Saturn Transit 2023 In Aquarius Zodiac

In Vedic astrology, Saturn is known to be the planet that judges and it gives results of your deeds (karma) and hence it is considered to be a karmic planet. Saturn transit 2023 will take place from Capricorn to Aquarius on 17th January 2023. If we talk about its timings then it will happen on 17th January 2023 at 5:04 pm. Saturn will then transit from Capricorn and will enter Aquarius and will remain in this sign the whole year.

Saturn Transit 2023

In the same year, it will remain in the combust state from 30th January at 12:02 am to 6th March, 2023 at 11:36 pm

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After this, from 17 June 2023 at 10:48 pm it will retrograde, and on 4th November 2023 at 8:26am it will again come in direct motion.

Due to this event of Saturn Planet 2023, the natives of the Sagittarius will be freed from the ill effects of Shani Sade- Sati and the second phase of Sade Sadi will also end for the Capricorn natives and then the third phase will start. The first phase of the Aquarius will also end and then the second phase will start. Also the first phase of Shani Sade Sati will also start for Pisces. The Libra natives will get freedom from Shani Dhaiya and the Scorpio natives will get rid of Shani Dhaiya. Similarly, the Kantak Shani Dhaiya of the Cancer natives will begin.

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Saturn teaches a person to stay disciplined in life and to respect Justice. Like a teacher prepares us to use our energy in the right direction, and if we commit any mistake then first correct us with love and then with punishing in the same way, Saturn also helps the person to become disciplined in life, it teaches us with its blessings and then a person also learns to work within limits. In this article on Saturn Transit In Aquarius, we will understand that when Saturn takes some difficult decisions, what will be the result and those natives who face difficulties in life, how much Saturn will bless them. This thought brings stability in our lives and in our careers too. Because of Saturn transit in Aquarius, we must be aware of our goals, only then we can achieve our objectives as per our strength, Let’s understand how Saturn transit in Aquarius 2023 will impact different areas of life such as your business, job, marriage, love, children, education, health, etc. And what kind of good results can we get?

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Saturn Transit 2023 Aries Horoscope

Saturn is the ruling planet of the tenth and eleventh house in Aries, it will move from Aries zodiac sign to the eleventh house. Due to this zodiac change, the impact of the eleventh house which is considered to be the house of income and the Saturn transit which is considered most useful in the eleventh house will be going to offer you a lot this year.

There will be possibilities of an unexpected increase in your income and you will also get some earnings from a trusted source this year. Whatever challenges you have endured till now and the hard work you have done, now you will get its complete results. All your desires and ambitions will be fulfilled. Your incomplete plans will also be completed and your confidence will return. In love relationships, this will be the time to play your role honestly and planning. You have to be careful about your health problems. There will also be chances of getting sudden monetary gains. You will be needed for some work at the in-laws' house and if you help them, then you will feel very good, and your relationship with the in-laws will get better.

Saturn Transit 2023 Taurus Horoscope

According to the Saturn Transit 2023 predictions, Saturn being the owner planet of the ninth and tenth house in Taurus will transit from Taurus to the tenth house. Saturn will transit from your destiny or fate house and will enter your karmic house. Being the lord of both your destiny and karma house, Saturn Planet 2023 is a strong benefactor of opportunities for you and this transit of Saturn in the tenth house will bring you unexpected victory. You will become the master of your deeds (karma).

As per Saturn Transit Horoscope 2023, whether you do business or a job, you will get immense success in both fields. There will be time for stability in your career. Possibility of getting a promotion and increment in the job and business will also grow with new schemes and there will be chances of increase in business. The possibilities of traveling abroad for your work will be strong and you will be able to expand the business further by going abroad. There will be some tension in family life as there will be less time for family. You will be very busy with work. The problems in married life will be noticed by you but you will be seen trying to neglect them. There will be time to do something for your life partner.

Saturn Transit 2023 Gemini Horoscope

Saturn being the owner planet of the eighth and ninth house in Gemini is going to transit from Gemini to the ninth house. This year you will be freed from Shani's Dhaiya and you will breathe peacefully. This Saturn transit in the house of luck will make chances for you to travel far away. Long journeys can bring the chances of success in your life. Although these journeys will also affect you with fatigue and discomfort, you have to establish a comfortable situation so that you do not become too tired.

Your relationship with your father will be affected and this time will be bad for his health. You will get a chance to make your future with your hard work, so remember the harder you work, the more fruitful results you will get this time. There will be a possibility of job transfer. There can be a good hike in your income but for that, you will have to make hard efforts. This would be a good time to take risks in business. Debt will decrease and you will put a lot of effort towards reducing it down and you will be successful too. Moreover, you will get victory over your opponents.

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Saturn Transit 2023 Cancer Horoscope

According to Saturn Transit 2023, Saturn is the owner planet of the seventh and eighth house in Cancer and will transit from Cancer to the eighth house. This year you will get the effect of Kantak Shani's Dhaiya. You will get a chance to help your in-laws. There will be some challenges in the work, but if you make full efforts then you can become successful. There will be some mental stress along with some pressure regarding work, but you will also be able to get out of every problem with your hard work and cleverness. There will be chances of getting sudden monetary gains. You can get money or any source of happiness from your in-laws' house. You will feel some anxiety related to your child. There will be ups and downs in love affairs. Students will feel the need to do hard work for their education. You will seriously consider some of your issues and will be able to come out of them by taking a big decision for them. Chances of job shift from a current job to a good job can be made.

Saturn Transit 2023 Leo Horoscope

Saturn being the owner of the sixth and seventh house in Leo transit from Leo to the seventh house. You will feel very well-organized about your married life, however you should avoid adopting any sort of bossing nature or dictatorial attitude, otherwise, married life can be spoiled. You will get the support of your life partner and you can start a new business together. There will be chances of getting success in business and your work efficiency will bring you success. You might take long journeys for work. There will also be a chance to do some fun traveling with a life partner which will include exploring those travel places. It will be very important for you to avoid being busy and careless about your health, otherwise, certain health problems can bother you. You will think about yourself and you will be seen putting a lot of effort to showcase your good personality. There will be a tense atmosphere in family life, but you will have to do something for your family members and their happiness. Household expenses can rise. Moreover, you can do or plan to do construction at home.

Saturn Transit 2023 Virgo Horoscope

According to the Saturn Transit Predictions 2023, Saturn being the owner planet of the fifth and sixth house will transit from Virgo, to the sixth house. This time will be difficult for your opponents because Saturn’s presence here will make you strong and you'll be able to defeat your enemies no matter how hard they try, they won't be able to get over you. During this time you will need to manage your debt because the Saturn present here will teach you that unless there is a necessity and not much trouble financially, you should not take a loan, and during this time you should focus on repaying the loan. This position of Saturn will prove to be very helpful for your job. You will become an expert in your work and your position in the job will become strong. During this, you will also be seen working too hard to stabilize your financial condition, due to which physical problems can trouble you. There can be chances of traveling abroad and there will be an increase in expenses which will make you a little more mentally stable. You will have to try to maintain friendly relations with your siblings. Short trips will test you. Make sure you do not get into fights with friends.

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Saturn Transit 2023 Libra Horoscope

Saturn is the ruling planet of the fourth and fifth house in Libra and will transit from Libra to the fifth house. This year the effect of your Shani's Dhaiya will end completely and you will be relieved. The Saturn transit in the fifth house will be a test time for love relationships. If you are sincere and faithful in your relationship then your relationship will become very beautiful and you will get a chance to love and be loved by your beloved one, otherwise, tensions will increase in the relationship. Saturn Transit Horoscope 2023 says that the students will face challenges in their studies, but if they study regularly and make a schedule, then they will be able to achieve success. During this time, you will be seen making every effort to make your child disciplined. Also,this time will be good for married life. If you like someone and want to marry them, then during this time you can get success and love marriage can happen. Love in married life will also increase and there will be a situation of financial gains. As there will be chances of a good increase in your income and due to the fulfillment of your desires, you will be happy.

Saturn Transit 2023 Scorpio Horoscope

Saturn is the ruling planet of the third and fourth house in Scorpio and will transit from Scorpio to the fourth house. This year, your Dhaiya time will start with the transit of Saturn in Aquarius. Due to the impact of Saturn in your fourth house, the gap between you and your family will increase. You will have to change your current residence and you may move away from it. This may be time to move away from the family, so you will also feel a little emotional and mentally. The concern for the family and the house will make you tense and you will be seen fulfilling every need of the family members. You can apply for a bank loan to build a house and you will be successful in that.

During this period, before buying any property, do a thorough legal investigation of it. There will be a possibility of deterioration in the mother’s health, so take care of her health. This time will give you success in your career and you will work very hard and can become a workaholic too. There may be complaints of more physical fatigue and weakness, but you will be firm in your work and you will benefit from it.

Saturn Transit 2023 Sagittarius Horoscope

Saturn is the owner planet of the 2nd and 3rd house in Sagittarius and will transit from Sagittarius to the 3rd house. Your Sade-Sati will be completely over and you will feel relieved. The Saturn transit in the third house will also be in its zodiac and this zodiac change will be an add-on for you. Whatever work you want to do, you will do it with full determination and you will be able to get success in it. Be it your friends, neighbors, relatives, or siblings, all will help you in your work.

If you do a job, then your colleagues in the office will also give you full support and because of them, you will be able to get a good position at your workplace. Your courage and might will increase. By increasing the tendency to take risks in business also, you can be successful in increasing the expected growth of your business. There will be a success in love relations. You will be ready to push boundaries for your love and will love them passionately. This time will be of progress for your children. Students will also get good results in education and their hard work will turn into good results. Long journeys and short-distance journeys will continue throughout the year and you will get the benefit of it. There can be possibilities to move abroad.

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Saturn Transit 2023 Capricorn Horoscope

In Capricorn, Saturn being the owner planet of Capricorn and the second house, is going to transit from Capricorn to the second house. The second phase of your Shani Sade Sati is ending and the third and final phase will start. The Saturn transit in your second house will bring mixed results for you. There will be a tense environment in your family and family members will feel a little disordered among themselves, but if you try hard then you can be successful in handling all the situations.

Your financial position will start getting stronger. Whatever hard work you have done in the past, you will get the best results for them during this period and your bank balance will start getting stabilized. You will be able to accumulate wealth. You will also make good profits from the purchase and sale of the property. You will restrict yourself in meeting the family's needs and hence your position will be high in front of the family members. Although you will not only be able to establish good relations with your family but will be good with your spouse's family i.e. your in-law's side and you will also help them as needed. During this time your social status will also be high. You have to invest wisely in business and you will get a good position in the job.

Saturn Transit 2023 Aquarius Horoscope

Saturn being the owner planet of the 12th and 1st house in Aquarius will transit in Aquarius only. The first phase of Shani Sade-Sati for the natives of Aquarius will end and the second phase will begin. Due to the impact of Saturn in your zodiac sign, you will have to align your actions in the right direction. If you work hard in your field of work and don’t expect too much and just focus only on doing good work, then you will get every success. The more hard work you put in, the more good results you will get.

This time will be very good for your career. If you do business, it will expand. You can also get success in doing foreign business. Your position in the job will also rise and your personality will improve. You will have a strong personality and there will be stability in the work you do. This will make you feel very comfortable. The cooperation of siblings will be with you, but some kind of physical problem can trouble them. This will not be a very good time for married life and due to work, you may have to stay away from your spouse for some time, but you will be able to take full advantage of this time by making mutual harmony in the relationship.

Saturn Transit 2023 Pisces Horoscope

Saturn transit in Pisces in 2023, being the ruling planet of the eleventh and twelfth house, will transit from Pisces to the twelfth house. The first phase of Sade Sati will start for Pisces sign natives. Due to the Saturn transit in the twelfth house, you will have to pay a lot of attention to your health. During this Saturn transit, you may suffer pain in your feet, pain in the ankles, or any kind of injury or sprain in the foot. Apart from this, you may also have complaints like watery eyes, pain in the eyes, or loss of eyesight. Take care of it a little.

During this period, laziness will increase inside you and you will get more sleep, but you will have to get out of it and focus on your work. If you want to go abroad then this is the best time to plan. You can get a good position by going abroad. There will be a huge increase in the expenses and you may also spend a good amount on a close person for his health. There can be chances of getting more foreign exchange from foreign trade. You will have to spend money for the matters related to opponents and court, only then victory will be yours. This time will make you plan for long journeys and many journeys will be against your will and it will give you mental stress. During this, it will be very important for you to choose the right path.

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