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Mercury Transit In Aquarius (27th February 2023)

Mercury Transit in Aquarius will take place on February 27th, 2023 at 4:33 pm. This transit will have a special impact on each zodiac because when Mercury transits Aquarius, the Sun and Saturn will already be there. Mercury will stay in Aquarius till March 16th, 2023, and then will transit into its debilitated sign, Pisces. At the time when Mercury will transit into Aquarius on February 27th, Saturn will be present there at about 5 degrees and the Sun will be at about 14 degrees. Hence, in such a case, there will be a conjunction of Mercury and Saturn in the coming 4 days itself to the nearest degree. Although the Sun will also be residing in Aquarius, it will leave the zodiac in March after being closest to Mercury.

Mercury Transit in Aquarius

This Mercury Transit in Aquarius may bring different kinds of changes in your life. In Vedic Astrology, Mercury is known as the Crown Prince and an auspicious planet, which gives results as per the lord of the zodiac it is present in. Since Mercury and Saturn are considered friendly planets and Saturn has never treated Mercury as its enemy, this transit of Mercury into Saturn’s sign, Aquarius, will bring a lot of fortunate results. This transit can also prove to be a symbol of persistence and firmness of thoughts in your life. With this article by AtroSage, we will be providing you with some essential facts about this transit of Mercury in Aquarius, its impact on your zodiac, and some necessary measures you should take during this time.

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The planet Mercury is said to be the messenger in Astrology, that is, it represents communication skills and speech in order to help you to keep your point or converse with others. It depends on Mercury whether you will be sweet or sharp with your words to a great extent. This planet is responsible for making a person beautiful, rational, intelligent, and mentally strong, along with developing intelligence, and providing speech, and communicative abilities. A favorable Mercury in a horoscope provides success in banking, accounting, stand-up comedy, acting, computer, marketing, and music-related employment, as well as media work. Hence, the Mercury Transit in Aquarius is considered to be an important one since it will bring various big changes in our lives.

Due to the effect of Mercury on Vata, Pitta, and Kapha Tridoshas, along with the zodiac of Saturn, Aquarius, which is a fixed sign and the sign of air element, this transit of Mercury will have a huge impact on each of the twelve zodiac signs. So without waiting any longer, let us see how the Mercury Transit in Aquarius will influence your zodiac!

Mercury Transit in Aquarius: The Conjunction of Mercury-Sun-Saturn in Aquarius

With Mercury's transit in Aquarius, there will be a conjunction of the Sun, Saturn, and Mercury, which can intensify ideological disagreements among many heads of state and diplomacy and politics in mutual negotiations, as well as some spiteful feelings that can be seen as a global impact in the upcoming days. This time can bring an ideological revolution and rebellion in the country and around the world. Many people will be seen running their own agendas on social media which will be very popular. Some issues will be very popular in the media and will overshadow others during this time, while it can be a painful duration for a big political figure. Famous and honorable people need to be mindful of what they speak during this transit, otherwise, things can go out of hand. New business relations will be established and financially, this time will give moderate results.

The Predictions In This Article Are Based On Moon Signs. Call the best astrologers on the phone and know in detail about the impact of Mercury Transit in Aquarius on your life.

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Mercury is the lord of the third and sixth house for the natives of Aries and will enter your eleventh house during this transit period. Mercury's transit in Aquarius will be suggestive of your financial improvement. This period may be more advantageous for working individuals. Your efforts will be rewarded, and you will have a good chance of increasing your income. For those who are related to the banking sector or any other financial institution, this transit will prove to be very beneficial for you. For the people who own a business, this time will bring profit through partnership in your business. A joint venture or an expansion of your business will be very successful during this transit.

People associated with the media field will benefit from this transit as well. You would choose to work on your own terms and can turn any of your interests into a profession or earn money through them. You will win over your rivals during this transit. You may win a court case that has been going on for some time now and can gain money out of it. Your confidence will boost during this time. Your relationships with your older siblings will have ups and downs. Tension can also occur in a love connection, resulting in a minor argument. It would be preferable to have a mutual dialogue before emotional distance develops. The intellectual capacity of students will grow, and they will have the opportunity to learn, understand, and study new subjects, resulting in improved academic performance.

Remedy: Feed green fodder to a cow every Wednesday.


Mercury is the lord of the second and the fifth house for the natives of Taurus and when Mercury transits into Aquarius, it will be in your tenth house. This transit will prove to be favorable for your job, giving you the strength to finish your tasks ahead of their deadlines. This will bring lots of appreciation to you at your workplace and will boost your confidence. You will work as a team member at your workplace and perform excellent work by being cooperative with everyone. This is a terrific time for business, and if you are involved in a family company or an ancestral business, you will have an even better time. This transit will provide harmony to family life. You will be close to your family and will be observed striving to respect and satisfy their wishes.

If you had any task pending or stalled for a long time, or some projects which you were working on that had stopped earlier, they will be completed soon as well. You will make a considerable amount of money during this time, and your job will be successful. Some of the new techniques will have to be reconsidered since they are too unrealistic to fully utilize. If you work in CRM management, property trading, or real estate, this period will also be beneficial to you. You will receive great deals. There will also be an opportunity for short journeys during Mercury Transit in Aquarius as well. Your senior officers will fully support you and guide you. reputation in society will improve, as well as satisfaction in family life. You will overcome any issues between your father and you, and bond with him, allowing you to flourish in your career and in life.

Remedy: Worship Shri Vamana Swarup (Dwarf Avatar) of Lord Vishnu.


Mercury is the lord of Gemini, which means it is the lord of your first and fourth house and it will enter your ninth house during this transit in Aquarius. Mercury's transit in the house of fortune might cause significant changes in your professional career. There is a potential that you may get a transfer that will be in your best interests, that is, being transferred to another location after obtaining a good position or income. Your luck has started to prevail now and you will be able to fulfill all your wishes. You will gain respect, and your reputation in the workplace will improve. Your work will inspire those around you as well as your coworkers. If you wish to invest in the stock market or try your luck at the lottery, for example, this period can be beneficial to you. However, we recommend that you avoid these activities since they may expose you to financial danger.

If you own a business, this transit will prove to be a beneficial time to expand it and spend large sums of capital on it. You will establish new ideas and will be seen attempting to finish and implement them. You will have to travel and go on big trips for your business which will bring success to your work. Your communication skills will improve and you will get complete benefit from it in your work. This Mercury transit in Aquarius will bring mental peace and happiness to you. Your thoughts will be occupied with religious and spiritual activities, and you will be more interested in discovering, learning about, and comprehending archaeological and religious artifacts. You could be interested in astrology at this time as well. Your bond with your father will improve during this transit, and you will find yourself attempting to broaden your social circle. You will also have the assistance of friends who will assist you with your task.

Remedy: Wear a good quality Emerald stone in a gold ring on the little finger of your right hand on a bright Wednesday.

Note: AstroSage advises you to consult a learned astrologer before wearing any gemstone or performing any remedy.

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Mercury is said to be the lord of the third and the twelfth house for the natives of Cancer and during this transit, Mercury will enter your eighth house. This is the period to avoid conspiracies, as some cunning trick may be played against you at work. Even if you have enough intuitive knowledge that you can handle any problem, it is best to remain careful. You will need to work harder at your workplace during this period. If you work for a multinational corporation or a foreign corporation, this can prove to be a good time for you. If you are seeking work, an employment opportunity may present itself to you during this period.

If we talk about family life at this time, there may be ups and downs in relationships with in-laws. Be cautious if you wish to invest in the stock market. Investing during this period will be unprofitable. If you invest, you might suffer a significant loss. By God's grace, a new passion will emerge in you to help you face every difficulty. If you are a student involved in the research sector, you will be able to achieve significant achievement. The actions of someone close to you may startle you, but you will understand, and a member of your family will assist you in resolving any issues. Be cautious of high blood pressure issues.

Remedy: Recite Shri Ganapati Atharvashirsha on Wednesday.


Mercury is considered to be the lord of the second and the eleventh house and this transit will happen in the seventh house for the natives of Leo. This transit will prove to be favorable for the people who own a business. You may start your own business during this time and get opportunities to establish your own name or brand in the field. Your business will expand and you will have the opportunity to collaborate with new individuals. If you are a lawyer or work in the finance industry, this period will be much more successful for you, and you will achieve new heights. There will also be opportunities for promotion in your employment.

From the viewpoint of your family life, your relationship with your spouse will be healthy, but certain things may sting one another in between. hence, you are advised to act and communicate carefully so that no argument arises. Many tasks will be completed with the assistance of your life partner. there will be mutual harmony seen among family members, resulting in a peaceful atmosphere with everyone appearing to be content. You may need to organize a family vacation in which everyone in the family participates and goes somewhere together. You can also meet new people.

Remedy: Reciting Shri Gajendra Moksha Stotra will be beneficial for you.

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For the natives of Virgo, Mercury is the lord of your zodiac sign. This means Mercury is the lord of your first and tenth house and it will enter your sixth house during this transit. During this time, your survival skills will improve. New obstacles will enter your life, but they will not lower your spirits; instead, you will face them with courage. You will become well-known at your workplace as a result of your hard work and efforts.

During this transit, you will get the feeling that you have to show yourself to be the best version of yourself, and you will work hard to do so. During this period, be kind to your coworkers because you may have an argument or conflict with any of them. However, you will be better than them in all aspects, yet you will face some problems. Employed people will need to pay attention throughout this period. This period will be financially reasonable, however, y our expenses will begin to rise. Many expenses will occur unexpectedly, causing you to overspend, and worsening your financial situation. Nevertheless, you should refrain from starting any new task that requires the use of the money during this period, as this might result in financial loss. A conflict or stress may erupt in your household during Mercury transit in Aquarius. There may be disagreements and conflicts about the property. During this time, you must recognize the importance of your health and pay close attention to it. You might have skin issues, nervous system issues, allergies, and so on. If you have a chronic disease, there is a possibility that it can worsen, so take care of yourself. Students can achieve high results in competitive tests, therefore this transportation will be beneficial to them.

Remedy: On Wednesdays, take blessings of transgenders by touching their feet and gift them a green cloth.


Mercury is the lord of the ninth and twelfth house for the natives of Libra and this transit will take place in the fifth house. The Mercury transit in Aquarius will improve your income. If you work in sectors like journalism, acting, media, theatre, or the arts, or if you enjoy writing, your efficiency will improve, and you will get respect and money as a result of this art, and people will notice and appreciate your talent as well. Your efforts will result in success. Your ability to improve yourself will improve as well, and you will learn from your flaws and strive to overcome them. Time will be much more advantageous to the students. They will have the opportunity to master their courses, which will result in high grades on their tests.

If you are in a love relationship, do not hide anything from your partner since doing so might be damaging to your relationship. There may be some concerns about children at this time, but your child will be brilliant and will delight you with their talent. It's a fantastic moment to speak your mind and open up to someone important. If you have a load on your mind, get rid of it in front of them. This will make you feel better. There are possibilities for a change in your career or job.

Remedy: Gift your sister, aunt, or daughter green bangles or bracelets.


Mercury is the lord of the eighth and the eleventh house for the natives of Scorpio, with this transit happening in the fourth house. This transit will bring you mixed results. Working people may experience a sense of insecurity. They would find their jobs in danger so they will have to work more. There are also possibilities of changing jobs during this transit. If you have already decided to move jobs, retain comprehensive preparation on your side during this period, as your job may change. On the other hand, if you work for the government, you may be transferred. This Mercury transit in Scorpio is likely to be favorable for purchasing or investing in real estate.

The atmosphere at home will be pleasant, and you will receive the support of family members. Mutual harmony will result in friendly connections among family members and an atmosphere of enjoyment and tranquility in the home. There will be some minor disagreements or discussions in between, but nothing serious will occur. During this time, your relationships with family members may improve, and if you are already fighting with someone, this may subside. You will be doing wonderful things for your family members' enjoyment. You will be spending most of the money on home maintenance as well as other household expenses. Economically, this period will be normal, but you may inherit some ancestral property.

If you are considering buying a new vehicle, this is a good time to do so. This will be a difficult time for schooling. Students will require some supervision since their attention will be disrupted, which may have an impact on their education. They will profit from the assistance of a professional guide.

Remedy: Write Shri Ram on peepal leaves and place them at Lord Shri Ram's feet while reciting the Shri Ram Raksha Stotra.

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For the natives of Sagittarius, the Mercury transit in Aquarius will take place in the third house, and the planet is the lord of the seventh and tenth houses. This transit will strengthen your communication and vocabulary, and you will win the hearts of everyone who interacts with you. During this time, you will spend a lot of time with your friends, and going on outings and small trips with them will provide you with a feeling of calm. There will be relatives visiting your home, which will make your family life more enjoyable. Your coworkers' attitudes at work will be quite positive. They will greatly assist you with their expertise and efficiency, which will be beneficial to your career. Along with this, there can be many possibilities of a promotion in your job. There will be a slight rush of work, but it will only benefit you. Any interest you have will be brought to light, and you will be able to establish your identity among the people. If you work in the media, journalism, marketing, or communication, this transit period might be quite beneficial to you because you will have the opportunity to improve your job during this time. Your communication abilities will improve, and you will achieve professional success.

Married people will encounter certain difficulties in managing their relationships. There may be an ego clash between you and your partner. It is also important to take proper care of them and listen to their words. This will progressively reduce misunderstandings and bring you closer together. If you are still single and love someone, this is a good time to reveal your heart to them. May your love grow stronger.

Remedy: Offer Durvankur to Lord Ganesha.


For the natives of Capricorn, Mercury is the lord of the sixth and ninth house, and this transit of Mercury in Aquarius will be in your zodiac’s second house. Mercury, the king of your house of fortune, will transit from your zodiac sign to your second house, bringing you good fortune. Your speech will become more pleasant and you will negotiate wisely, giving you the advantage of being able to manage any scenario properly. There will be opportunities for enormous business success. You may have to go on a long journey which will be beneficial to business.

You can also receive money soon by winning a case in court. This period will be favorable for financial benefits and will improve your bank balance. If you work during this time, you will be fully compensated for your efforts on the job and will be satisfied with your work and its speed. If you have been waiting for a transfer for a long time, you might get it now. During this transit, there may be opportunities to get benefits from the government sector as well. Disputes in family life can be handled by mutual dialogue, which will create a happy attitude in the home. Your spouse may experience certain medical issues.

Remedy: Chant the Mercury or Budh Beej Mantra.


The planet Mercury, which is the lord of your fifth and eighth houses, will transit in the first house for the natives of Aquarius. This transit will be moderately beneficial to you. With your intelligence, you will be able to complete all your tasks. The knowledge you have received will come in handy and will get you out of even the most difficult situations. During this period, it is important to be cautious about work because there is a potential for job loss. If you own a business, this period is an excellent opportunity to expand your services, but avoid taking any new risks. You will be on the lookout for business opportunities. You will be observed attempting to implement new plans that will yield positive effects in the future with your work and its pace. This transit will help working individuals establish their separate identities. Your work will be outstanding throughout this transit. If you work in the media, insurance, astrology, research, or any other sector, this time period will strengthen your reputation and raise your income. However, this is not a good time to invest in the stock market, so proceed carefully or you may suffer significant losses.

This is a terrific time for married couples. You and your partner will make fresh plans for the future and reach an agreement on how to carry them out. You will hear positive things from your children and will be pleased with their progress. If you are a student, you will accomplish great achievements since your intelligence and wisdom will grow. It will be excellent if you are in a loving relationship. Love will blossom between you and your partner, and mutual understanding will grow, allowing your relationship to mature and bring you closer together. There is also a potential for receiving money unexpectedly. Along with this, you will have nice and proper support from your in-laws.

Remedy: Worship Lord Krishna and Goddess Radha on Wednesdays.


While the planet is the lord of the fourth and seventh house for the natives of Pisces, the Mercury transit in Aquarius will take place in the twelfth house of your zodiac. This transit will bring expenses for you and you will have to spend more money than you thought. You will be purchasing some stuff to fulfill your need and some for the convenience of you and your family members. If you work in a multinational company or a foreign company, there are possibilities of you getting a big promotion, and you can also be sent abroad in connection with your work. The people working in other companies will have to struggle a bit more and will have to complete the work.

If you are self-employed or run your own business, such as a lawyer or chartered accountant, this period will help you much, and if you perform any job assigned abroad, this period will also benefit you and you will grow your work. You will feel better, and your income will rise as well. People doing business must exercise caution because the current period is not beneficial. You will have to rely on new personnel to assist you with your task. Although international contacts might provide some benefits, long-awaited plans could be delayed, so be cautious and avoid making any large investments during this time, or you will have issues.

This transit period may cause conflict in your family life. The distance between you and your partner may widen. You may be absent from family events because of work commitments, and you may also take some travels, which may cause some boredom in home life. Students who aspire to study abroad might make their dreams come true during this transit. This period might be risky for your health, hence, you are advised to take extra precautions.

Remedy: Feed a cow whole Moong on Wednesdays with your own hands.

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