Ketu Transit 2023: Date And Remedies

This article on Ketu Transit 2023 is based on the brilliant art of astrology. In this article you will learn all about Ketu Transit and its related information; with this, you will also get to know how the transit of Ketu will bring effects in different aspects of your life. Its effects will be seen in your professional life, personal life, marriage life, love life, along with your studies and health. These are the related areas that will be affected and the ramifications of this transit will be different according to each zodiac sign. This special article and its related information have been excellently compiled by well-known astrologer, Dr. Mragaank. The tremendous compilation has been done according to the position of Ketu in the upcoming year of 2023.

Ketu Transit 2023

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Ketu Transit 2023: Date And Time

In Vedic astrology, both the positions of Rahu and Ketu are known to be equilateral. They stay for about one and a half years in one horoscope and then transit in another. In the year 2023, the Transit of Ketu is happening, and it will take place on 30th October 2023 at 02:13 pm. It will be moving out of Venus representing the zodiac sign of Libra, and will move into the zodiac sign ruled by Mercury, Virgo. So, let’s know about the forecasts and some special and influential remedies of Ketu Transit 2023 according to your horoscope.

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The Transit Of Ketu In Vedic Astrology

In Vedic astrology, the planet Ketu is known to be quite mysterious, and also the prediction of planet Ketu in Vedic astrology is not everybody's cup of tea. The planet Ketu is a factor of disillusionment or disenchantment. It takes the person away from hollow materialistic desires and pushes the person towards spirituality and religion. As we have discussed earlier in Vedic astrology Rahu and Ketu are called shadow planets.

But if we look from a mathematical point of view, these planets are the intersectional points of the orbital path of the Sun and the Moon. During the Churning of the Milk Ocean which is also known as Samundra Manthan one of the Avatars of Lord Vishnu known as Mohini, beheaded a demon named Swarbhanu. The head of the demon came to be known as Rahu and the rest of the body is called Ketu. The body of the demon, which came to be known as Ketu was taken care of by highly spiritual sages, and the head which is called Rahu, was taken care of by his demoness mother. Thereafter, Ketu attained the qualities of deep knowledge and high spirituality and Rahu inculcated the demon qualities within himself. This is the reason why the planet Ketu is also known as the religious planet. If this planet is situated in the horoscope under special circumstances, then it can also give emancipation to the native.

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The planet Ketu is such a planet that can make the native realize the deeds of his previous births as it lacks a head. The house in which the planet Ketu is situated in a native horoscope provides fruitful virtues according to the ruling lord of the house. If there is an effect of another planet on Ketu, then it is also able to give fruitful virtues according to the planet. When the planet Ketu comes in the horoscope, it puts its effect on the native. If Ketu is with a pious planet like Jupiter, or if it's in the vision of Jupiter then it makes the native extremely religious. The person engages in good and auspicious work like doing pilgrimage, but if Ketu is situated with Mars then it might be able to make the native furious. If it is not situated in a good place then the native may go through blood impurities and could further suffer from acne and boils. This planet is also known as the planet of separation so if planet Ketu is situated in the marital house then separation can be caused due to its position.

The planet Ketu gives both good and bad virtues and is a religion-oriented and Karma-oriented planet. If we understand the influence of Rahu and Ketu, then a person’s Karma-oriented life begins with the influence of Rahu and ends with the influence of Ketu. Because of Ketu, the native is possessed by reflective and contemplative thoughts and the native inculcates the art of deep analysis. These types of people receive incredible success in research work and its related field. The planet Ketu helps the natives in reaching a high spiritual status, and in some special circumstances, it can also provide enlightenment to the native. If the situation of this planet is not favorable, then it can take the native into a state of confusion and could get the native separated from anyone else. This analysis can be done by qualified astrologers by looking at the horoscope. So let’s know about the date, time and period of Ketu Transit 2023.

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Ketu Transit 2023: Predictions

Ketu Transit 2023: Horoscope Of Aries

According to the forecast of Ketu Transit 2023, for the natives of Aries at the start of the year the planet Ketu will be transiting the seventh house. Due to the effects of Ketu in the seventh house, problems could be seen taking place in your marital life. You will have to try and put in your best efforts in order to maintain your relationship, as you would not be able to know each other properly. The differences emerging in the behavior of your life partner could make you worrisome. You might also face some kind of doubt and it will be an extremely disadvantageous situation for your relationship. If you are doing business then you might face fluctuations in your business and due to that, you might face mental stress. The transit of Ketu happening on 30th October will be in your sixth house and your problems will be reduced. The stress happening in marital relations will also be reduced. Religious thoughts will be increased in the mind of your partner and during this time immediate health issues will take place and they will immediately vanish as well. For this, you will have to take the advice of the doctor and remember that whatever health problems you come across won't be easily detected and it will be appropriate if you take advice from not just one but multiple doctors. During this time, your expenses will increase a little, and you will remain steadfast against all your opposers and enemies. In your job, your position will be good and in the workfield you will get to work in good areas. If you are concentrating for the clearance of your competitive examinations then you have to work very hard for it.

Remedy: Apply a Tilak of Turmeric on your forehead and neck daily.

Ketu Transit 2023: Horoscope Of Taurus

For the natives of Taurus, the planet Ketu will transit in your sixth house from the start of the year, and will remain in your sixth house until October. For this reason, you might come to face certain health illnesses. During this time, especially among the females, there might be increased chances of having or developing physical problems; so you must take care of your health wisely and judiciously. If you are not able to understand the illness at once then you might have to take advice from multiple doctors; but do not lose hope and work hard.

You will see success in the field of study and in different areas of your life. The Ketu Transit of 30th October will happen in your fifth house and could become the cause of problems and stress in your love relationship. If you and your partner don’t know each other that well then during this time misunderstandings between the two of you will arise and it could even break your relationship. The planet Ketu is known as the factor of separation and it gives indifference in life. Hence, due to this transit, there is a possibility that you might get cheated in a new relationship, and your long-term relationship could break apart. That is why you must take precautions and pay heed to the advice.

The students will get good results due to this transit and their knowledge will be strengthened in deep subjects. There is a possibility that the students will receive good results in their studies. The natives who are married might have to face child-related concerns and therefore they must be careful and vigilant towards the health of their children.

Remedy: Donate brown colored clothes to needy people.

Ketu Transit 2023: Horoscope Of Gemini

Ketu Transit 2023 reveals that at the start of this year, the Transit of Ketu will happen in your fifth house. These times are difficult as you have to face fluctuations and variations in your love relationship. The native will have difficulty in understanding what their partner exactly wants from them, because Ketu will show its effect by being mysterious. With its due effects, the distance could increase between you and your partner. So, this is the time for you to love your partner from the bottom of your heart but due to not knowing your partner clearly there could be misunderstandings that will arise, and due to these reasons your relationship might worsen or face worse conditions.

On 30th October, the Transit of Ketu will happen in your fourth house. The transit happening in the fourth house will not be that prosperous or favorable. Due to this, you might have to be careful regarding your family life and might have to be vigilant towards it. During this time the health of your mother may worsen and she might go through difficulties. There is a possibility that family discord or problems could take place.

Your mind could be a little bit off from the concentration that you have on your familial relationships. You will feel isolated even being surrounded by your family. There might be a possibility that you might go and live somewhere else for a little while, away from your family. This time will provide you with the opportunity to look into your mind, for your self-introspection and it will take you away from the daily hustle of life. You will be strengthened in the field of your work and you will find yourself turning into a mature person.

Remedy: Feed Satanja (seven types of grains) daily to birds.

Ketu Transit 2023: Horoscope Of Cancer

For the natives of Cancer, Ketu will transit the fourth house at the start of the year. Due to this there is a possibility that the natives might face tensions and difficulties in their families. Internal discord on even small things may become the reason for mental stress. To secure the environment of the house, the native will need an extreme level of patience, and work. With these measures, the situation might be brought under control. During this time there might be a possibility of religious programs taking place in your house.

The Ketu Transit of 30th October will take place in your third house. This transit will be favorable and prosperous for you because the transit of Ketu in the third house is considered to be favorable. Ketu will give you strength and courage and through that, you will be able to take risks in your business and will ultimately receive success in that endeavor. On the other hand, the position will have such effects that your relations with your siblings could be affected and you won’t find out the exact reasons for it. The situation of discord could be created with your siblings, and they might go through health problems, but still, they will receive your full support. In the workplace, your opposers will taste defeat and you will receive financial gains. This time will also strengthen your financial position. Ketu will set the path for your progress in life. If you are an athlete then this time will be extremely prosperous for you and you might be seen flourishing in your skills and the chances of progress will be fully given to you. During this time, you may also benefit from the purchase and the sale of property. You might also move forward with some serious thinking or mentation.

Remedy: Donate a triangular red flag in a temple on Monday.

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Ketu Transit 2023: Horoscope Of Leo

Ketu Transit 2023 says that Ketu will be situated in your third house at the start of the year. For most of the year Ketu will remain in your third house and will provide the natives of Leo with high success in every area of life. Your strength and courage will increase, and you will be able to take risks in your work field and will move forward, there could be disputes between you and your siblings, and such conditions might linger with you.

You will get support from your colleagues and that will give you success in moving forward in your workfield. On 30th October, Ketu will transit in your second house and your second house represents speech. Due to the transit of Ketu in your second house, you will come to see changes happening in your speech. You will start to speak with such sentences which would have a double meaning. You must stay careful with your speech as you will be frank with it and won’t think twice before saying something; whatever you say would be hard to decipher by anyone. In such conditions there is a huge possibility that you and whatever you say might be misinterpreted wrongly and your influence might be reduced.

During this time you should be careful regarding your food and should put special emphasis on it. If you eat unhealthy food then you could fall ill from food poisoning. This transit does not seem to be favorable regarding your financial conditions. So, therefore you must take special care regarding the accumulation of your wealth, and will have to work hard for it. You will be able to take control of your financial situation and make it strong only by working hard. With regular cooperation from your siblings then you might receive financial gains. You might go through problems related to your eyes and might have to use glasses as well. If you stay awake for longer hours then you might have dark circles around your eyes, so, you should take special care of your health.

Remedy: Take one teaspoon of honey mixed in one glass of water regularly everyday.

Ketu Transit 2023: Horoscope Of Virgo

Ketu Transit 2023 foretells that the natives of Libra will see that until the end of October, Ketu will continue to transit their second house and will continue to give its effects. Due to the position of Ketu in your second house, you might have to go through oral problems like tooth pain, mouth ulcers, and eye diseases. You might also go through health issues due to having an unbalanced diet.

So it would do you good if you would take special care of your diet. Besides this, also take special care of your speech if you are talking to anybody, because during this time you might say something unintentionally and that would negatively affect the other person. This might be duly reflected in both your personal and professional relations.

Considering your financial situation this time might not be that favorable and will be a little weak. So, you have to face your financial challenges with strength and work on keeping them at bay. In your horoscope on 30th October, Ketu will transit into your first house. With this transit your financial challenges will lessen a little bit and gradually your financial conditions will improve towards prosperity. You will see success in all your work, but health-wise you have to stay careful. You will see changes happening in your behavior. You will become mysterious and your life partner and other people around you could have some difficulty understanding you. The people around you might have doubts that you are hiding something from them or that you are not telling the complete truth. You have to act judiciously and wisely so that these conditions do not affect your relationships negatively. It will be beneficial for you if you avoid an introverted attitude.

Remedy: Adopt a dog at home or else feed milk and chapati to the dogs around you.

Ketu Transit 2023: Horoscope Of Libra

From Ketu Transit 2023 we get to know that at the beginning of the year the shadow planet, Ketu, will be situated in your first house. As Ketu will be in your first house and due to its effects your inner personality will come out in front of people. There is a possibility that people might misinterpret your behavior and it could further create misunderstandings. They might start thinking wrong about you and misunderstand you for who you are. This could create friction between your relations. The tension could increase, especially in your marital life between you and your partner, and if you won’t look into this matter using the right way; then this situation might lead to separation.

During this time you will get the chance to peek into your conscience or inner mind and you might feel lonely as well. You will feel that there is no one like you in the whole world. You won’t be keen on meeting people. Your interest will develop in esoteric knowledge, Tantra, Mantra etc. You will visit religious places more and will also do the pilgrimage. On 30th October, coming out of your horoscope will transit in your twelfth house. The transit of Ketu in Virgo and its twelfth house will become the reason your expenses will increase.

Expenses happening unexpectedly will put pressure on you and you will be trampled by them, and you will have to do them even if you don’t want to. This situation will also put some pressure on your financial situation but this time will be good for you to grow spiritually and you will find success on that path. You have to be careful against health-related illnesses. During this time you might take a trip abroad. If you are trying to go abroad or are working in this direction, then you might receive success in that.

Remedy: For financial gains keep a solid chunk of silver in your purse.

Ketu Transit 2023: Horoscope Of Scorpio

For the natives of Scorpio, at the start of the year. Ketu will be situated in your twelfth house. A situation will be created in which you will lose yourself in deep thoughts. You might go through excessive sleepiness and sometimes you might go through sleep deprivation due to overthinking. Problems like eye pain, watery eyes, and dark circles around your eye area could take place. During this time, religious thoughts will emerge in your mind. You will use your brain in doing meditation, and Pranayam, and most of your time will be spent doing pilgrimage. This time will be a little stressful for forming personal relationships. The intimacy between you and your partner will be decreased.

Unexpected expenses will be taking place and they will increase at such a rate that will disturb you. The expenses will be necessary so you will have to expand your finances. On 30th October, Ketu will transit from your twelfth house to your eleventh house and this period will be the golden period for you. All your wishes will be fulfilled and whatever wishes you had in your mind will come true with this time. Your financial position will be strengthened. Prosperous possibilities for financial gains from other mediums will be made. For children this time will bring fluctuations, and there might be variations seen in love relationships. You will not have any shortage of money and the status of a powerful country will make you feel elated.

Remedy: On Tuesdays and Saturdays offer raw milk, sugar, and sesame seeds to the Banyan tree.

Ketu Transit 2023: Horoscope Of Sagittarius

For the natives of Sagittarius the planet Ketu will be situated in your eleventh house at the start of this year. This planet will make all your problems go away. All your desires will come true and they will be fulfilled and due to that your self-respect and self-esteem will increase. You will be seen happy and joyous from inside. Whatever your heart desires will come true and you will feel that you have desired this before. During this time, high possibilities of financial gains will be made. You will be successful in gaining money through shortcuts, like the lottery or stock market. If you indulge in the stock market you will have gains in that, but you should not proceed in this direction after there are good possibilities in your horoscope and show your horoscope to a qualified astrologer. During this time you could start a new work and you will find success in that. This is the time for the prosperity of business. If you have a job then you will receive support from your seniors and you will establish yourself. Tension could be increased in personal relationships.

Love relationships could face clashes as you won't be able to understand one another. The students will get benefits in concentration and memory. If the concentration on studies is increased you will be able to have success. On 30th October Ketu will transit in your tenth house and due to that your work space could be affected. Your concentration might reduce in your work. You would feel like however hard you work, you are not getting enough in return and you will start to lose interest in work. You should carefully do your work and there is a possibility that this situation might not be that good for personal relationships.

Remedy: Everyday in the morning put a Tilak of Kesar (Saffron) on your forehead.

Ketu Transit 2023: Horoscope Of Capricorn

For the natives of Capricorn, at the start of the year Ketu will transit into your tenth house and with its effects it will make you more mature. You work with deep concentration and thought process and only work after knowing its right and wrong side. Sometimes you feel that your concentration is waning towards your work, because you're not getting in return from your work as much as you are expecting. Instead of getting motivated you are getting unmotivated towards your work.

Due to this condition your dominance at work is lessening and in family relationships this time might cause tensions. On 30th October Ketu will go from your tenth house to your ninth house. This time will be very important for you. You will travel long distances, and you will love to travel to religious temples and other religious places as well. You will do the pilgrimage with your family. This will bring stability in not just your mind but in your life as well. However during this time you could have tension with your father and the relationship might suffer, so, under such situations try to make amends with your father and take good care of his health.

This transit will make you highly spiritual from the bottom of your heart. During this time you will have luck and success come your way. You will receive success in your business and your courage will be increased as well. Your transfer may be halted in your job, but you will be seen working with dedication in your work field.

Remedy: In your right hand wear a jointless silver bracelet.

Ketu Transit 2023: Horoscope Of Aquarius

For the natives of Aquarius, at the start of the year, Ketu will be situated in your ninth house and its effects are making you religious. You will travel long distances, and during this time you will be actively taking religious work. You will receive respect, and in societal status you will be considered as a good scholar. This time will be normal considering familial relationships. You will be seen giving your best at fulfilling your responsibilities. There could be friction caused in your relationships with your siblings.

During this time you will become hardworking and will try to complete and do your work in a better way. On 30th October the Ketu Transit will happen in your eighth house. The movement of Ketu in this house is not considered good for physical life and you might face separation from your partner. So, you should work according to your situation or the circumstances you find yourself in. If there is a quarrelsome situation taking place then you should clear the issues in time and should not delay it; this will be beneficial for you.

Talking about health, health problems could disturb you and your life partner might also go through them. Immediate health illness might become problematic for you and there could be sudden changes in your life. Skin problems like boils, acne, blood-related issues might take place, and you might face effects from black magic or some kind of sorcery, so you have to stay careful and vigilant. Your relations with your in-laws might also be affected. You can receive sudden financial gains through the effects done by other planets and their movements. You will show interest in various kinds of worship and you will get prosperous virtues from that.

Remedy: Everyday in the morning time, have a glass of milk mixed with Kesar (Saffron).

Ketu Transit 2023: Horoscope Of Pisces

According to the forecast of Ketu transit 2023, the planet Ketu will be seen at the start of the year, affecting the eighth house of the natives of Pisces. Due to its effects you might have to face issues in your health and it may worsen. Sudden health-related illness and diseases will become problematic for you. The health of your life partner may also suffer. There could be absence of mutual harmony between you and your partner. There might be possibilities that your relations with your in-laws may also suffer.

In terms of business, this time is not that prosperous for it, and you should stay careful and vigilant during this time. On the 30th October, Ketu will transit in your seventh house, and the problems of these situations will lessen. The behavior of your life partner will be different and you will feel that your life partner is hiding something from you and they are not telling you the complete truth. You could doubt your partner but it will be meaningless, so you should be careful and try your best to save your relationship. Your business situation might face fluctuations. Sometimes your business will go up and sometimes it could go down, so you should move forward in business by taking advice from an expert, it will be beneficial for you. You have to take good care of your health, and you must be prepared to meet the needs of your family.

Remedy: Wear an ornament on your body that is made up of Gold.

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