2022 Hindu Holidays

2022 Hindu Holidays The article on Hindu Holidays 2022 by AstroSage provides a detailed list of Hindu Holidays celebrated in India in 2022. Hindus across the globe celebrate a variety of holidays with passion and zeal. There is a festival in the Hindu religion for every season and every reason.

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Some festivals commemorate historical figures, while others celebrate various harvests or are in devotion to the deities. Most celebrations in Hindus include rituals of offering prayers to God and seeking blessings, along with wearing new clothes, decorating the house, feasting, singing, and enjoying together with friends and families. Let’s find out which Hindu festivals made it to the list of Hindu Holidays 2022 in India.

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List of Hindu Holidays 2022 In India Hindu Holidays 2022 in January

Date and Day Hindu Festival/Holiday
1 January, Saturday Masik Shivaratri
2 January, Sunday Paush Amavasya
13 January, Thursday Pausha Putrada Ekadashi
14 January, Friday Pongal, Uttarayan, Makar Sankranti
15 January, Saturday Pradosh Vrat (S)
17 January, Monday Paush Purnima Vrat
21 January, Friday Sankashti Chaturthi
28 January, Friday Shattila Ekadashi
30 January, Sunday Masik Shivaratri

Hindu Holidays 2022 in February

Date and Day Hindu Festival/Holiday
1 February, Tuesday Magha Amavasya
5 February, Saturday Basant Panchami, Saraswati Puja
12 February, Saturday Jaya / Bhami Ekadashi
13 February, Sunday Pradosh Vrat (S) , Kumbha Sankranti
16 February, Wednesday Magha Purnima Vrat
20 February, Sunday Sankashti Chaturthi
27 February, Sunday Vijaya Ekadashi
28 February, Monday Pradosh Vrat (K)

Hindu Holidays 2022 in March

Date and Day Hindu Festival/Holiday
1 March, Tuesday Mahashivratri , Masik Shivaratri
2 March, Wednesday Phalguna Amavasya
14 March, Monday Amalaki Ekadashi
15 March, Tuesday Pradosh Vrat (S) , Meena Sankranti
17 March, Thursday Holika Dahan
18 March, Friday Holi , Phalguna Purnima Vrat
21 March, Monday Sankashti Chaturthi
28 March, Monday Papmochani Ekadashi
29 March, Tuesday Pradosh Vrat (K)
30 March, Wednesday Masik Shivaratri

Hindu Holidays 2022 in April

Date and Day Hindu Festival/Holiday
1 April, Friday Chaitra Amavasya
2 April, Saturday Chaitra Navratri , Ugadi, Ghatasthapana , Gudi Padwa
3 April, Sunday Cheti Chand
10 April, Sunday Ram Navami
11 April, Monday Chaitra Navratri Parana
12 April, Tuesday Kamada Ekadashi
14 April, Thursday Pradosh Vrat (S) , Mesha Sankranti
16 April, Saturday Hanuman Jayanti, Chaitra Purnima Vrat
19 April, Tuesday Sankashti Chaturthi
26 April, Tuesday Varuthini Ekadashi
28 April, Thursday Pradosh Vrat (K)
29 April, Friday Masik Shivaratri
30 April, Saturday Vaishakha Amavasya

Hindu Holidays 2022 in May

Date and Day Hindu Festival/Holiday
3 May, Tuesday Akshaya Tritiya
12 May, Thursday Mohini Ekadashi
13 May, Friday Pradosh Vrat (S)
15 May, Sunday Vrishabha Sankranti
16 May, Monday Vaishakha Purnima Vrat
19 May, Thursday Sankashti Chaturthi
26 May, Thursday Apara Ekadashi
27 May, Friday Pradosh Vrat (K)
28 May, Saturday Masik Shivaratri
30 May, Monday Jyeshtha Amavasya

Hindu Holidays 2022 in June

Date and Day Hindu Festival/Holiday
11 June, Saturday Nirjala Ekadashi
12 June, Sunday Pradosh Vrat (S)
14 June, Tuesday Jyeshtha Purnima Vrat
15 June, Wednesday Mithuna Sankranti
17 June, Friday Sankashti Chaturthi
24 June, Friday Yogini Ekadashi
26 June, Sunday Pradosh Vrat (K)
27 June, Monday Masik Shivaratri
29 June, Wednesday Ashadha Amavasya

Hindu Holidays 2022 in July

Date and Day Hindu Festival/Holiday
1 July, Friday Jagannath Rath Yatra
10 July, Sunday Deva Shayani Ekadashi , Ashadhi Ekadashi
11 July, Monday Pradosh Vrat (S)
13 July, Wednesday Guru Purnima , Ashadha Purnima Vrat
16 July, Saturday Sankashti Chaturthi , Karka Sankranti
24 July, Sunday Kamika Ekadashi
25 July, Monday Pradosh Vrat (K)
26 July, Tuesday Masik Shivaratri
28 July, Thursday Shravana Amavasya
31 July, Sunday Hariyali Teej

Hindu Holidays 2022 in August

Date and Day Hindu Festival/Holiday
2 August, Tuesday Nag Panchami
8 August, Monday Shravana Putrada Ekadashi
9 August, Tuesday Pradosh Vrat (S)
11 August, Thursday Raksha Bandhan
12 August, Friday Shravana Purnima Vrat
14 August, Sunday Kajari Teej
15 August, Monday Sankashti Chaturthi
17 August, Wednesday Simha Sankranti
19 August, Friday Janmashtami
23 August, Tuesday Aja Ekadashi
24 August, Wednesday Pradosh Vrat (K)
25 August, Thursday Masik Shivaratri
27 August, Saturday Bhadrapada Amavasya
30 August, Tuesday Hartalika Teej
31 August, Wednesday Ganesh Chaturthi

Hindu Holidays 2022 in September

Date and Day Hindu Festival/Holiday
6 September, Tuesday Parsva Ekadashi
8 September, Thursday Pradosh Vrat (S) , Onam/Thiruvonam
9 September, Friday Anant Chaturdashi
10 September, Saturday Bhadrapada Purnima Vrat
13 September, Tuesday Sankashti Chaturthi
17 September, Saturday Kanya Sankranti
21 September, Wednesday Indira Ekadashi
23 September, Friday Pradosh Vrat (K)
24 September, Saturday Masik Shivaratri
25 September, Sunday Ashwin Amavasya
26 September, Monday Sharad Navratri , Ghatasthapana

Hindu Holidays 2022 in October

Date and Day Hindu Festival/Holiday
1 October, Saturday Kalparambha
2 October, Sunday Navpatrika Puja
3 October, Monday Durga Puja Ashtami
4 October, Tuesday Durga Maha Navami Puja , Sharad Navratri Parana
5 October, Wednesday Durga Visarjan , Dussehra
6 October, Thursday Papankusha Ekadashi
7 October, Friday Pradosh Vrat (S)
9 October, Sunday Ashwin Purnima Vrat
13 October, Thursday Sankashti Chaturthi, Karva Chauth
17 October, Monday Tula Sankranti
21 October, Friday Rama Ekadashi
22 October, Saturday Pradosh Vrat (K)
23 October, Sunday Masik Shivaratri , Dhanteras
24 October, Monday Diwali , Narak Chaturdashi
25 October, Tuesday Kartik Amavasya
26 October, Wednesday Bhai Dooj , Govardhan Puja
30 October, Sunday Chhath Puja

Hindu Holidays 2022 in November

Date and Day Hindu Festival/Holiday
4 November, Friday Devutthana Ekadashi
5 November, Saturday Pradosh Vrat (S)
8 November, Tuesday Kartik Purnima Vrat
12 November, Saturday Sankashti Chaturthi
16 November, Wednesday Vrischika Sankranti
20 November, Sunday Utpanna Ekadashi
21 November, Monday Pradosh Vrat (K)
22 November, Tuesday Masik Shivaratri
23 November, Wednesday Margashirsha Amavasya

Hindu Holidays 2022 in December

Date and Day Hindu Festival/Holiday
3 December, Saturday Mokshada Ekadashi
5 December, Monday Pradosh Vrat (S)
8 December, Thursday Margashirsha Purnima Vrat
11 December, Sunday Sankashti Chaturthi
16 December, Friday Dhanu Sankranti
19 December, Monday Saphala Ekadashi
21 December, Wednesday Pradosh Vrat (K) , Masik Shivaratri
23 December, Friday Paush Amavasya

Indian Calendar 2022 : Get Indian Festivals 2022 Dates and Fasts Now

2022 Hindu Holidays & Festivals As Per Hindu Calendar 2022

Among the festivals and holidays mentioned in the list, there are a few that are prominent Hindu festivals and holidays in 2022, and are celebrated throughout the country in different forms-

Makar Sankranti

Makar Sankranti is known by different names in different parts of India. In North India, it is referred to as Lohri, while it is called Pongal in many parts of South India. Makar Sankranti is celebrated to commemorate the ascent of the Sun to the North. This day is also the coldest day of the winter season (14 January), and after this day, the days start to get warmer. In North India, bonfires are lit on Makar Sankranti, and sweets, popcorn, and rice are thrown in it as offerings. In the South, the day is celebrated by offering prayers to the sun god for providing the people with harvests.

The most common food items consumed by people during one of the popular Hindu festivals in 2022 are- sesame seeds and jaggery sweets, sugar drops, and rice cooked with milk.


The night of Shiva, Shivratri is celebrated in February and March as per 2022 Hindu Calendar. The devotees of Shiva fast throughout the day and break their fast after the night of worship the following day. Since Lord Shiva was known to be hot-tempered, the food offerings to the deity include cooling food items like milk, honey, water, and leaves of the wood apple tree. Another popular food that is prepared and consumed on Shivratri is Thandai. It is a drink that is made with almond, milk, and hemp seed. Lord Shiva used to consider hemp seed very dear to him, therefore, it is a huge part of the festivities.


Holi is a boisterous Hindu festival celebrated mainly in North India with great pomp and show. One of the prominent Hindu Holidays 2022 in India, it is celebrated with vigor and enthusiasm. People put colors and spray colored water on each other. People dance and sing on this day and enjoy themselves with their friends and families. This festival is associated with Lord Krishna and Lord Shiva. The places associated with Krishna, Vrindavan, and Mathura observe extensive celebrations on Holi. According to some legends, Holi marks the recreation of Shiva’s marriage procession. People exchange sweets with friends, relatives, and neighbours on this day. The most prominent food items of Holi are malpua, Puran Poli, and gujiya.

Know About Various Hindu Holidays and Festivals In 2022: Hindu Calendar 2022


Onam is a harvest festival that is celebrated in the month of August and September, traditionally in Kerala. This festival marks the time when the harvest has been reaped, and the granaries are full. Therefore, people celebrate happy occasions.

Ganesh Chaturthi

Ganesh Chaturthi commemorates the birthday of Lord Ganesha, the son of Shiva and Parvati. It is essentially celebrated in Maharashtra. No new auspicious activity can be commenced without praying to Ganesha, as Ganesh is considered the remover of difficulties and obstacles and grants success to all human endeavors. His image or idol is installed in people’s houses for a certain period, and after that time, that image is immersed in running water. All this is done with music and dancing. The most popular food item during the Ganesh Chaturthi is Modak, Ganesha’s favorite sweet.


Dussehra marks the victory of good over evil and is celebrated on 5 October 2022 as per Hindu Calendar 2022. It is celebrated differently throughout the country. Dussehra is celebrated for 10 days with dancing, singing, and feasts. People organize plays and enact the Ramlila, which is the story of Ramayana. Dussehra is considered auspicious for starting new ventures and opening new accounts.


One of the most celebrated Hindu festivals in 2022 is Diwali, which is celebrated 21 days after Dussehra. This day commemorates Lord Rama's return to his hometown after 14 years of exile. People light thousands of oil lamps and candles to welcome their lord. It is an enchanting sight to see.

People decorate their homes and exchange sweets with family and friends. The night sky lights up with fireworks on Diwali. People worship Laxmi, the goddess of wealth on this day.

We hope that you liked the article by AstroSage on Hindu Holidays 2022. Thank you for connecting with our website!

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