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Mars Transit In Scorpio (16 November 2023)

Dear readers, this article has brought a detailed article for you about the impact of Mars transit in Scorpio signs and its impact over your zodiac sign, but before moving towards the impact of transit over your zodiac sign lets know a bit about the planet Mars and Scorpio sign. For your information, this transit will take place on 16th November 2023 at 10:03 hours IST.

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Mars Transit In Scorpio: Mars As Per Vedic Astrology

Mars is a fiery planet and therefore it is also called the red planet. According to Vedic astrology, the planets Mars and the Sun control the fiery substances of our body, for example, essentialness, actual strength, endurance, devotion, self-control, inspiration to do anything, and energy to follow through with any job. Individuals with Mars' impact will be striking, indiscreet, and straightforward. Mars is likewise the significator of terrains, genuine states, innovation, and design. Thus, we can say that this planet holds a vital job in our life.

And now on 16th November 2023 at 10:03 hours IST it is moving to the 8th sign of the 12 zodiacs, Scorpio, ruled by planet Mars. It is the watery sign and it is the controller of the tamasic energy in our body. The Scorpio sign is the most sensitive sign among all the zodiac signs. It is the sign of extremities. It controls ups and downs and constant change in our lives, it represents hidden and deep dark secrets of our lives. Scorpio sign is also the Karaka for mineral and under land resources like petroleum oil and gas sector, gemstones. It also represents accidents, injuries, and surgeries in our lives. So Mars is very comfortable here in its sign and can deliver its best results during this transit.

But for being specific for a native, it depends upon Mars' placement in the natal chart and the Dasha the native is running through. Now, let’s move ahead and see what impacts will be received by 12 zodiacs during Mars Transit In Scorpio. 

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Mars Transit In Scorpio 2023: Zodiac Wise Predictions 


Dear Aries natives, Mars is your Lagna lord and as well as the lord of your eighth house. And now on 16th november 2023, Mars Transit In Scorpio will take place in your eighth house. The house of longevity, sudden happenings, secrecy, occult science, and transformation. So this Mars Transit In Scorpio can bring a lot of transformation, sudden changes in your life, and hidden, secret, and occult knowledge to you but these things will not come easy to you so we can say that this transit can put you in unpleasant situations but overall it will not harm you. 

However, it is advisable to prioritize your health and physical well-being and remain vigilant when driving or commuting. This advice is especially relevant for students or individuals involved in research or pursuing a Ph.D. Additionally, this period is conducive for Aries individuals interested in exploring occult sciences such as astrology, numerology, or tarot reading. It is also an opportune time to consider joint property investments with your partner, as the eighth house aspect influences your eleventh, second, and third houses.

So during this Mars Transit In Scorpio, due to Mars's fourth aspect on your eleventh house, you may get insecure about your finances, investments, or your image in your social circle. From the seventh aspect, Mars is aspecting your second house so you are advised to be extra conscious with your words while communicating as they may hurt others and even get you involved in physical fights. Mars' eighth aspect on the third house again indicates the same scenario like a problem in your communication conflict with your younger sibling. 

Remedy-  Wear a Copper Kada (bangle) in your right hand.

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Dear Taurus natives, for you planet Mars rules your twelfth house and seventh house. This time on 16th november 2023 Mars Transit In Scorpio will take place in your seventh house of life partner and business partnership. So dear readers in general the presence of Mars in the seventh house is not considered favorable or auspicious for married life because it is an aggressive and dominating planet in nature and is a natural significator of war and fighting. 

Dear Taurus native, in your case, since Mars holds the lordship of the seventh house, it is unlikely to cause issues within its own domain. However, you may find yourself engaged in minor disputes or arguments with your life partner, possibly leading to feelings of insecurity and possessiveness in your relationship. Furthermore, as the twelfth lord transits through the seventh house, there may be some health concerns affecting your partner, so it's advisable to take care of their well-being.

Mars also influences your tenth house, Lagna (ascendant), and second house through its aspect from the seventh house. Mars' fourth aspect on the tenth house might cause some professional insecurities, but the extent of its impact will depend on the current Dasha period you are going through. Additionally, Mars' aspect on your ascendant can lead to a more dominant and aggressive behavior in your interactions.

Mars’ eighth aspect on the second house can generate some health problems related to throat or health issues to someone in an immediate family member or even trigger some uncertainties in your partner's life. And due to this, your savings can also deteriorate.

Remedy- Offer jaggery and peanut sweets in temples.

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Dear Gemini natives, for you planet Mars rules the sixth house and eleventh house. Now on 16th november 2023, this Mars transit will happen in your sixth house of enemies, health, competition, and maternal uncle. 

This is a very favorable transit for you because as per the classic Mars feels comfortable being in the sixth house, and in this case, it is in its sign making it more strong. This Mars Transit In Scorpio will make you very competitive and will suppress your enemies and competitors. This transit will also show you the true face of your unloyal friends who were backstabbing you and can even turn them into your enemies. This is also not a favorable time for any sort of investment but if you do so try to be secretive about yourself as you may face some issues regarding that. 

Mars exerts its influence from various angles. It aspects your ninth house with its fourth aspect, the twelfth house with its seventh aspect, and your Lagna (ascendant) with its eighth aspect. As a result of its impact on the ninth house, it's important to be mindful of your father's health and well-being during this period, as there may be occasional disagreements with him. 

The aspect on the twelfth house might lead to opportunities for travel to distant or foreign locations due to work commitments, potentially increasing your expenses. Finally, Mars' eighth aspect on the Lagna could bring out irritability, aggressiveness, and a dominant nature, which might be misinterpreted by others as rudeness.

Remedy- Consume jaggery regularly for good health.

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Dear Cancer natives, planet Mars is the most beneficial Yoga karaka planet for you; as it controls your Kendra (tenth house) and Trikona (fifth house) houses, and this time on 16th november 2023 this transit will take place in your fifth house which represents our education, love relations, children and it is also the Purva Punya house. 

This Mars Transit In Scorpio is very favorable to the Cancer students, especially for the students who are preparing or pursuing medical or engineering. Cancer parents may get worried due to the aggression and behavior issues of their children. For cancer signs pregnant women are advised to take care of themselves they may face issues like excess heat in the body. 

This Mars Transit In Scorpio is even not favorable for Cancer love birds as due to their over-possessiveness and dominating nature they may face conflict in their romantic relationship. From the fifth house, Mars is aspecting your eighth house, eleventh house, and twelfth house. So due to its fourth aspect on the eighth house, it could trigger uncertainties in life, you are advised to drive safely. Mars' aspect on the eleventh and twelfth house at the same time is not very favorable for new investment but yes during this time you can invest the money in foreign land.

Remedy- Worship Lord Hanuman and donate sweets on Tuesday.

Cancer Weekly Horoscope


Dear Leo natives, similar to Cancer for you as well, the planet Mars is the most benefic and Yoga karaka planet because it rules the ninth (Trikon) house and fourth (Kendra) house. So now, on the 16th of November 2023, Yogakaraka planet is transiting in your fourth house representing your mother, domestic life, home, vehicle, and property. So dear Leo natives this Mars transit in Scorpio will bring mixed results for you. 

This presents an opportune moment to invest in property or purchase a vehicle for yourself. However, it may also disrupt your domestic life, potentially leading to conflicts with your mother or life partner. To mitigate domestic issues and harness the maximum positive outcome from Mars' Transit in Scorpio, it is advisable to engage in religious activities such as performing a Satyanarayan Katha or Hora at home.

Mars, positioned in the fourth house, exerts its influence on your seventh, tenth, and eleventh houses. Mars' fourth aspect on the seventh house may trigger possessiveness and overprotectiveness in your relationship with your life partner, potentially causing conflicts. Conversely, its influence on the tenth and eleventh houses bodes well for Leo individuals in the business sector, indicating a period of dedicated focus on professional growth. Your business, business partnerships, finances, and gains are likely to prosper during this time.

Remedy- Gift your mother jaggery sweets.

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Dear Virgo natives, planet Mars rules your third house of siblings and the eighth house of uncertainty and secrecy and is now transiting in your third house which represents your siblings, hobbies, short-distance travel, and communication skills. So dear Virgo natives this Mars Transit In Scorpio is going to be good for you in some aspects because the presence of Mars in third the house is considered an auspicious house. 

It gives you courage and fills you with confidence and a high energy level and this time the placement of Mars in the sign is making it more favorable for you. But at the same time on the other hand, your relationship with your younger sibling, especially your younger brother could be very strong, or very uncertain, depending on the Dasha, you are running through. But you will get their support for sure but because it’s being eight Lord, there are chances of sudden fight and dispute with them. You are also advised to be conscious of their health and well-being and advise them to stay conscious while driving. 

Moving further from the third house, Mars is aspecting your sixth house, ninth house, and tenth house. So its fourth aspect on the sixth house is good for the students who are preparing for any competitive exams. Due to its sense aspect on the ninth house, you will also get the support of your father, guru, and mentors but pay attention to their health. From the eighth aspect, it is aspecting the tenth house of professional life so you are advised to be conscious of that. 

Remedy- Offer Tulsi leaves garland to Lord Hanuman every Tuesday.

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Dear Libra natives, for you planet Mars rules the second house and seventh house. Now, on 16th November 2023 Mars Transit In Scorpio will take place in the second house of the family, savings and speech. So, it is going to be average for you because, on the one hand, it will help you to grow your savings and bank balance. On the other hand, it will make you harsh and dominating in your speech and communication. As a result, your relationship with your immediate family can be problematic. So you are advised to be soft-spoken and alert while communicating. 

Expanding its influence beyond the second house, Mars casts its aspect on the fifth, eighth, and ninth houses. Consequently, Mars' fourth aspect on the fifth house during this period may lead to an excessive possessiveness concerning matters related to the fifth house, such as your children, education, or your romantic life. This heightened possessiveness could potentially make you anxious and create complications in your romantic relationships. On the positive side, students pursuing engineering or technical fields are likely to excel in their studies during this time.

Mars' seventh aspect on the eighth house indicates the potential for joint financial endeavors with your partner. However, it can also introduce uncertainties into your life, so it's essential to remain mindful of your and your partner's well-being and exercise caution when commuting. Mars' eighth aspect on the ninth house may result in health issues for your father, underscoring the importance of monitoring their health and ensuring they receive timely medical checkups.

Remedy- Recite the Beej Mantra of Mars regularly

Libra Weekly Horoscope


Dear Scorpio natives, planet Mars is your ascendant lord and sixth house lord and this time on 16th November 2023 this transit is happening over your Lagna. So this Mars Transit In Scorpio over your lagna will be fruitful in many aspects of life. It will fill you with confidence and good health. This transit will also be good for students who are pursuing comparative exams or for the natives in the sports field. But at the same time, it can make you a bit aggressive and dominating in nature. If you are running through any court case or litigation matters then during this time your wisdom and courage will help you to resolve those issues. 

Now moving further and talking about the aspects from ascendant Mars is aspecting your fourth house, seventh house, and eighth house. Mars' fourth aspect on the fourth house can make you possessive about your mother and family life and you also need to be conscious of your mother's health and well-being. On the other hand, this aspect is suitable for profitable gains from the sale and purchase of a property. 

The seventh aspect from the seventh house is favorable for business partnerships and will provide you with the support of your life partner. However, there is a significant likelihood that your aggressive and dominant behavior during this transit might lead to self-generated conflicts and clashes with your partner. It is advisable to monitor and control your behavior during this time.

Mars' eighth aspect on the eighth house suggests the potential for shared assets and financial endeavors with your life partner. Nonetheless, it can also introduce uncertainties into your life, so it is crucial to remain aware of your well-being and that of your partner's. Additionally, exercise caution when commuting to ensure safety.

Remedy- Wear good quality Red coral crafted in gold on your right-hand ring finger to gain auspicious results of planet Mars.

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope


Dear Sagittarius natives, planet Mars rules your fifth house and twelfth house, and now this transit will happen in your twelfth house which represents foreign land, Isolation houses, Hospitals, expenditure, and foreign companies like MNCs. So dear Sagittarius natives this Mars Transit In Scorpio is favorable for the natives who work as doctors in hospitals or mental asylums, policemen or jailers in jail, businessmen in the transportation business, or professionals working in MNCs. 

Mars Transit In Scorpio is also a favorable time for the Sagittarius students who want to study abroad and are trying for that, their work can be done during this transit. Sagittarius single natives may get into relationships with someone from a foreign land or distant places. Sagittarius parents may have to pay multiple visits to the hospital because of the ill health of their children. Now moving further and talking about the aspects of Mars from the twelfth house Mars is aspecting your third house, sixth house, and seventh house. 

Due to its fourth aspect on the third house, there are chances that your relationship with your younger sibling can face some issues due to your over-possessive nature towards them. You may also get a bit conscious about your communication skills. Due to its seventh aspect on the sixth house, your expenses could increase during this time due to medical expenses or any legal conflict but on the positive side, your enemies won't be able to harm you. The eighth aspect of Mars on the seventh house is not favorable from the health point of view of your partner. They may face some health issues during this time as well and some conflict could also occur. 

Remedy- Offer jaggery and peanut sweets in temples.

Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope


Dear Capricorn natives, Mars rules your fourth house and eleventh house, and now on 16th November 2023, Mars Transit In Scorpio will take place in the eleventh house. The eleventh house signifies financial gains, desire, elder siblings, and paternal uncle. So this transit in your eleventh house is very favorable for financial gains, previous investments made in the real estate business will provide you with handsome profit during this time, and some other source of income can also be generated during this time. 

It is a good time to prepare long-term strategies regarding finance. You will also get the support of your elder siblings and paternal uncles. Now moving further and talking about the aspects from the eleventh house, Mars is aspecting your second house, fifth house, and sixth house. Mars' fourth aspect on your second house is favorable for your financial gains but at the same time, it can make you possessive about your family. 

The aspect of the fifth and sixth house at the same time is good for Capricorn students who are preparing for competitive exams or any other competition. They will perform really well during this time and their competitor will not be able to stand against them. Due to the Mars eighth; aspect on the sixth house, any litigation and court matters are also likely to go in your favor during this tenure.

Remedy- Donate jaggery sweets to poor people on Saturday.

Capricorn Weekly Horoscope


Dear Aquarius natives, planet Mars rules the third house and the tenth house and this time on 16th november 2023, it will take place in your tenth house of profession and workplace. So dear readers in general the position of Mars in the tenth house is considered very good because it receives the directional strength in this house. So this Mars Transit In Scorpio in the tenth house is very favorable for your professional life, it will bless you with full energy to perform extraordinarily well at your workplace. 

Individuals involved in the infrastructure or real estate sectors are poised to experience significant profitability in their businesses. Moreover, those engaged in family enterprises can anticipate the involvement of younger siblings or cousins in their ventures. Now, turning our attention to the aspects from the tenth house, Mars casts its influence on the Lagna (first house), seventh house, and fifth house.

Mars' fourth aspect on your Lagna may lead to heightened concerns about your public image. Meanwhile, Mars' seventh aspect on the fourth house proves advantageous for property acquisition and home construction but might disrupt domestic happiness and family life. Furthermore, its eighth aspect on the fifth house could pose challenges for Aquarius students, potentially affecting their studies. Aquarius individuals in romantic relationships may encounter difficulties during this transit, and Aquarius parents may find themselves preoccupied with their children's well-being and related concerns.

Remedy- Chant Hanuman Chalisa seven times daily. 

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope


Dear Pisces natives, planet Mars has the lordship of the second and ninth house, and now it will take place in your ninth house. The house of Dharma, Father, long-distance travel, pilgrimage, and luck. So this transit will make you extremely religious and inclined towards occult religious luring. 

You will also do a lot of charity and donations for religious activity. This Mars Transit In Scorpio will also provide you with the blessings and support of your father and guru. This is also a favorable time to plan a religious trip or pilgrimage with your family. This is also a favorable time for students who want to do their Master's or higher studies in the technical field.

Now, let's delve into the aspects stemming from the ninth house, where Mars influences the twelfth house, third house, and fourth house. As a result of Mars' fourth aspect on your twelfth house, you may find yourself concerned about increasing expenses, particularly those related to medical bills and long-distance travel.

Mars' seventh aspect on the third house will boost your confidence and assertiveness in communication. However, it's crucial to exercise control over your choice of words and tone while communicating, as it may inadvertently paint you as an aggressive individual. Furthermore, Mars' eighth aspect on the fourth house could disrupt your domestic environment, and it's advisable to pay close attention to your mother's health during this transit.

Remedy- Offer Chola to Lord Hanuman on Saturday.

Pisces Weekly Horoscope

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