing and speaking skills will improvise, which will help you in writing your exams better. Those who are looking forward to converting their hobby or skills into a profession should try during this period as you will get encouraging results. You may get good news pertaining to childbirth or conception.

Remedy:. Keep a green carnelian tree at your workplace or study table for best results.


During this time, the lord of the ninth and twelfth house Mercury will be posited in the fourth house for Libra natives. During this transit period, you will spend lavishly on materialistic things to accomplish life's desires. This will increase your expenditures way more than your income. You will get support from your mother, but you need to take care of her health as she may get sick at this time. You may want to invest in property, or you may also get benefits from ancestral property. You will be successful if you are working in the department of law where you may even get an inclination to counsel people. Those who are aiming for studies overseas can file their applications during this period as you will get good results. Those who are into family business will have an auspicious period, as the joint luck of all the members will bring productive results and profits. Also, those who are working from home may get an increment as your diligent work will be acknowledged by your organization. You may plan to make a trip to a distant land with your family and spend some cheerful time together. You will have a good sense of humour, which will be loved by your family and relatives.

Remedy: Recite Durga Chalisa every day.


At present, Mercury, which presides over the eighth and eleventh house of Scorpio will be placed in the third house. This period is favourable for those who are looking forward to switching jobs, you will get good opportunities. Your relationship with your friends will be good be it professional or personal and they will help you at the professional front. You may face some troubles due to the office politics and people may try to put you down. You are advised to ignore the negative comments and concentrate on your work since eventually, you will get increments due to your good work. The government employees who are looking forward to transfer may get some good news during this period. Also, those who are planning to shift from one place to another can plan their migration as time is potent. You may get opportunities to earn from illegal sources or have hidden income. However, we would not advise going for the same as in the long run you may land up incurring losses. You may face disagreements with your siblings, also you are advised to take care of their health as they may suffer from some seasonal problems.

Remedy: Chant ‘ Om Gan Ganpataye Namah’ 108 times everyday.

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At present, the lord of the seventh and tenth house Mercury will be in the second house of possessions and accumulated wealth. Your convincing power will be very good and you will charm people with your communication skills. You will be cheerful and will keep your family members happy with your mimics and a good sense of humour. Your relationship with the members, especially your mother will be good. Those who are married will share a healthy bond with their partner. Your spouse will keep you delighted with their extra efforts towards your family and their goodwill. The singles who are searching for a partner, have bright probabilities of finding their soulmate through the efforts of their family or close friends. The business entrepreneurs will have a beneficial period as you will make good profits from your past endeavours. The employed natives, especially those who are into accountancy, investment banking, or finances will do good during this period. You will be able to make good clients and better deals with them This will improve your profile and get a decent bonus to you. Investing in long-term plans will be beneficial for you, as it will bring benefits in the future.

Remedy: Plant trees, especially basil trees and nurture them well.


At this time, the lord of the sixth and ninth house will be in the rising sign for Capricorn natives. You will be energetic, highly impressive in your articulation and much talked about in your social circle. Your convincing power will be outstanding and you will get your works done due to the same. Those who are into law chartered accountancy and marketing will have an auspicious period. You will have opportunities to make good clients and earn better perks. Your relationship with your parents, especially your father will be good during this period. You will get his good wishes and support in your professional life. You will be very critical and analytical about your relationships during this time. You will have an inclination towards reading religious texts and gaining knowledge about mythological facts. You may face some concerns related to sleep or the nervous system, therefore you are advised to take good care of yourself and practice some relaxing techniques to keep yourself calm. The married natives will share a good understanding with their spouse, also you will get assistance from your partner at the professional front. There are possibilities of having some gains in cash and kind from the ancestral property.

Remedy: Recite Vishnu Sahasranama everyday.


During this time, Mercury the lord of the fifth house and eight houses will be transiting in the twelfth house for Aquarius natives. This transit period cannot be considered as a favourable one for you. You will get hardships from the children's side. The students will have to work very hard; only then, will you be able to get some success. You need to eat healthily and avoid junk food at this time; otherwise, you can get sick. You can also get mentally stressed out because of several things going on in life. To calm yourself down, it is recommended that you include meditation in your lifestyle. If you are working in the field of law enforcement or order, then you can get a chance to settle abroad at this time, although you will see a delay in your tasks. Those who are working in MNC or Global companies will have a better time, you will be able to make a reputation for yourself in the organization. You may have to travel for work, however it will not bring many productive results. You may feel a lack of confidence and face misunderstanding with your siblings and friends. Your expenditure will be too high and you may face some sudden or unforeseen expenditures as well.

Remedy: Donate green leafy vegetables in the temple on Wednesdays.


During this time, Mercury the lord of the fourth and seventh house will be posited in the eleventh house for the natives of Pisces. You will make strong success in your career during this transit period if you are into law enforcement or the army and will make good money. You can get a promotion at your job. You earn money from additional sources of income. There are possibilities of making a good amount through some property. And you will do everything by making fair deals and will not get involved in any mal-practices or corruption. You can also gain from your investment in land or property at this time. There will be harmony in your married life, and you will get full support from your partner. You will also see the satisfaction in your family life where you will get happiness from your mother and children. Your tone while speaking will be very soft at this time which people will appreciate. The students will also get success in their education, and you will get results as per your efforts. Overall, this transit period can be considered an auspicious one for you.

Remedy: Donate green-colored clothes to needy girls.

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