Mercury Direct In Scorpio

Mercury Direct In Scorpio: In the last couple of months there were very rapid transit and changes in the position of Mercury as it has gone retrograde in more than one sign and that has impacted the life of all of us, but now on 2nd January 2024 at 8:06 am it will get in direct motion in Scorpio sign. So, this article will give you information about the impact of mercury transit in Scorpio in direct motion. So before moving ahead, let's know a bit about the planet Mercury and Scorpio sign and the direct motion.

Mercury Direct In Scorpio

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Mercury As Per Vedic Astrology

Astronomically amongst all the planets, Mercury is nearest to the Sun. It revolves around the Sun in 88 days. Its diameter is nearly 3,200 miles.

According to Hindu mythology, Mercury is said to be the son of the Moon. People with Mercury generally have a youthful appearance. The influence of the planet Mercury is neutral, dualistic, cold, moist, and convertible. He gives favorable results when he is in good association and receives beneficial aspects. Mercury can rarely be seen with the naked eye as it is never more than 28 degrees from the Sun. When he is within 8 degrees of the Sun, he is treated as combust or Asta and loses a great deal of its ability. But contradictory to this many astrologers believe that mercury doesn't have the dosha of being combusted because it is mostly near to the Sun.Mercury owns Gemini and Virgo. It is exalted in Virgo, the highest exaltation point being 15 degrees of Virgo. He is debilitated in Pisces, the lowest debilitation point being 15 degrees of Pisces. The first 15 degrees of Virgo is the exaltation portion of Virgo, the 16 to 20 degrees portion is his Mooltrikona and the rest is Swarashi. The whole of Gemini is also his Swarashi.

Mercury rules that part of the intellect that is susceptible to cultivation through study, precept, observation, and imitation. Mercury influences the nervous system, solar plexus, bowels, arms, mouth, tongue, sense of sight, perception, understanding, interpretation, and expression. It deals with short distance and frequent traveling, teaching, clerk-ship, speaking, writing, printing, publishing, literature, stationery, secretaries, book-keeping, correspondence, mailing, etc. His day is Wednesday and its metal is liquid metal that is Mercury. His color is green and his gem is Emerald.

If Mercury is well placed in the horoscope, the natives make good linguists, orators, writers, reporters, teachers, secretaries, accountants, etc., being fully capable of maintaining any position where adaptability, dexterity, perception, skill, quick wit, imagination, and good memory are required. They usually conduct their work in an orderly, methodical, systematic, and handy manner being adept at simplifying arrangements.

Mercury shows the type of mentality one is endowed with, as he governs the reaction to one's sense and impressions. Being an intellectual planet, the Mercurian is knowledgeable, ingenious, and analytical. He will grasp the subjects very quickly. A well-placed and well-aspected Mercury represents a subtle political brain and intellect, a logician with learning and discretion. A person influenced by Mercury will have the curiosity to master occult sciences too. He will be versatile, and good in mathematical calculations, engineering, accounts, banking etc.

If Mercury is afflicted, the native will be clever, cunning, and mischievous. he will turn out to be a great gambler, the worst liar, a conceited showy person, he will pretend as though he knows everything while he is devoid of real learning. The affliction of Mercury will also cause excess nervous activity both in the body and mind. 

Scorpio In Vedic Astrology

Now coming to the Scorpio sign. Scorpio or Vrischika is the eighth indication of the Zodiac. It is a fixed watery sign related with enthusiasm and has Mars as its master. This is thought of as the most dreaded sign among all the zodiac signs. It controls ups and downs and reliable change in our life, it addresses concealed and dearly held secrets of our life. Additionally, the Karaka for mineral and natural resources like gasoline, oil and gas, gemstones, and so on is the Scorpio sign. It furthermore addresses disasters, wounds, and operations in our everyday presence.

What Is Direct Motion Of a Planet? 

The term "direct" refers to a planet's movement when it appears to be moving forward from its retrograde phase. Unequivocally, rather than retrograde, implies that planets are executing their common activities, and their energy is recognized from a distance. Exactly when a planet modifies its course from retrograde to guide, it appears to quit going for a brief period. The term for this is "stationing direct."

हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें: बुध वृश्चिक राशि में मार्गी 

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Mercury Direct In Scorpio: Zodiac Wise Predictions


For Aries individuals, the third and sixth houses are ruled by the planet Mercury. On January 2, 2024, Mercury goes direct in the sign of Scorpio, influencing your eighth house. This house governs longevity, unexpected events, secrecy, occult sciences, and transformation. Although a transit of Mercury in the eighth house is generally considered unfavorable, the Mercury Direct In Scorpio suggests resolving verbal disputes and misunderstandings that may have arisen during Mercury's retrograde phase.

However, complete resolution will only occur when Mercury exits the eighth house. Health issues such as skin problems or throat-related diseases that you've been facing will now have more accessible and appropriate treatment options. If you've had disputes with younger siblings or cousins, these issues will also find resolution. It is essential to note that Mercury Direct In Scorpio is forming a Vipreet Raj Yoga while transiting the sixth house. This indicates that with your willpower, you can turn challenging situations in your favor, fostering future growth.

Remedy: Respect transgenders and if possible give them green-colored clothes.

Aries Horoscope 2024


For Taurus natives, planet Mercury rules the second house and fifth house. On 2nd January 2024, Mercury Direct In Scorpio will take place in your seventh house of life partner and business partnership. So Mercury Direct In Scorpio will prove to be a big sense of relief for you as the miscommunication and the unnecessary fights you have faced in the last few days with your partner will come to an end and you will be able to resolve those issues with proper communication. 

The natives who had put their marriage, engagement, or proposal plans on hold can now move forward in that direction. Now you can also introduce your partner to your family. Taurus natives involved in the family business and partnership will be able to manage that with full energy and new innovative ideas. The only thing you have to keep in mind is to be open to other people, thoughts, and ideas and be adaptive to the circumstances.

Remedy: Donating books to needy children and students will prove beneficial.

Taurus Horoscope 2024


For Gemini natives, planet Mercury rules the first house and fourth house. On 2nd January 2024, Mercury Direct in Scorpio will take place in your sixth house of enemies, health, competition, and maternal uncle. Hence due to the Mercury Direct In Scorpio, you will experience a sense of relief from challenging circumstances. If you have been experiencing any sicknesses for quite a while then you will also experience health benefits in your health and your mother's health as well, you will get a legitimate fix in this term and recuperate and seek the appropriate therapy. 

Any dispute or misunderstanding you are facing with your maternal uncle will also come to an end. The sudden rise of expenses you were facing due to medical expenses or damage to home appliances or electronic gadgets will come under control, but not fully resolved. Experts who are working in the field of information understanding, exchanging, discussion, banking, and dealing with a few specialized issues will get their questions settled during this Mercury Direct In Scorpio. It will be possible for the students who were distracted from their preparation to regain their focus.

Remedy: Light an oil lamp in front of the Tulsi plant and worship it every day.

Gemini Horoscope 2024

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For Cancer natives, planet Mercury rules the third house and twelfth house and now on 2nd January 2024, Mercury Direct in Scorpio will take place in your fifth house which represents our education, love relations, and children. It is also the Purva Punya house. 

With this direct motion of mercury, the cancer students will feel a big relief from the problems they were facing in their academic lives. Students who were planning to go abroad for studies but were facing challenges and obstacles. Now this is the right time to get their work done. This period is even favorable for the students in the research work. This period is now a bit safer as compared to the past few days for the expecting mothers. 

However, you are advised to be conscious of your health. With your initiative and impactful communication, you will be able to minimize the damage that occurred in your domestic life and social life in the last few days and you will be able to revive your old relationship as well.

Remedy: Chant “Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya” daily 108 times.

Cancer Horoscope 2024


For Leo natives, the planet Mercury rules the second house and the eleventh house. On January 2nd, 2024, Mercury Direct In Scorpio will occur in your fourth house, which includes matters related to your mother, domestic life, home, vehicle, and property. Leo natives, since Mercury is the planet that controls your finances, its shift into direct motion is a positive sign for your financial growth.

The fourth house, associated with home and property, indicates that now is a favorable time to invest your finances in acquiring property or other assets according to your needs. With Mercury in direct motion, the struggles or conflicts you were experiencing with immediate family members will likely be resolved. Any misunderstandings that arose due to issues of authority will also come to an end.

This period is also opportune for addressing any challenges within your social circle and rekindling old connections, which can prove beneficial for your professional life and contribute to increased profitability in your business.

Remedy: Water the Tulsi plant daily and consume 1 leaf regularly.

Leo Horoscope 2024


Dear Virgo natives, for you planet Mercury, rules the tenth house and Lagna. On 2nd January 2024, Mercury Direct In Scorpio will take place in your third house, which represents your siblings, hobbies, short-distance travel, and communication skills. Hence, it is pretty clear that this Mercury Direct period would prove to be a bit tough time for you. You may have faced health issues, conflict with younger siblings or cousins, lack of energy, courage, and willpower, and problems in professional life as well in the past. However, now with the Mercury Direct In Scorpio, all of this will come to an end. You will see positivity in all sectors of life. 

Natives who work as traveling bloggers or in any sort of traveling business will be able to introduce their views on new traveling destinations or traveling ideas that they have discovered from their research and hard work. People in the communication or mass communication sector like columnists, media individuals, writers, advisors, film chiefs, anchors, or professional comics will be able to impress the world with their research, deep thinking, and observations. The problem you have faced with your father, mentor, or Guru will also come to a close.

Remedy: Wear an Emerald of 5-6 carat in either a panchdhatu or gold ring on Wednesday. 

Virgo Horoscope 2024


Dear Libra natives, for you, the planet Mercury rules the twelfth house and the ninth house. On January 2nd, 2024, Mercury Direct In Scorpio will occur in your second house related to family, savings, and speech. Libra natives, this direct motion of Mercury will yield mixed results for you. Specifically regarding your finances, expenses will be high, and challenges with savings may persist. You should be mindful of your financial decisions and avoid spending money recklessly.

On a positive note, individuals who have planned long-distance travel or a foreign trip but faced execution issues can now successfully plan their trip. However, it is crucial to be conscious of your finances and not exceed your budget, as overspending may lead to future problems. Additionally, you can expect support from your in-laws, and conflicts with your father, mentors, or spiritual guides will likely come to an end.

Remedy: Water the Tulsi plant daily and even consume 1 leaf daily.

Libra Horoscope 2024


Scorpio natives, Mercury rules your eleventh house and eighth house, and on January 2nd, 2024, Mercury Direct In Scorpio will take place in your Lagna house. Scorpios, this direct motion of Mercury will bring forth several benefits. You can anticipate financial gains, the realization of your desires and wishes, and increased recognition within your social circle. Relationships with your elder siblings and maternal uncle will likely become smoother, resolving any disputes you may have been facing.

However, since Mercury is your eighth Lord, it will induce changes in your personality, way of speaking, and sense of humor. These alterations are expected to uplift your overall persona. It is crucial to be vigilant about your physical well-being during this period, as there is a possibility of health issues such as skin infections, insect bites, UTI, and nervous breakdown. Therefore, it is advised to maintain control over your anger and impulsive nature.

Additionally, this Mercury Direct In Scorpio is favorable for Scorpios with an interest in occult sciences like astrology, tarot reading, and numerology. Embrace this period for personal growth and exploration in these domains.

Remedy: Donating books to needy children and students and helping them in their studies will prove beneficial

Scorpio Horoscope 2024

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Dear Sagittarius natives, Mercury governs your seventh house and tenth house, and on January 2nd, 2024, Mercury Direct In Scorpio will occur in your twelfth house. As a Sagittarius native, we can affirm that this direct motion of Mercury will offer some relief in your personal and professional life. However, it's important to note that the challenges you're currently facing may not be entirely resolved, as Mercury is transiting your twelfth house where it loses its strength.

Therefore, there remains a high probability that your partner may encounter health issues during this time, leading to increased medical expenses. Challenges in your professional life may persist, making it inadvisable to take financial risks in your business at this juncture. Expressing ideas and communicating with subordinates may still pose difficulties.

Moreover, it is strongly recommended to refrain from giving or taking any form of loan during this transit. While this Mercury Direct In Scorpio brings some relief, exercising caution and prudence is paramount to navigating through potential challenges.

Remedy: Donating books to needy children and students and helping them in their studies will prove beneficial.

Sagittarius Horoscope 2024


Capricorn natives, Mercury governs your sixth house and ninth house, and on January 2nd, 2024, Mercury Direct in Scorpio will take place in your eleventh house related to financial gains, desires, elder siblings, and paternal uncle. Capricorn natives, this direct motion of Mercury is poised to bring a sense of relief into your life. You will now sense the support standing by you, allowing you to address your financial matters and make decisions that were previously put on hold.

This period enables you to muster the courage needed to overcome obstacles and emerge victorious against adversaries. Your active participation in social circles is encouraged, and any disputes you may have encountered within your social network or with elder siblings or paternal uncles are likely to find a resolution. If your father has been grappling with health issues, there's positive news as he is expected to recover, and his health will show improvement.

Remedy: Feed green fodder to the cows daily.

Capricorn Horoscope 2024


Dear Aquarius natives, for you planet Mercury rules the fifth house and eighth house. Now on 2nd January 2024, it is transiting in Scorpio sign in your tenth house of profession and workplace. So Aquarius natives, this Mercury Direct In Scorpio will give you relief from the problems you were facing in your professional life. This is also a favorable time for fresh graduates who want to kick-start their professional lives and are looking for an internship or job. 

During this time you can also expect some sudden changes in your professional life. This Mercury Direct In Scorpio will prove to be a favorable time for the natives working as astrologers, researchers, data analysts, or data scientists. Overall, for all the aquarius natives, this transit will prove to be a time of joy and happiness. But still, you are advised to avoid sudden rash decisions and show maturity in life to attain the positive result of this Mercury Direct In Scorpio. 

Remedy: Install Budh Yantra within the house and workplace.

Aquarius Horoscope 2024


For Pisces natives, planet Mercury rules the seventh house and fourth house. On 2nd January 2024, Mercury Direct in Scorpio will take place in your ninth house, which is the house of Dharma, Father, long-distance travel, pilgrimage, and luck.

Hence, this Mercury Direct In Scorpio will give you relief from the disturbance you were facing in your domestic life and married life. Married Pisces men who were facing a tug-of-war-like situation between their mother and wife may come to an end. Pisces natives if the health of your mother or spouse was not in a good state, now it can start getting better. Expenses that have been raised due to damage to home appliances, vehicles, or ill health of family members will come under control. 

The conflicts or disagreements you were facing with your father, mentor, or Guru will also come to an end. This transit also shows that there will be a religious atmosphere at home, or you can plan some religious activity at home or you can plan a religious trip with your mother or with your partner. 

During this Mercury Direct In Scorpio, the support given by your business partner or by your life partner will boost your confidence in your professional life and will help you in making some major decisions in life. 

Remedy: Worship Lord Ganesh and offer him Durva.

Pisces Horoscope 2024 

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