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Retrograde Mercury Transits In Virgo (2nd October 2021): Timing and importance

Mercury is known as the planet of communication and expressions and plays a vital role in Vedic Astrology. Mercury will transit in a retrograde motion in the zodiac sign Virgo on 2nd October 2021 and bring with itself major transformations in the lives of natives of all signs. Read ahead and know how this astrological event can change the course of life for many.

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Mercury being the price as per astrology is jovial and rejuvenating. Those who belong to the signs of Mercury are blessed with a good sense of humour and mischievous skills. It bestows youthful looks and analytical skills to the natives. It upholds the responsibility of articulation and intelligence. It is important for any kind of communication be it personal or professional. It represents the fields of trade, commerce, financial institutions, accountancy and banking. It is of primary importance for authors, writers, media personnel and astrologers. It takes approximately 24 days to transit from one sign to another when in direct motion.

Mercury will be in retrograde motion in Libra and fall to Virgo during this transit period. The retrograde motion of Mercury generally enhances the creative mind of individuals however, it also impacts the general behaviour, speech, voice and intelligence of a native. Mercury in Libra is very diplomatic and charming, while it is at its peak in the sign of Virgo. In lieu of the same, this transit will bring favourable results for most of the zodiac signs and you will be able to complete your past endeavours. Retrograde Mercury will enter the Virgo zodiac sign on 2 October at 3:23 am in the morning and later on, it will begin it's direct motion from 18 October 2021 onwards. On 2 November 2021 at 9:43 in the morning, it will transit into Libra.

Let us find out the influence of the transit on all the zodiac signs-

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The Predictions In This Article Are Based On Moon Signs. Call best astrologers on phone and know in detail about the impact of Mercury Retrograde on your life.


Mercury is the third and sixth house lord for Aries natives and will be transiting back to their sixth house in its own sign from the seventh. This retrograde transit of Mercury will affect your communication and health. At this time, you need to be careful of your opponents and enemies as they will become active. Be calm and composed towards your colleagues. You may get frustrated at your workplace, and also plan to change your job at this time, however, take up a new opportunity after giving it a complete thought. You are also advised not to take any hasty decisions. You may get tensed when submitting a completed task at work; hence, it is advised that you should review your work before passing it on. It is advised that you should also concentrate on your health at this time. As you will be prone to some ailments and diseases pertaining to skin allergies, nervous and insomnia. You should eat healthily, incorporate a lot of fruits and vegetables in your daily diet, and yoga in your daily routine so that you can relax your mind. Those who are into litigation will have a favourable period, you will gain back interests and inclination of some of your old clients, which will bring success in your profession

Remedy: Plant trees, especially the palm tree, for attaining auspicious results of Mercury.


Mercury presides over the second and fifth house for Taurus natives. At this time, Mercury will enter a retrograde position in Virgo in the fifth house for the ascendants of Taurus. This transit will affect your communication, particularly with your loved ones and your financial life. If you are in a love relationship, you need to be extra careful at this time. You need to trust them and not judge them. Do not take any hasty decisions in your love life. You may feel like your love life is at a halt, but you need to be calm. Those who had a break up in the past may have some hope of reuniting with your dear one again. The students will have a favourable period as they will be able to concentrate better on their subjects. Those who are blessed with children will need to have clear communication with them at this time. Since they may be quarrelsome and rebellious due to peer pressure or in the wrong company. If you are involved in the business, this time is probably not suitable for starting a new venture. You should not invest in the share market or gambling at this time as you may have to bear losses. You may see ups and downs in your expenditure at this time.

Remedy: Donate Green Lentils in a temple.

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Gemini is an air sign ruled by Mercury. Planet Mercury will transit back to its exaltation sign and enter in a retrograde motion in the fourth house for Gemini natives during this time. This position of Mercury can affect how your personality is perceived by others and communication with your family. At this time, you need to be careful when it comes to your domestic and family life. You shouldn't be judging your family and should sit back and be calm. Do not take any important family decisions at this time; otherwise, you may have to regret them later. Some past controversies or situations may come up in an aggressive manner, which would demand your attention. Do not hesitate in taking the help of others at this time. Your friends can help you out if required at this time. If you are renovating your home at this time, things can come to a pause. You can defer your plans for home-renovation and improvement at this time. If you plan some trip, it is recommended that you delay it as you may face complications during your trip. The academic students may face concerns pertaining to remembering their subjects, also they will find it difficult to express their concerns.

Remedy: Worship Lord Narayan and offer sweets on Wednesday.


Mercury is the lord of the third and twelfth house for Cancerians. At this time, the planet Mercury will enter a retrograde position in the third house for the natives. This position of Mercury will affect your communication and your life in general. Because of this transit, while doing any kind of communication, be it verbal, written, you need to be extremely careful. Re-review your emails and letters twice before sending them. Whenever you speak with the public, closed ones, or at the office, be careful as something you say can hurt others. Don't do any important business deals at this time. Avoid getting into any gossips, as people may take something that you said in the wrong way. However, at this time, you will not engage yourself in unnecessary expenditure and will be able to manage your financial life. Don't lend money to anyone during this time. If you are planning for a trip, you may want to delay it for some time. You will have some miscommunications with your siblings and friends. You will have an inclination to do some exercising or follow a physical fitness regime during this period. You will like making new friends and going out with them.

Remedy: Keep a green carnelian tree in the eastern direction of your room


Mercury rules over the second and eleventh house of Leo and is a Dhan yog Karak planet for Leo natives. During this time, Mercury will be in a retrograde position in Virgo in the second house for Leos. This transit will affect your communication with friends and your financial life. At this time, you need to be extra careful in regards to your finances. You need to plan your budget, and you should not spend on unnecessary things. You should not make any decision in haste regarding your investment. Even in this case, if you have to invest, you should invest in some safe deposit like a term deposit. Avoid investing in any property as well. If you have a new business idea, using which you want to generate new income, you may want to defer the same until this transit is over. It would be best if you were not dependent on others and should be self-reliant at this time. When speaking with others, you need to mind your tongue, as something that you speak may hurt others. Those who are into business may face some repetitive concerns or issues from their clients. The employed natives will have a better time period, there are possibilities of earning incentives from your work completed in the past.

Remedy: Listen or read stories of Lord Krishna.

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Mercury is the lord of rising sign and the tenth house for Virgo. Mercury will enter back to the first house from the second house in retrograde position for the Virgo natives during this time. This transit will affect your communication at your workplace and the way you present yourself and behave in public. At this time, you need to be careful about your self-presentation and body language at work as others may get mixed signals. You may sometimes get confused, and you may find it difficult to express yourself clearly or face problems due to communication lapses with the people around you. Because of this, people can misunderstand you and get annoyed. It would help if you did not make any big decision at this time; otherwise, you may have to regret it later. Your enemies will be active this time, so you need to be cautious of them. In your family and married life, you need to keep things clear and avoid any confusion. But should not worry about this as this is just a phase until the Mercury turns direct. You may have to redo your task which you completed in the past. Those who are into the advertising and media industry will have a better period.

Remedy:. Chant ‘ Om Bum Budhaya Namah’ 108 times a day.


Mercury owns the lordship of its ninth and twelfth house. During this transit period, it will fall back in the twelfth house of expenditure and travels from the first house. This transit will affect your communication related to your life in general and will bring mixed results. Your on hold or halted tasks for a long time will start or can even get completed. At this time, some of your opponents can become active and can plot against you and bring up some old issue from the past. You need to be cautious regarding the same. Your enemies can try to deceive you or harm you. You should rely on your intelligence and tactics to handle the same. You may, by accident, share some secret of yours with others, for which you need to be careful. When communicating some of your ideas, you need to make sure that you present the same in a proper manner. You will have to work very hard at work, only then you will be able to get some success. There are bright possibilities for long-distance travel during this period. You may also go on a pilgrimage to a place you visited previously. Your expenditure may increase and you will spend on some unproductive things. You may have some argument with your father or paternal uncle during this period.

Remedy: Wear a good quality Emerald crafted in gold or silver in your right-hand little finger to gain commending results.


Mercury presides over the eighth and eleventh house of Scorpio and will be transiting in the eleventh house. You may face some misunderstandings with your elder siblings and friends during this period. If you have more than one source of income then you may face some obstacles during this period, due to which you will find it difficult to realise your payments. The business owners may earn profits from their stuck up deals and dead stock during this period. You should be cautious while making new friends during this time, as they may cheat you or abruptly use your favours, which will harm you in the long run. Those who are into marketing and customer services will face difficulties in convincing their prospective clients and making good deals. You may have a sudden gain from your past or forgotten investment. You are advised not to plan any long term investment or invest money in speculative markets, as you might face heavy losses in the same. You may become lazy and weak. You are advised to eat healthily and involve some exercise in your daily routine. In case you are planning a job change, it is recommended that you should hold on to that for now as it will not bring favourable results.

Remedy: Recite Durga Chalisa every day.

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Mercury is the lord of the seventh and tenth house of the dual sign Sagittarius and will move in the tenth house in a retrograde motion. This transit will affect your communication related to your career at your workplace or with your business partner. You may become egoistic or arrogant at this time, something you say at your workplace can upset some of your colleagues or your bosses, so you need to take all precautions and speak thoughtfully. Try to have good behaviour with everyone. Avoid any miscommunication, be it verbal or written, for example, on an email. If you are into a business and have a partner, try to maintain good relations with them. With your efforts, you can get success. If you are planning to make a major decision about your life, you need to hold on to that thought as you may not make a good decision at this time. The married natives may face some confrontations due to misunderstandings with your partner. Those who are single and looking for a perfect partner may get lucky in finding a good proposal, however, you are advised to not get into any kind of commitment during this time as it will not be long lasting.

Remedy: Keep a green carnelian in the east direction of your room.


Mercury rules the sixth and ninth house of Capricorn and will be transiting back to the ninth house from the tenth house during this transit period. This transit will affect your communication related to legal matters and at your workplace. Don't prefer to make any travel plans pertaining to work during this transit as they may get cancelled or you may have to bear losses. If you are planning for higher education at this time, you may want to defer this planning until Mercury moves out of the retrograde position and becomes direct. You might get frustrated at work because of some issues created by your colleagues, because of which, you may not be able to concentrate on your work. If you are involved in a legal case, you need to ensure that all your communication with your lawyer is clear. You need to take care of your mental health at this time, and it is advised that you get involved in some spiritual activities or plan a trip to some religious place. Those who lost any deal pertaining to the sale or purchase of a property will get a second chance for cracking their deals. In lieu of the same, this period will be beneficial for those who are into property-related jobs or business.

Remedy: Read Bhagavad Gita for gaining the auspicious results of Mercury


Mercury owns the lordship of the fifth and eighth houses of Aquarius and will be transiting in the eighth house in a retrograde motion. This transit will affect your areas of life like your relationship with your beloved, your children and your financial life. You may feel low or have a lack of confidence during this period. You should not invest any money at this time, also avoid lending or borrowing money from anyone. Do not gamble as well as you may have to bear losses because of this. If you have filed for a loan, it may get delayed because of this transit of Mercury. You need to be more calm and patient with your love partner, give them time and space, and try to understand them, else you may face problems in your relationship. The students who are into research subjects will have a better period, as you will be good at connecting your studies to the practical life and will explore new avenues, which was held up in the past. You may have a difficult relationship with your father during this period, as there will be conflicts and misunderstandings between the two of you. You should try to be clear in your conversation, in order to avoid major fights.

Remedy: Worship Lord Ganesha and offer Durva on Wednesdays.


Mercury owns the lordship of the fourth and seventh house of Pisces and will move back from the eighth house to the seventh house in this transit period. At this time, you need to be careful when getting into a business in partnership or when in a partnership-based business. You should avoid any business dealings, signing contracts at this time and try to defer the same until this transit gets completed. If already in a partnership based business, avoid any miscommunication with your partner and keep everything transparent. In case of an argument with your partner, remain calm and try to clear the air peacefully. In regards to your family life, do not make any premature decision during this time. And in case of a love relationship or for the married natives, you need to understand your partner, and do not make any judgements. However, your financial life will be strong at this time, and you do not need to worry about it. You may face some tensions in your relationships with inlaws. You may have some occasion or get together in your family. The academic students will have an unfavourable period as their memorising power will be low during this period.

Remedy: Read and listen to the stories of Lord Vishnu and his avatars.

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